New Razer blade (2015) thoughts and ideas

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Frankdehtank, Nov 4, 2014.



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  1. Snowblight

    Snowblight New Member

    I just hope the cooling system is better
  2. 4zw1na

    4zw1na Member

    Maybe an extension of a mouse pad similar to the Razer turret magnetic mouse surface for people who would like to game on the go and also not risk the mouse slipping off.
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  3. TheGodJay_no_id

    TheGodJay_no_id New Member

    I just want them to announce it already. In the market for a new laptop but razer is taking forever. Don't want to have to buy the msi ghost. Quality isnt even premium like razer.
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  4. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    You might be waiting a while for that MacBook Pro. Personally, I don't intend to wait to the second half of 2015 for a new laptop.
  5. skinny_55

    skinny_55 New Member

    Mechanical Chroma keys, DDR4, and 900 series GPU
  6. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

    Mechanical keys on a 14" notebook? Are you trying to make it weight 10 pounds or what...?
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  7. jerry1337

    jerry1337 Member

    The important thing of laptop is 'cooling'.
    High temperature of hardwares will cause serious problem like breaking down whole systems. So, better cooling system will be needed on 2015 Blade..
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  8. jerry1337

    jerry1337 Member

    MSI made mechanical keyboard for laptop. I don't think is not prefer to laptop..
    It is much heavier and really hard to carry it.
  9. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

    Cooling is sufficient as it stands right now the problem was the 870m is so power hungry, high wattage and high temps. The 970m is so much better in this regard. It shouldn't be remotely as bad as it was on the 2014 models.
  10. Helgo

    Helgo New Member

    anyone know when they might release the blade 2015?
  11. Master1992

    Master1992 New Member

    In my opinion is why u guys try to put gpu 900m series into a perfect body ??? Why dont u try to make a blade with super thin like mac air with out gpu ( razer air is perfect name for that ) and u guys can make a eGPU ( razer dock ) connect via thunderbold 2 or some secrect plug in for that razer air , for that u guys can make a super slim laptop with high - end performance and can be a beast when connect with razer dock ( maybe u can design razer dock with SLI )
  12. carloskay

    carloskay Member

    razer blade with mechanical keyboard and chroma :D
  13. TheGodJay_no_id

    TheGodJay_no_id New Member

    No eGPU plz.. Don't want to have to carry anything else. I don't mind a slightly thicker razer blade 14in. Why do ppl want mechanical keyboards? You wanna carry 8+ pounds
  14. AdenosineMP

    AdenosineMP New Member

    If the new razer blade includes all of these, I'll be pre-ordering on day one.

    1. Options to choose between 1080p, 3K and 4K screens.
    2. 16 GB Ram
    3. GTX970m and maybe even an option to downgrade to a GTX965m to cut costs
    4. A chroma keyboard and lid logo. Although I don't really care about this but it would be nice as it matches the other chroma peripherals.
    5. Longer battery life.
    6. Improved cooling
    7. Larger and cheaper storage options.
  15. RazorRazer999

    RazorRazer999 Member

    DP/MiniDP is a requirement for me. Get that and 16GB and a 970m and It'll be the leading 14" notebook available otherwise The Aorus X3+ V3 will be the leader.
  16. Frankdehtank

    Frankdehtank Active Member

    Your kinda killing the whole idea of the blade. A PORTIBLE gaming laptop. Having a eGPU will be more to bring with your blade. At that point I Razer see Christine come to life (would regardless lol)
  17. firephinx

    firephinx New Member

    I've been following the razer blade since the first 17" came out and then the next year the 14" was named the razer blade and the 17" was named the blade pro. I was one of the few who suggested that Razer switch from the original 1600x900 TN panel to a 3200x1800 IGZO panel for the 14" blade. I just recently received my 14" razer blade at the CES appreciation sale after I had waited 3 years to finally pull the trigger to buy one.

    After receiving the blade, I've noticed a few things that might be improvable.
    1) The screen bezels on the blade are quite thick especially the one at the top. I was astonished by this when I compared it to my previous laptop. The form factor of the blade is perfect, but hopefully they can work something out with LG and make the screens taller or something. It really shouldn't be as thick as it is.
    2) The speakers on the blade are quite terrible frankly. I think razer should try and put a little bit more effort into the speakers on the blade. HP has been making terrible laptops, but the sound on their laptops are something they have been marketing for years and I can actually hear a difference. Asus and Samsung are also starting to make their laptops sound better.
    3) The speaker grills could be a bit better quality. Apple machines them by drilling individual holes into them. I can't tell if the Razer blade's are plastic or not, but they take a little away from the unibody design.
    4) The heat management I believe should be focused more on the top of the laptop than the back. If Razer flips the components, hopefully the back would be a little cooler while the top would be a little warmer, but I feel like the key caps would not transfer the heat as much as the aluminum bottom does. The palm rests should stay cool though.

