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New setup, core x chroma

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Powermix88, Jun 23, 2019.

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  1. Powermix88

    Powermix88 New Member

    Hey guys.
    I am new to this forum, but I think this should be the place to ask for some feedback :)
    I am looking to replace my desktop with an core x chroma ( moving my 2080 over from my desktop)
    to make this a more portable system.
    I have an Acer predator x34p ( 3440x1440p) monitor and I have an high end gaming desktop 9700k 2080RTX. but I am looking to go laptop for traveling etc.

    I am looking at an RB15 2070 to be the machine and off an core x chroma to connect everything.

    1: would an 2080 be able to push that monitor via the core x?
    2: I play a lot of EU4, Stellaris, wow, wows, wot, call of duty etc, some real cpu heavy games ( late game). is the 8570h ( i9 version ) good enough for this type of setup gaming.
    3: and is the blade stealth good enough for this setup ? or should I just stay with the blade 15 2070?

    yes I know price to performance is in the favour of the desktop. but I do really want a laptop to take on trips :)
    I am selling my desktop except the GPU any way :)

    thanks a lot for real answers :)
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    1. For resolution yes, but for refresh rate, since I’m not quite familiar with the titles, only one thing is sure TB3 bottleneck would be less on higher resolution. I’m using xc 2080 on my core V2 with Blade 15 2018 as the host. And I’ve predator xb1 1440p 144Hz and lg 4K, I can run both on Blade, but egpu is not as great as dgpu on high refresh rate.
    2. 8750H i7 btw, yes it should good enough for call of duty, didn’t play it anymore but was fine even with my old quadcore 7700HQ i7.
    3. About stealth pairing with egpu the bottleneck depends on model, 2019 8565U would be probably less bottleneck. But it’s all ultrabook ulv cpu, so peak frequency won’t same stable as gaming laptops H/HQ 45 watt cpu on “big” blade. And from my stealth (2016 v2 7500U) experience connecting with egpu will add more stress (temperature) to stealth unlike on Blade with dgpu (on egpu setting dgpu off, that make more cooling room inside) that sharing the temperature with enclosure. With Blade 15 my long session gaming cpu temperature is 70ish on stealth depends on titles it may on high 80ish or low 90ish, with cpu undervolting (without it it’ll throttle and ruins gaming experience due frames drop).
    Hope that help, If you’re aiming core x setting i would personally considering 2018 model on discount price, having 2070maxq with 2080 egpu setting I think you won’t feel any advantages on your monitor, maybe on 4K.
  3. Powermix88

    Powermix88 New Member

    Hello, thank you a lot for your time and answer.
    Here in Norway, the 19 model is almost at the same price as the 18 model, so no point going for the old one. Okai! I’ll stay away from the Stealth and go for the 15 if i am going for this setup.
    I do think the 2070maxq is to weak to drive this display over 100hz. So i was hoping the 2080 egpu could do the trick
  4. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    I have a Acer x34 monitor and have been using it for years. Ultra Wide is awesome isn't it?

    And so long as you're not looking to max out the fps and or are ok with high settings depending on the game, then I think you're gonna be happy. Having the convenience to plug in at home, but keep gaming when away from home will be a good setup.

    The 8750h and the 9750h are basically the same for gaming. On paper the 9750h should be quicker, but in practice it really isn't. Honestly the 8750h wins a good bit of the time. Not by much to really matter, but if you see a good discount on the 8750h RB 15 I would snatch it. No point paying more for nothing.

    Jarrod's Tech did an amazing video on the Blade Stealth 2019 with egpu performance. I'll link the video below. It is very capable especially at higher resolutions where the cpu is less of a factor. So you're 2080 with a core x and blade stealth would also be one cable. Plug it in and boom you're ready to go. I did have one for about a week and returned it for what I perceived to be coil whine. Since then they have released a bios update that should have fixed that. But, performance wise it was actually pretty good. I only played old games on it as the MX150 is honestly pretty weak. So if you want to game at all on the go the RB 15 is a much better choice.

    Or you can be a baller like me and grab a Blade Pro. :wink_:

  5. Powermix88

    Powermix88 New Member

    Thank you! ultrawide is awesome :) I sold my old one to go down to the normal 16:9 again, that lasted a whole 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and now I am back on the UW train :D
    I actually bought an RB15 2070 yesterday, should be here tomorrow. I went with the 8750 since they did not have the 9750 on stock ( price almost the same ). so I am gonna test it for a week and see if this is a computer I want to have :) hopfuly I do not get too much coil whine. do you have a core? and if you have, what kind of cpu are you using ? :)
  6. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    Once you go ultrawide it's hard to go back. The extra peripheral view is hard to top.
    You're not missing much with the 9750h. It does boost higher in my Blade Pro, but like I said in reviews I've seen the 8750h is basically the same.
    I can't speak about the RB 15 since I never had one. Doesn't seem coil-whine is as aggressive. My Blade Pro doesn't have it. So hopefully you have a good unit.
    I used to have the Core V2. I got rid of it a few months ago. Mostly because it was too loud for my liking. I have not decided if I want to get the Core X or not. I could replace the fan if it's too loud. From what I can tell the only card the would give me anything worth while performance wise would be the 2080 TI. My Blade is a 2080 Max-q with 9750h. Right now I'm waiting to see if the Nvidia Super release affects 2080 Ti pricing. Unlikely but I can dream. If not I'll be waiting for next gen to try an external GPU on my unit.
  7. Powermix88

    Powermix88 New Member

    a quick question again. if i connect RB15 to the core x Chroma. will the 100W power from the core be enough to keep the laptop with power? or do i need the power cord as well ?
  8. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    You'll need the power cord too. Only the Blade Stealth can be charged via thunderbolt 3.
  9. Powermix88

    Powermix88 New Member

    Thank you!
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