New Razer Blade worth it?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Guimen64, Sep 9, 2016.


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  1. New Razer Blade

  2. ROG G752

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  1. 2BOSS4YOU

    2BOSS4YOU Active Member

    I need to buy a laptop for college and I'm wondering if the Razer Blade is worth the price we pay or should I go with asus republic of gamers instead?
  2. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    Depends. Are you going to be carrying the laptop around a lot? I have the evga sc17 as I wanted a powerful laptop for gaming and something powerful enough to run autodesk programs like inventor and revit for class. It's a very thin 17" laptop and is amazingly powerful ,but it's heavy as hell. Even in a backpack. And my laptop is probably half as thick as the g752. Now if it's for gaming and is going to be on a desk most of the time and you're not using it for class work daily then the larger screen is a much better experience. But if you're taking it to class every day then you really should go for the blade.
  3. 2BOSS4YOU

    2BOSS4YOU Active Member

    Thanks for the help. I will be carrying the laptop around because I'm going to need it for class everyday.
    I wasn't thinking about the weight :slightly_sad: . I was thinking about the power I needed for games and computer programs but you made me realize that it would be painfull to carry around a laptop like g752.
  4. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    I made the mistake of not considering weight. And my laptop only weighs ten pounds. But, you'd be surprised how heavy that feels walking down a hallway and pulling it out. Plus the size is comber some when it comes the those small desks that colleges are so found of. Now I take it you're not waiting for the 1060 razer blade 14? That will be more power than a 980m equipped laptop. So you can have the best of both worlds. But, you'd need to wait until October. There are other laptops that are small like the razer blade 14 but aren't built as nice and sexy as the razer blade. Aorus x3, and the msi gs43.
  5. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Active Member

    If you're buying the laptop for college, get the blade, it sucks carrying around a 15" 8lb laptop around. You'll have a much easier time with the lighter and smaller blade.
  6. 2BOSS4YOU

    2BOSS4YOU Active Member

    I guess it will suck even harder to carry it in my back while I ride my motorcycle
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