    It is expected that the next Razer blade will have an Intel quad core i7 chip, doesn't really matter which one.
    Also it will likely have the Nvidia GTX 970M.
    I hope for future owners of the blade, they will be able to enjoy the same battery life that the first generation 14" blade users enjoyed. I get around 4-6 hours on the blade which is better than what I'm used to (around 2 hours). I have a friend with the original blade 14" and he gets easily 6 hours+. If Razer could fix that, I'm sure tons of people would appreciate it.

    All in all, I love my razer blade that I got at a discounted price. It was worth the wait for Razer to develop its product to perfection and I really don't think an ethernet port or sd card is needed. There are plenty of usb hubs you can buy on amazon to suit your purposes. To Razer, keep on pursuing perfection because you are on your way there.

    Edit: Oops forgot about the 16 Gb of RAM. That should be the standard of gaming laptops.
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    What a lot of people are underestimating is the concept of the Razer Blade itself: an ultra-thin gaming laptop with desirable features that has the potential to compete against the MacBook Pro, which I own. For that reason, the laptop may be at the higher end of the market. After all, it is easy for engineers to add whatever features they like to a gaming laptop, which is why most of them are rather comparable to bricks. It is not easy to maximize the features with the given constraints of size. The Razer Blade has a unique niche at the moment for people who want a laptop that focuses on aesthetics but is able to perform at a stellar level with respect to gaming. In a way, that niche is more powerful than Apple's, but Razer Blade just has not been able to actualize its potential. It also means that there cannot be any customizability, because the unibody is really the only way to make an ultra-thin laptop with significant features. What Razer absolutely cannot do is to compromise on this concept, particularly in its being an ultra-thin laptop. What people need to realize is that innovation includes aesthetics, just as much as computer technology. For anyone who doubts that, there is a reason that Apple is almost a trillion dollar company. Rather than actively resisting Apple's concept like most PCs, what the Razer Blade does is to embrace it and try to make it its own, and, for that reason, like I said, the Razer Blade is really the only higher end PC that has the potential to compete against the juggernaut that is the MacBook Pro.

    The one thing I believe would be genius for Razer to do is to adopt a technique into which Apple is apparently looking for the MacBook Air. Philosophically, the Razer needs to extend the concept of minimalistic ports to its maximum. Kill all the ports, except for one universal port and a headphone jack. The universal port could be accessed by an accessory that includes all the important ports, such as a USB drive. A lot of people might find the technique weird, but they have to remember that the same concept is utilized with the DVD drive. It is a way for Razer to step out right in front of its competition with a technique that builds right onto its concept without adding any significant discomfort to the consumer: I highly doubt one additional wire is a significant inconvenience.

    However, it is also important that people do not just add features. Besides the economic considerations, a concept in minimalism is that you stop not whenever you have added everything possible, but whenever you have no more to take away. One thing I hate about laptops these days is that they're trying to be two things in one, like these tablet-laptops. The person who chases two rabbits at the same time will lose them both and go hungry. I am not saying that a company should not try to make the perfect laptop that also transforms into the perfect tablet. However, if the tablet is just an appended feature that would never be able to compete against the actual tablets on the market as a stand-alone product, the transformation merely dilutes the product overall. For that reason, one thing right away the Razer Blade should lose is that touchscreen. It's like that camera lens that extends out of the iPhone 6's frame. I am sure the Razer Blade has no aspirations of also becoming a tablet: there is no reason to have such a feature if the Razer Blade wants to be a high end laptop and only a high end laptop. Another feature with which the Razer Blade Pro could do away is the SwitchBlade. I know people say that it is convenient, but, at least for me, I do not understand why people would want to look at a YouTube video or FaceBook on a low resolution screen, when there is a high definition screen right in front of you that seriously is not that more inconvenient to use than a bunch of hot tabs, which seem to conflict with the minimalistic design of the machine.

    If you take out the ports, the touchscreen, and the SwitchBlade, I think it should leave a considerable amount of space to add more things to the 2015 Razer Blade. So here is my wish list, which should be at least slightly more plausible if Razer Blade does with all those aforementioned recommendations. I really want to see a 4K screen. Graphics was a big thing for the 14" 2014 Razer Blade. This addition would unify the Razer Blade's entire concept as a sleek laptop. A 980m would also be awesome, and of course 16 GB of RAM would be delicious. Also, it would be nice if Razer adds a stronger battery and maybe better heat transfer, which is probably one of the primary tasks for the engineers. At that point, I would legitimately say that we have a god-tier laptop on our hands. No matter what, I will be looking forward to whatever the 2015 Razer Blade Pro or 2015 Razer Blade will be.
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  19. vivianlobo

    vivianlobo Member

    My real thoughts is to make it widely available first. It is not available in EU yet. I understand @Min-Liang Tan mentioned about the difficulty in getting certified and it is true. But it has been quite a long time. Not complaining but just hoping.
  20. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    What universal port would that be? And why should headphones be special? Make that go through this universal port too and you begin to see the cracks in the minimalism argument. o_O
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