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Nostromo vs Tartarus V2

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by soloRichElectricBluex671, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. I have a Nostromo keypad which has served me well for years.

    Is it worth upgrading to a Tartarus V2?
    dos the Tartarus V2 have any benefits Nostromo over the other than an extra 5 keys?
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  2. Nostromo was a solid device. Tartarus is a weak device, often failing soon after month.
    So no recommendation.
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  3. Emminent

    Emminent New Member

    im having nothing but problems with mine in terms of it depending on synapse 3 which keeps bugging out and disconnecting so i wouldnt recommend.
  4. MaximusRex

    MaximusRex New Member

    Unless you have a problem with your Nostromo or you really are hurting for those extra 5 keys, I would say reliance on Synapse 3 plus lack of internal memory to flash your configuration to so it still freaking works right when Synapse is being a pain make it inferior in some ways.
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