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Need help fixing my Blackwidow Chroma (lighting issue)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by hardiva, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. hardiva

    hardiva New Member

    Okay, so here's my problem. My whole PC setup is yellow, so my Blackwidow Chroma is set to Static Yellow (255 red, 255 green, 0 blue). Well, when I do that, every key is yellow except for the hyphen (-). The hyphen key will remain red. This means that the green lighting is not getting to the hyphen key. I tried all the different color presets in Synapse like Spectrum, Wave, Ripple, etc. I found something interesting when I changed it to Reactive. I pressed the hyphen and another key lit up as well. It was my apostrophe key ('). When I press apostrophe by itself, it is yellow, but when I press the hyphen... my keyboard will let me type the hyphen (to clarify: the apostrophe will not be typed as well) however the apostrophe will glow green while the hyphen glows red. This means that my green lighting for the hyphen key is actually rerouting itself into the apostrophe key. Does anyone know of any fixes for this? Please don't say to just send it back unless that is the only solution. I am prepared to send it back, but only as a last resort. I would rather just fix this issue to save my 2-year warranty just in case something else happens. Thanks! I hope I was specific enough.
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  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    You definitely need to contact Razer Customer Support regarding your issues. They will be who knows what to do and how to help you. If there is, in fact, an electrical issue that they can not solve via e-mail then they will also be able to get you on the right path for an RMA and to exchange your keyboard for a working unit.

    Also, as a side note, if you do need to RMA your keyboard it does not "use up" the warranty you have on it. Razer will honor your warranty for any/all issues covered for the entire warranty period, even if you need help more than once.

    Seeing as how Razer|Insider is not a support forum, I'll go ahead and close this up in favor of having official Razer support take care of you. Best of luck getting things solved quickly so you can be up and running with the colors exactly the way you want them as soon as possible. :)
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