New Razer blade (2015) thoughts and ideas

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Frankdehtank, Nov 4, 2014.



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  1. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I agree that they should be a bit less expensive. I think the price should go down next gen because this gen was when they added all the new crazy stuff like better GPU and screen. So yes a price drop would be a nice factor to keep the blade competitive with other notebooks in its class.
  2. mbernert

    mbernert New Member

    I've been watching razers announcements daily in hopes to see something about the new blade. A few changes I would like to see:

    1. Obviously the gpu. Having owned the new blade 14 for a while now the 870m just isn't enough to run modern games smoothly, especially at the crazy 3200x1800 native resolution, which leads me to number 2

    2. So the craze in pc hardware lately has been higher resolution displays. While it is nice I don't think hardware is ready for it yet. 3200x1800 is way too much, especially for a 14" laptop. Yes you can change the resolution if you don't like it, but 1. Windows scales horribly at that resolution (I have heard there is a fix on the way for a while now) and 2. Hardware can't push that many pixels fluidly, yet. An over clocked 980m wouldn't even push 3200x1800 fluidly, not on any recent game without putting all settings to low. While I doubt they will downsize their 14s screen, I would like to see at MAX a 2560x1440 resolution. Personally I think I would pay more for a 1440p screen than the 3k+ in the blade now. I got tired of having to change my desktop resolution to 1080p anytime I launched a game because the scaling won't scale from the native 3200x1800 resolution to a more playable 1080p.

    3. An upgraded cooling system. Maybe larger vents with bigger fans? Not sure what can be done here given the size and thickness of the laptop. I love the blades size and design, I hope that doesn't change, but I would welcome a cooler running system (who wouldn't)
  3. R3d_Zombie

    R3d_Zombie New Member

    I've been watching this line since inception have always held out for the next Gen. Gen 1 captivated me in the beginning, but I truly have not found the blade for me... moreover, the one worth my money that has all I can hope for. I might be holding out yet again to see if 2016 has my dream Blade so to speak.

    I agree, a 1440p screen would be perfect for the 14 inch. There is only so much we see at 20/20. I think that scaling is an issue I'm not holding my breath for. 3200 x 1800 is gorgeous though - but not practical for gaming yet. (My opinion)

    Nvidia is making leaps and bounds with the 900 series cards. Maybe we will see the graphics prowess we've been looking for in this years iteration (980m) A 980m will probably win me over.

    Windows 10 will be a nice addition later next year by the way things look too. Chroma will also make my experience that much sweeter. I have the Black Widow Chroma and it's amazing.

    Finally, the cooling solution, I can only hope Razer is maximizing use of copper for dissipation. If they made the heat sinks entirely out of copper, we might see more stability and improved thermals - but I'm just spit-balling. Asus went that route for their flagship (870m/880m) notebook. This looks like Aluminium to me. Get a closer look below:
  4. Coel25

    Coel25 New Member

    I just wanted to know why the new Razer Blade is better (my opinion) than Razer Blade Pro ? Why the Razer Blade Pro is not more powerfull than it actually is ?

    I hope one day to see an European Razer Blade Pro 15.6" with Razer Switchblade
  5. R3d_Zombie

    R3d_Zombie New Member

    Yea I know the Insiders in Europe must really be itching to get their hands on it. I really like the idea of a 15.6 inch. I think that's the best blend of size and performance.

    I could do without the Switch Blade though, that's just my preference. I think they could find some other exclusive feature for the 15.6 inch though whether it be SLI or lucrative graphics solutions coupled with some nice 15.6 inch displays.

    I just hope it's worth the wait. Small 14 inch 3K + displays seem to be trending but I think 15.6 can make a comeback.
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  6. Three things holding me back from the current Blade Pro -
    • Older GPU
    • Screen - currently using a Retina MBP, hard to look at lower-res screens now :slightly_sad:
    • Blade 14' has better specs than the Pro?
    If they address these issues next gen, I will be all over the Pro.

    Until then I will just wait and hope, checking for updates each and every day.
  7. JRod0711

    JRod0711 New Member

    I'd really like to see more RAM in the 14" blade, or upgradeable RAM. 8 gigs is a solid amount for now, but for the price I'd like to keep the PC for a while.
  8. Im a 2nd gen user of the 17", and i thought the touch pad was a bit useless as well.. this was until i lost my 2nd monitor ;)
    Instantly after losing my 2nd monitor, i found myself abusing youtube and all sorts of apps on that little touch screen.
    All in all, id say its worth keeping.
  9. gabrielDM

    gabrielDM New Member

    Does anyone know when will launch versions 2015?
  10. amanc93

    amanc93 Member

    Cheap and customizable/ upgradable. Something like the project Christine would be nice. :D
  11. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Probably early 2015 like march which was around the time they released the last blade.
  12. DefaltL

    DefaltL Member

    Im going to chime in with a few of the comments I've seen and say I would just be happy for a UK release rather than having to use third party vendors
  13. Rabbinicus

    Rabbinicus Member

    While a decrease in price is always welcome, the battery life needs to increase. The blade is an amazing notebook for play but needs significantly better battery life as a mobile platform. I love my Edge Pro, but that just barely gets enough battery life for mobile work tasks.
  14. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    Can The new razer blade please have a larger capacity hard drive than 512 gb? Also can you make the graphics card at least nvidia sli graphics cards . Razer needs to step ahead and beat its competition. Can someone please reply to this.
  15. burnedx

    burnedx New Member

    Release in Germany would be very nice ;-)
  16. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    The blade gets decent battery life right now. As long as your not gaming you can get around 5 and almost 6 hours (its what i got). That's really all you need, with gaming expect the battery to drain in 1-2 hours but this is gaming. I wouldn't suggest gaming on battery any way because it dramatically affects performance and that's no good. Also with the new 900 series GPU's will allow the blade to not draw as much power so there will be somewhere around a 30% increase in battery life while gaming and also it will preform better on battery. Don't worry about the battery life i have had no problems with it plus it's much better than what you can expect out of most of the competitors.
  17. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Higher than 512 would be very expensive because SSD's especially mobile ones are very expensive and don't have that much capacity. My solution is then i will bring my little Seagate backup plus slim, it has 2TB of storage and is really small and it fits in any bag for when i need it. Also if Razer were to add a non SSD hard drive to the blade it would hugely hit its form factor, especially if you want SLI.
  18. Razer|Wit_xf_rzr

    Razer|Wit_xf_rzr Systems Team Staff Member

    Great. Now we're back where we started with the 3" thick gaming laptops... :S
  19. Blade 14
    -nix touch (hate fingerprints on beautiful screen)
    -16GB RAM

    Otherwise keep the already perfect design.
  20. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    For about 8 dollars you can pick up a USB adapter for SD card at your local best buy. not really needed on a laptop, most people wouldn't ever use it - especially on a gaming laptop.
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