New Colors are great, but can we expect to see Brushed aluminum?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by nightmareitachi, Dec 6, 2017.


would you rather have plastic or brushed metal

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  1. plastic

  2. brushed metal

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  1. nightmareitachi

    nightmareitachi New Member

    I have owned 3 Blackwidow Keyboards and 2 orbweavers the only thing i was impressed with was the fact they were made of plastic. I recently got a birthday gift of a corsair k70 and i was very delighted to find out it was metal, brushed aluminum. Which if you havent seen one it looks damn nice up close. Akin to some of the apple products but instead black opposed to silver. Can we expect a new line of razer products to introduce this style or are we going to be sticking to plastic with optional different colors?
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  2. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    Razer keyboards are metal, they just have a top plastic cover. In fact, all mechanical keyboards have a metal plate where the switches are at. You have to use a metal plate. You can't solder switches onto plastic because it will melt it.
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  3. TheMisterCasual

    TheMisterCasual Active Member

    The new plastic top cover on the BW V2 is great I had a look at one the other week its smudge free and feels great
  4. Xylem.

    Xylem. New Member

    Yep as he said all BW keyboards have a metal frame, just a plastic top cover and a white base to reflect the lights up. I am pretty surprised people misunderstand that BW are made from plastic, I mean just lifting that thing up you would know its metal, its so heavy.
  5. nightmareitachi

    nightmareitachi New Member

    im glad you all are ignoring the entire post in favor for picking out the part about it being plastic. ok it isnt fucking plastic we get it. shut up and focus on the main part please. brushed metal finish vs fucking plastic i guess.
  6. Magnumheart_

    Magnumheart_ Well-Known Member

    Brushed metal would be good.
    If Razer decides to implement this design, I hope they do it for a whole set of their best-selling products.
    It will give a premium look and feel for their top products.
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  7. nightmareitachi

    nightmareitachi New Member

    yes much agreed, thats what im getting at, side by side all my friends have said that my corsair looks more expensive than my razer because of the brushed look. it is more expensive due to it being chroma and rapidfire, but none the less the galvanized steel or brushed aluminum look is amazing and looks very high quality which is why im sure apple has been using it for years and charging a pretty penny for it
  8. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    So what do you want really? You claim you were impressed with the fact they were made with plastic then you go and then say you were delighted that the K70 was metal? Even if you meant to say "I wasn't impressed or I was not impressed", both are 3 letters off so that couldn't have been a typo.

    The only Razer keyboard with a plastic top with a different color is the BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Quartz Edition. The only other line with different colors is the BlackWidow X line which have the metal top.

    The entire post wasn't ignored. It's the fact that the point of comparison is wrong.
    The problem is, what "you're getting at" are completely different styles of keyboards. Razer has already released that style with the BlackWidow X line, which is the same as the "better quality" and "premium" Corsair K line keyboards people claim. Plastic top of the BlackWidow line? There's the Corsair Strafe line which has a plastic top as well. If you're honestly going to compare things, better know the facts first.

    And no to brushed metal/aluminum tops. Looks and feels cheap. Not to mention harder to clean compared to plastic or regular metal tops.

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