New Razer blade (2015) thoughts and ideas

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Frankdehtank, Nov 4, 2014.



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  1. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    It really depends what you are doing, while it is a big upgrade it in my opinion it is not really worth the investment. I will tell you why: even though this is called the most powerful blade yet, it is still unable to run many AAA titles on high/ultra at 3200x1800 which is its native resolution. I think all people who are willing to put out this much money on a computer are wanting to run all games at native res on high/ultra and be between 50-60 FPS. This is still not the case, i would personally wait another like 9 months and see what the new cards can bring to the table because my guess is they will be able to do what i just mentioned. Another reason to wait is razer didn't really make any big changes which means there is still much to be desired especially when its what they should have done. So even if you did buy one you would likely regret it when the new one comes out that had all that we wanted and more. There for i would not recommend buying the current blade but instead wait for the blade that all of us razer fans have been waiting for.
  2. byteBrasscounty542

    byteBrasscounty542 New Member

    New Razer Blade 2016:
    - Chroma back-lit on keyboard and main logo
    - Ethernet port or USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter by Razer
    - Display port or HDMI 1.4b/2.0 (possibility for 120hz on external monitor for FPS games like CS:GO)
    - Card reader
    - Better Web Camera

    - Save touch screen display
    - Windows 10
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  3. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    They already made one, for the Razer Edge.
  4. li41982913

    li41982913 New Member

    I think GTX 970 is a decent upgrade, anyway, it's a portable laptop, and there's no way to expect it to run games like desktops or even Alineware. What would you expect in 9 moths? Will there be a upgrade in graphic card or processor?
  5. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    As far as I understand, only desktop or sli cards would be able to handle such load atm. That being said, most external monitors still offer 1080p resolution as max, so I don´t think most people expect everything to run smoothly on high/ultra res at Razers quasi 3K resolution.

    After waiting and seeing a new release, there will always be a new release on the horizon. You will grow old waiting for everything.

    As far as I know, only real fundamental upgrade within 9 months could be Intel´s new Skylake processor. On Blade, this would mean better battery life, first and foremost. New GPUs which are based on Pascal architecture, won´t most likely arrive before 2016 and even if they are presented at CES 2016, it would take at least another 1-3 months until PC manufacturers would start updating.
  6. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    What i am trying to say is normally razer comes out with a big update but this time they didn't. not that the Notebook they came out with is bad, they just should have done better with IO. I feel like spending on this gen would be wasteful unless you are in need at this moment other wise in my opinion waiting for better IO and the new GPUs is the way to go. What i said about how i think the blade should idealy be running games is that, that is what I want and what you should want which is to run all games at native res at 50+ frames other wise your not getting the experience you are paying for which is why i suggested the wait. I do understand that expecting this atm that is would be impossible which purely means were a few long months away from getting the perfect blade.
  7. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    Display tech has far outpaced the graphics hardware. The next graphics bump will probably come with a display bump (just to keep pace with competition) and it will still be unable to play in high/ultra at native res.
  8. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    It is of course understandable what you are saying and the desire to be able to play games at your PC´s native resolution. However, I would agree with _ramsey_ that display tech has outperformed graphics hardware in a manner of speaking. It is for this reason that Blade´s GPU would be struggling to play games at native setting.

    To oversimplify: Blades´s GPU has to do math for 3200x1800 pixels (5,76M). If you want 50 FPS, this would mean that GPU has to do math for 288M pixels per 1 second. This is simply too much for Nvidia 970M. For such native resolution you would need desktops graphic (to get better result, 2x980 GTX for example).

    Most likely in couple of years GPU´s technology has advanced as far that laptop owners are able to play 4K resolution on their laptop. However, note that this takes years and in the meantime display resolutions might already be at 8K:) Kindly note we are not few months away from new revolutionary GPU (even next architecture should not be released before 2016).

    With regard to new Blade, I cautiously predicted that, if released, this new Blade will have new GPU as the most important upgrade, but it overall, it will be the same. I do like the same, at least same line - even if some ppl are disappointed that there are now new interesting radical changes, I wouldn´t want "new radical changes" simply because I wouldn´t want that Razer starts changing something that is already about perfect.
  9. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I do understand what both of you guys are saying but i think you may be underestimating NVidia but still vary true about displays. I say this because the current blade on high to ultra (no anti aliasing because at 3200x1800 its un necessary). It will get in the ball park of mid high 30's to mid high 40's frames per second (from personal experience your case may vary). Now i feel as long as Nvidia bumps up the fps by 10 or more that's great and while not perfect its nice, this will be true as long as razer doesn't change the screen. The display is almost perfect i would only want gsync and when the time comes in a couple of years 4k but beyond that i don't think we need a higher res display because at that point we would see like no pixels whats so ever. I would personally like mid 40's plus fps in a game so that is why i felt the next razer blade will be perfect not that the current one is bad by any means. Ailleus i do agree that the current blade is amazing just i would like an fps bump in my games as well as i really want sd card reader integrated, possibly usb c (not really needed now), separate headphone and mic jack and finally display port. Guys thank you for what you have said i do understand everything, i was meaning that i wanted the blade with what i had put above because i though razer might have done most of the port options above which would have made me feel much better. Also if you guys are interested there is a blade 2016 thread that i saw to check out too. :)
  10. StigtriX

    StigtriX New Member

    Apart from the self-explanatory upgrades of hardware, I would really like to see improved cooling. Add some carbon fiber near the CPU and GPU to force the heat to move along the heat pipes instead of going to the chassis. Re-design the hinges and the back of the unit. Place two cooling grills on the back of the unit like on ASUS machines, but make it sleeker, and add the power input between the grills. I do not like having the input on the side of the machine as it easily gets in the way.

    ASUS and Alienware laptops have cooling grills on the back and have the best cooling. Please try to improve the cooling drastically instead of limiting the laptops by mimicking Macs too closely. ASUS has done themselves a disfavor by going away from this standard with the GX500. Now is the time to beat ASUS at their own game.

    After I have read reviews of the ASUS NX500, which is basically the non-gaming version of GX500, I am not impressed with the cooling at all... Go get them, Razer!
  11. Rantahu

    Rantahu New Member

    I was really hoping that Razer would wait for Skylake to come out and for the blade to come with chroma. The next Blade needs to have a display port and all of those smexy Skylake features.
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