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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Der-p, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. Der-p

    Der-p New Member

    First, one of the biggest features of controllers that I miss on PC is vibration feedback

    I would love to see a mouse with vibration feedback, or a gel mouse & keyboard wrist rest with vibration feedback..

    I know there are some gamers out there that would not like their mouse to vibrate when getting shot while trying to make a shot but...
    #1 do you think its easy to make a shot while getting shot IN REAL LIFE?
    #2 options can always be shut off.

    Secondly I think there would be many users that may like a naga mouse modeled after an xbox controller.
    A B X Y, left/right bumpers, d-pad.

    The xbox one is supposed to get mouse support soon, so this would work great with xbox games on the xbox, as well as probably make "bad PC ports" just a little more tolerable on PC.
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  2. Inelastic

    Inelastic New Member

    Honestly, it would be a terrible idea. To respond to #1, playing a game isn't real life. Playing shooters with a mouse/keyboard is done for accuracy, not for immersion (ignoring how that vibration isn't really immersion either). Plus, vibration on a mouse is very different than on a controller once you think about how they are used. To respond to #2, there's extra cost to the product because of it. I just don't see enough people wanting it to pay the extra cost involved.

    I also don't really see the appeal of the Naga molded after the xbox controller. But, I guess that's because I don't even see the point of the Naga Trinity. But, since they have the Trinity it might make sense for them to make this as an extra for it.

    Personally, I just want a Naga Chroma that has all mechanical buttons.
  3. Der-p

    Der-p New Member

    do you hear of xbox people complaining about vibration in their controller?

    And you say gaiming is not real life... then what is the point of realism in games?
    Do you only play mario? and kids games that look and function like cartoons?
    Do you play Call of Duty? or GTA? or any game that prides itself on realism?
    Then you cannot claim "playing a game isn't real life."

    I have tons of disposable income. I would pay for it.
    I have purchased 5 naga mice, 3 were epic. one is a trinity.
    in the past month i have spent 1200$ on smart home devices for my 1 bedroom apartment.

    So while I hear your comments, I dont think they apply to everyone.
  4. Inelastic

    Inelastic New Member

    Apparently you didn't read my comments because it seems like you went straight to hyperbole town before reading my second sentence. People use mice for accuracy, not immersion. Why would someone want something that interferes with their accuracy when the whole point of using that device is for accuracy? Why not just use a controller?

    Just think of how a controller works. You don't slide a controller left/right to aim. You use a joystick. The vibration from a controller gets absorbed into your hands and doesn't really have much of an affect on your aim since you're aiming and moving with your thumbs using the joysticks. If a mouse vibrates, it'll wobble around on the mat and cause you to wobble your aim around.

    Yes playing a game isn't real life. Gaming is an escape from real life; it's entertainment. No one thinks they can go out and run over hundreds of people in a car like they do in GTA V. No one thinks they can go outside and shoot dozens of people, die, and respawn instantly like they do in Call of Duty. Do you? Realism is added for immersion and/or difficulty, and like I said mice are used for accuracy not immersion or to increase the difficulty.

    Obviously my comments don't apply to everyone, that's why I included the "I think." Just like your comments don't, which is why you also added "I think."
  5. Der-p

    Der-p New Member

    you are taking this way to personal and serious.
    chill out kid

    I am talking to the community as a whole. not you.
    we are done.

    I would like input from others
  6. Der-p

    Der-p New Member

    I also mentioned a gel wrist rest with feedback that would not affect mouse accuracy while giving feedback
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