Nommo Pro living room setup HELP!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by andain, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. andain

    andain New Member

    hi guys!

    If anyone can help me with a few questions, i would be very grateful.

    So first of all, my pc audio setup is my razer leviathan and it is enough for what i use it. Now i want to get the Nommo Pro for my living room TV setup. I have watched every review and read about everything there was (not a lot of stuff actually). So now i would like some answers from people that actually own the Nommo Pro.

    So my questions are as follows:

    - Are the cables long enough to have the drivers stand on both sides next to a 65" tv?

    - How much apart can the bass, both speakers and the pc be?

    - is the lack of a physical remote something i should be scared of, or are the usb hub + the app droid enough?

    - Is it actually worth getting the nommo pro for a living room setup (i can get the nommo for a much better price now), OR should i get say a samsung+harman kardon based soundbar with a bass

    The speakers in the living room would serve mostly for tv watching (a lot of movies) and maybe some playstation now and then. I find them very sleek so i would love to have the nommo if they are worth getting.

    Thank you guys for the help! much appreciated, J.
  2. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    It's around 1,5 meter long.
    It depends on lengh of cable you use but i dont remember exact number something around 3 or 5 meter you lose quality in audio signal.
    Physical remote is but wire to bass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On app you have the same fetures like on controlpod and fre more like setting chroma lightning.
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  3. BaudModem

    BaudModem New Member

    The Nommo Pro's will destroy anything you mentioned in sound quality and performance, but the lack of cable length may be an issue; they're roughly 6 feet or so from satellite to bass unit (subwoofer) - that being said, why on earth take them to the living room and not have the leviathan be dedicated to there as such, and the Nommo Pro's be use in their reference-grade near-field setup as intended?

    Either way, get the Nommo Pro's, and I'd personally and *HIGHLY* suggest using them for your PC and dedicating the Leviathan's for living room use, kind of like it was intended for both products.
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  4. andain

    andain New Member

    Thanks for the replies, but in the past 10 days of reading, searching and asking on various forums, i have come to the conclusion that the samsung/harman soundbar should be superior for my needs. From the wireles woofer, to the (apparently) very good sound for music, movies and games even at low volumes!
    In regards to the leviathan.. I have tried it with my tv a few days ago and the sound is bad. The woofer itself is powerful, but the soundbar just doesnt give the clarity i need for my everyday usage, NOT TO MENTION the auto shutdown after 30mins of inactivity. The leviathan is good as a pc speaker as you have it close enough to hear it clearly (even then the sound quality isn't that good, but i've bought it cheap 3 years ago, so i'm happy), But If you're like ~3 meters away the sound quality degrades drasticaly :)
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