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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Matthew sword, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. hey guys this is my last option and i need any help u can give.i currently have the new razer blade stealth with the 7th gen i7. i also have the razer core with a 1070 in it. my main game is world of Warcraft. and im having low FPS issues. in game regardless of the settings and resoltion im seeing 35-45 fps and sometimes even frames in the teens. 13-19. i contacted blizzard the maker of the game and they talked me for about 4 hours and we tried everything possible to fix the issue. i also manually selected the nvidia GPU in nivdia control panel. still didnt fix it. contacted nvidia also and they gave me some things to try and still no luck but i am waiting for another response from them. so i finally called razer... they gave me a huge email and it required me to wipe the system completely and they gave me specific steps to take very specific. still no luck... so i was like ok ill just return the stuff and get a new blade 14 with a 1060 to not have to deal with this issue. also i forgot to mention i loaded GTA5 and experienced no issue what so ever in game. well i filled out a RMA for the core and stealth. today i ofund out that the core is no issue returning but they will not allow me to return the stealth becasue ive had it 22 days and they have a 14 day policy even tho i told them id take store credit as i was gonna purchase a more expensive razer setup from the razer store... the still denied me.. so now im stuck with a 1500$ paper weight for my main game.. i do kno that it is switching to the 1070 GPU i can see in the task bar that it says gtx 1070 and lists world of warcraft as a item its processing. i can even use MSI afterburner to overclock it. so the computer is recognizing it as being available. i also see it in device manager as active... so i need some things to try anything guys would be a huge help because razer support has left me with nothing and they never will try to help over the phone they insist on emailing witch can take sometimes 2 days for a response if i even get one... please guys any help would be great!
  2. rOOphLESS

    rOOphLESS Member

    have you tried connecting an external monitor to the 1070 in the core? been reading people having poor performance feeding back into the stealth's display.
  3. i haven't yet i was waiting to see if i could figure this out before spending even more money in this setup. but i have seen numbers showing that performance is better on a external monitor as the thunderbolt three is having to send the data to the core then back to the stealth's monitor without a external display. so it makes sense. i guess ill have to pray that that fixes it. especially since razer wont let me return it. i will get a monitor on black friday and report back with my findings. ty man!
  4. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    That's pretty weird, is it possible that Warcraft's engine only uses your native resolution (3840x2160)? I had some of the same fps problems when using the core with minecraft (it's a guilty pleasure) since they don't give you the option to lower resolution. What I'd recommend you do is go into system settings and manually lower your resolution to something like 720p and scale up from there
  5. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Hmm yeah that is weird. Especially if it works fine for GTA V but not WoW... GTA V is a much more demanding game so it's very odd indeed...and I doubt it could be internet related right? It's FPS not lag...

    I guess try hooking it up to a monitor like suggested above and see what happens?

    Also how does it run without the core connected? Like just using the Stealth's internal graphics?

    Try out the non-core thing and see what happens, if it's the same or there's some improvements, it might help narrow down the problem and it should be able to handle WoW on low-medium settings?
  6. I'm not sure. I do notice a lower quality big time when I go from max res to lowest res in game. My screen is a 1440p screen natively witch I would still think should max wow easily. However I will try this after work and see

  7. Yea it's odd. Not lag I just can watch the fps bottom out sometimes and the graphics settings don't affect it at all with the core. When I use the integrated gpu I can get solid fps around 60 on low abetting at 1080 and as soon as I hook up the core I run into issues regardless of what settings I let it at. I hope the monitor trick works
  8. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    hmm, could be a problem with the core or GPU then? But it's weird with works with GTAV any other games to test?
  9. Right now I'm limited to hard drive space so I gotta order a external ssd to out my games on asap
  10. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    hm alright, even if you can just borrow someone's HDD to install them on it might be worth finding out if this issue is literally only on WoW or if it's a wider problem. It would seem currently that it's possible the core isn't behaving as it should, perhaps it's to do with that monitor situation and it only happens with specific loads? Who knows..
  11. Yea I'm lost. I'm gonna have to deal with it for now until black Friday rolls around to get a monitor and external ssd
  12. kurteisliga

    kurteisliga New Member

    Unfortunately this is expected performance. MMOs are more CPU demanding than they are GPU, resulting in the dual core causing the bottleneck in the system. Since GTA is more GPU-bound, it's expected that it would run better than WoW.

    I play WoW as well, and this is my setup:
    RBS + Core + EVGA 1070SC

    I use nVidia's performance gauge and it tends to run a bit higher than your scores @1080p. If you watch CPU performance on the task manager (ctrl + shift+ esc), you'll see the CPU at max usage while playing WoW at high settings. If you turn down anti-aliasing, that helps me frames quite a bit.

    Edit: I also use an external monitor*
  13. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    What are your Texture Filtering and SSAO. Settings in WoW?

    Set Texture filtering to billinear and disable SSAO and you should see a huge jump in fps.
  14. This. Open up task manager and check how much CPU utilization your system is using. I'd bet it's really high. The problem with WoW is that it is VERY CPU heavy; it relies little on the GPU actually. I'd wager that with a dual core CPU, WoW is struggling. Check your CPU utilization in task manager and I think you'll find your CPU is being heavily utilized. The reason GTA V works so well is because it is the opposite. GTA V is heavily GPU dependent and you have a great GPU. You will probably see much better results on a better (quad) CPU.
  15. I will have to disagree on the bottle neck part. As it dosnt change when I even lower the resolution to 720p and lowest settings in wow with the core hooked up. Still a 35fps issue. Without the core on the integrated gpu it gets 60fps solidly. Also when playing with the core or without I only notice 48%cpu usage. I don't believe there is a bottleneck. Unless taskmaster is reading cpu usage wrong. And the fps without the core attached is a anomaly
  16. I think I replied to the wrong person but I hope this helps. I'm almost 100% positive it's a software or bandwidth issue. I need a external monitor bad to see if that helps :slightly_sad: to poor right now tho
  17. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    I play wow on my stealth + core and the only time it bottle necks is in 40vs40 pvp or on a world boss where there are lots of ppl around. It should not bottle neck in regular gameplay or even 10-15 man raids. I have done 20 man raids fine with the settings turned downed.
  18. kurteisliga

    kurteisliga New Member

    It's absolutely capable, I'm not refuting that. I'm just trying to give an answer for why the performance isn't quite what he's expecting. I imagine he's running hugely different resolutions and settings on/off the core (which is also expected) which gives reason to why there's a vast difference.

    The only time I'm effected by the stealth's dual core is when I'm in Dalaran or somewhere player-heavy as well. Otherwise I get 60fps at near-max settings.
  19. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    My first thought was that it was the CPU but I looked up the respective recommended specs for each game and WoW has a lesser CPU listed than GTAV. Additionally the fact it runs fine without the core connected also debunks that theory. Something else is going on here, something fishy.

    It might be worth updating razer support on the details about how it performs without the core @Matthew sword , that could be a factor which helps people smarter than I work out what the issue is.
  20. kurteisliga

    kurteisliga New Member

    I disagree. Connected to my core, my stealth runs games at full resolution [if not connected to an external monitor]. Without being connected to the core, it downscales the resolution to 720p. If he has the 4k stealth, that means he's running at ~8x the pixel count when connected to the core versus when he's not, not to mention at better settings.

    WoW has lower recommended specs because it can go to VERY low quality - almost 2004-tier quality.
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