Newbie seeking (US & International) Keyboard Advice!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by MelonLove, Apr 14, 2016.


Which do you prefer for Everyday AND Gaming:

  1. BlackWidow Chroma

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  2. DeathStalker Chroma

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  1. MelonLove

    MelonLove New Member

    Yes, I know, this is not the "looking for" section on Craigslist, but it seemed fitting~

    I'm caught between two keyboards (BlackWidow Chroma and DeathStalker Chroma ). As much as I love slamming down on keys and getting an ear full, if I'm getting a keyboard, it'll be my one and only, which requires silence and stealth...
    Its day job will be translation work (because why translate if it's not on a rainbow keyboard?!). With this, I apparently can't get my cake and eat it too --- There's no BlackWidow Chroma *Stealth* with Nordic keys, which I require... Sooooo I'm left with DeathStalker Chroma - Nordic Layout.

    Now, I thought I'd been cornered into a choice, but I'm weary. Is it silent? Is it comfortable? Can I even get it shipped to the US (I've sent in a ticket for this... so far I don't see a bypass method)? Will it be good enough for my MMO's, FPS's, and general abuse?

    And so, I'm left with many-a doubts, and many questions.... Any Pro's? Con's? Ways others have managed to purchase and ship a non-US keyboard to the US?

    Szzankkk you for all input, product feedback, and such!
  2. blueExcess

    blueExcess New Member

    I purchased the Blackwidow Chroma from BestBuy just to try it out (they've got a great return policy). Personally, I liked the sound of it, but my wife HATED it, and it really did sound like a recording of a machine gun playing over TV speakers lol. See reviews on Amazon. One about waking sending deer scattering 3 counties away was particularly amusing. So I returned it and got the stealth version from the razer store (which was a good experience).

    I'm a programmer (in-training, technically) so I'm literally on that thing all day. While I prefer the feel of the clicky version to the stealth (slightly), it's still the best keyboard I've ever used. The only complaint I have is that about once an hour, you'll press a key and though it physically operates normally, it will spam the signal to your computer until you press another key. Particularly annoying when it's the delete key and you don't notice it right away... But the BlackWidow is the way to go by far.

    It may be useful for you to know that I also "borrowed" a few other top of the line mechanical keyboards (Logitech and Corsair chroma-like models) and Razer easily won out in value, performance and feel. Not even a contest, really. Aesthetics are better than the Logitech IMO, but I'd put it at a tie with the Corsair (however, it wasn't compatible with Mac, which is just lazy in 2016).

    Hope that helps a bit.
  3. If nordic is what you need, then sorry to say you might be SOL looking for a Blackwidow unless you can get in touch with someone at Razer or someone who already has a nordic one. If I recall correctly you used to be able to pick a layout at the selection screen but that's changed so I don't know anymore. As far as the quality of the Deathstalker, from what I've seen and heard it seems like a very likeable and comfortable keyboard with cool features, although the typing might not be as great as it is on a mechanical.

    Happy Gaming, brother!
  4. Comparant blackwidow vs deathstalker

    Verry manageable colors (per key)
    Has USB slot
    Has headlhone slot

    Flat keys:
    Limited chroma colors
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