New update to XBox App Broke everything.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by JBerm03, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. JBerm03

    JBerm03 New Member

    Updated 'Razer Synapse for Xbox' app this morning.
    Going into the app says I need to download a NEW app called 'Razor Wolverine for Xbox'.

    Put that new app now requires a code! So all my setttings now got erased and now I am unable to change them back with either app. Now there are 2 apps for this controller, and neither can be accessed.

    Spent 20-30 minutes with Razor Support this morning, and of course at the end push me to deal with Microsoft.
    Spent 40-60 minutes with Xbox, and guess what.. they say it's on Razor's end.

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  2. LopsidedMinj

    LopsidedMinj New Member

    I just bought by new controller today and the app isn’t in the store anymore, hope this gets fixed soon
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  3. techBrassplane372

    techBrassplane372 New Member

    Me too. I can't download new app neither continue using old app
  4. mozz1712

    mozz1712 New Member

    i bought the controller today and i have the same problem
  5. mozz1712

    mozz1712 New Member

    anyone say when they fix this?because the controller is useless with out this app.there is another method for rimap the extra button?i have the tournament edition
  6. ikorolis

    ikorolis New Member

    same problem
    i have razer wolverine ultimate for xbox
    today have message to open synapse for xbox have update press download
    click to download redirect me app with name razer wolverine for xbox
    but nothing to download...
    what happens please fix
    this controller cost lot of money...
    you send us to buy new ms elite controller for xbox?
  7. same thing. bought my controller yesterday
  8. Cnatti17

    Cnatti17 New Member

    yeah noticed this problem today, tried to reinstall with no luck. It kept me on the last button mapping I used last for the game I played. So now im stuck to one game till this hopefully fixes. if not this was a lot of money gone to waste.
  9. countyrush633

    countyrush633 New Member

    Right, I've had my wolverine since March. Since then, sometimes when I plugged it in, it never powered up. Try a few times and eventually it would. Yesterday, it didn't power up at all, and still isn't. I'm hoping there is a a firmware update I've missed. Go to check that and (on xbox) and I'm getting the same as you guys - newer version available, link to click. click link and you need a code....BUT do it on your pc/laptop - search for Razer Wolverine for xbox (not Razer Synapse for Xbox) and download. Brilliant! Says connect your controller, so I do - - NOTHING!!! My controller is completely dead - I'm not happy
  10. countyrush633

    countyrush633 New Member

    Ok quick update - I figured out my problem, it was the shorter part of the quick release cable at fault. Razer are sending me a new one foc.

    In regards to the synapse app - so far, it can only be downloaded to your pc/laptop from what I can gather. Works fine, just like the old app on my laptop. I'm guessing there will be access via your xbox soon. Please note, its, "Razer Wolverine for xbox" you need to search for in the app store - "Razer Synapse for Xbox" is the older version that you'll already have installed

    Hope this helps, have a nice day
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