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Discussion in 'Systems' started by robned, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. robned

    robned New Member


    I was super happy to see Razer stepping up and taking the transatlantic plunge for Razer Laptops!

    However... I'm very sad to see that the Razer Blade (Gtx 1060) or Stealth lacks NORDIC Keyboard in the unveiling live today.

    So - to put it blunt. Will Razer release a NORDIC keyboard on the Razer Blade and Razer Blade Stealth? I need two laptops within a month to replace some Vaio Pro Premium laptops. I hope you keep up the option that you had for the older gtx970...

    Please say yes!

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  2. apaulsson_no_id

    apaulsson_no_id New Member

    I hope so too.. However, Apple's event is only one week away, so atleast we don't have to wait too long for a new cool laptop with nordic keyboard layout..
  3. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Will probably have to get the UK layout and put stickers on for ØÅÆ
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  4. robned

    robned New Member

    Sorry - but you haven't looked at the UK keyboard next to the Nordic. Several keys are in different locations. Does not compute for a programmer. If it was only the missing ØÅÆ printed on they key - I could live with it. But it's not.
  5. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member



    Could use UK as primary with ØÅÆ assigned as additional characters where they are supposed to be on the Nordic Keyboard.
  6. apaulsson_no_id

    apaulsson_no_id New Member

    Getting it nordic ready should be very easy, the physical layout is the same as the UK/DE/FR keyboard. For those of us who really want it fast, we could put new stickers on the keys that are different, and to be honest, it's not that often you look at the keys anyways =)
  7. robned

    robned New Member

    Sorry guys - but when you pay this kind of money for a premium computer - you expect a keyboard that goes with it. Stickers and all. It's not about the typical 3 letters in the alphabet - its all the extra ones I don't use as frequently that I want mapped correctly and lit up. I'm an extremely fast typist - but not with the special characters. Not even the internet alpha is in the right place. Sure - I can remap everything - put 10 stickers on the keyboard and it looks like a green little alien from Mars .

    Question still remains: WILL RAZER DELIVER A NORDIC KEYBOARD or do I have too look elsewhere for my two new laptops?

    All the specs are perfect - but it would be a great disappointment in line with the Microsoft Surface Book I looked at previously but discarded. The 970M version of Razer Blade has Nordic, so I expected nothing less, but to my great disappointment at today's unvealing - there was only UK / FR and DE...

    So - question remains open - Nordic??
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  8. I think a reason for not releasing it at the same time in the Nordics is to see the demand and see if they even can keep up with the demand from the larger european countries, but im just as sad as everyone else there wasn't a stealth with nordic layout :/
  9. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    Those saying to just get the UK layout and put stickers on your €2000 aren't taking into account that

    1. It's an expensive piece of kit and it should have a matching keyboard
    2. It wouldn't light up properly on the stickered keys and would look cheap
    3. Haven't programmed on a keyboard that isn't correct
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  10. robned

    robned New Member

    QyuBurt - I couldn't agree more with you! I do hope the Razer Blade is coming soon on the Nordic market and that they don't bummer this out like Microsoft did with their Microsoft Book, not to mention XBox One that took ages...

    But you stand corrected - I'm looking at the €3000 version..:wink_:

    The first thing I always do is peel off any Microsoft, nVidia or Intel Inside stickers.
    The last thing I want to do is glue stickers on...!:mad_::confused_:o_O
  11. Lyngbach

    Lyngbach New Member

    According to their press release for the New Razer Blade they stated that it would ship world wide in november.
    Now its december and still no news..
    Still hoping WHEN it goes world live it will come with a nordic option.. so naiv..! :)
  12. robned

    robned New Member

    I hope as well that they do deliver. Worldwide is a bit "questionable". You can have it worldwide - but you'll have to add stickers... which is totally NOT Worldwide.

    Funny thing is that the previous New Razer Blade (AKA 2016 Version 1 with 970 grafix as opposed to New Razer Blade Version 2 with 1060 we all want) had ONLY US and Nordic. No Engrish, Francais or Deutsch. Razer saw the potential in UK, FR and DE for their European launch and probably scrapped Nordic for the (initial phase?) and focused on main Europe, calling it WorldWide. Now even Aussies get their share of Razer I've heard in a press-release. I hope they do deliver a Nordic soon as we are tech and game hungry part of the "World Wide"-thingy.

    I'm in a hunt for two filthy expensive laptops with all the bells and whistles!

    Looking elsewhere is painful as they all lack connectivity or carry heavy weight. Looking at MacBroke Pro with its fabulous LCD slider makes me need to Suck my Diazepam pills early so I don't start twerking.

    Tic Tac - hardware is not getting any younger in a laptop and neither am I.

    My money is on the table - Give it to me!

    I'm not sure a petition would work... but keep the thread alive and someone might eventually react :rolleyes:
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  13. MoRT489

    MoRT489 New Member

    I hope they can make a Russian keyboard soon too, but what are the chances of it being available in the UK o_O
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