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new RB FHD/g-sync question

Discussion in 'Systems' started by isu89, Sep 14, 2016.

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  1. isu89

    isu89 New Member

    Looking at the 1080p new Blade, I understand that it will not be certified for g-sync using the laptop monitor itself.

    If I connect to a dedicated external g-sync monitor via TB3/usb-c, would it also be true that g-sync would not be enabled? Thanks for any clarification
  2. It should work since g-sync is basically between the video card and the monitor and doesn't require anything special. You should just need a g-sync capable monitor. In theory at least.
  3. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    But is the external display driven connected to the Intel GPU or the NV GPU in that case? I suspect it's the former, in which case it won't get g-sync. If you got a Core, and connect an external monitor to the graphics card in it, then you'd definitely be able to get any feature the card supports.
  4. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Insider isu89, enigma1406, and brightcinder!

    I would like some clarification on this issue too. Obviously the Nvidia GTX 970M and 1060 are G-Sync enabled, but the Blade's screen doesn't have G-Sync Support. Theoretically G-Sync should work if you connect the Blade to a G-SYnc monitor, but I've heard people say otherwise. I wonder. I guess it depends on which GPU is handling the video output.
  5. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    For the internal display, it's definitely the integrated Intel graphics. That's why g-sync is not an option for the internal display on any Optimus-enabled system.

    For most laptops that is probably also the case for external displays. Simple test: while not running any GPU-enabled apps, enable the external display. See if the discrete GPU turns on or not.
  6. Are you able to disable optimus? Force graphics to 970m?
  7. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    Even if you force rendering to the 970M, pushing pixels to the display is always done by the Intel graphics (at least for the internal display; for the external ones, it depends on the individual laptop design). Forcing the software state doesn't address hardware connections that don't exist.
  8. OP is asking about an external monitor. I don't think anyone is thinking about the internal display.
  9. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    I know, that's why I've provided info about external display in each post. Your post is why I clarified internal behavior for completeness. The test you propose is meaningless for the external display. If the external display is connected to the NV GPU, it will turn on automatically to drive the display (no enable/disable of Optimus/rendering needed). If it is connected to Intel graphics, forcing rendering to the NV GPU will not cause gsync to work.
  10. OP is asking about an external monitor connected via thunderbolt. Presumably it'd be a TB->DP connector hooked up to a g-sync monitor. I have no idea but that might work if you can ensure the iGPU is not driving anything.

    edit: think g-sync requires DP so removed HDMI
  11. KappaSh0t

    KappaSh0t Member

    You try always try using the NVIDIA Control Panel and set the multiple displays and dedicate the 1060 to run the external display.
  12. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    As I've been saying, this is not a software feature. In Optimus, there's a missing physical connection between the dGPU and the display output. No amount of clicking in the control panel will make those wires appear.
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  13. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    No. It is completely impossible. G-sync requires a direct connection to the GPU. No laptop with optimus can do it. They would need to have a MUX switch.
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