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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    Yes. They are not being as transparent as they should be. They need to step up and fix the issue. I'm not sure why they are trying to sweep this under the rug. If they owned up, replaced the Gen 1 with the Gen 2 version (1.04), their rep would be back. But, it's been a complete shit show the way they are handling it. I was told to send mine back to the reseller. The only options I have is to get my money back or another 1st gen controller, which WILL have the same issue.

    Not sure if Razer is doing this to try to sweep it under the rug to please investors or what. But, in the long run, this will hurt them more than just admitting it's an issue. It's obvious it isn't a software issue since blowing air in the sticks will fix the issue for a few hours. It's a hardware issue. They aren't talking about the new 1.04 that much. Just that it's a new manufacturing process. That means the gen 1 controllers are plainly defective. I asked if I could RMA or just order a new one from the store and I was told there is no guarantee the 1.04 version. My question is, why on Earth would they sell the older versions knowing that they don't work?

    This how mess is crazy as hell.
  2. Rahai

    Rahai New Member

    This firmware is still broken. I get stick drift wired. What happened to the new batch of 1.04 controllers?
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  3. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    They don't really talk about them. Since it requires a new manufacuting process, that would mean they would have to replace your controller to actually fix it. 1.04 doesn't fix the issue, it's the change in the controller, which they want come out and say. It's sad.

    Check out Astro C40. It's coming out in March. I really like Razer's products, but I'm done with them due to the poor way of them handeling this situatiuon. Bad customer service doesn't even start to cover it. At least with companies AT&T, you'll eventually get some sort of solution.
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  4. techCORAL138

    techCORAL138 New Member

    I got one, as the CS agent confirmed I will 100% sure get one

  5. whadafock

    whadafock New Member

    1.03 doesn't really work for me. now I am turning left way faster than I am turning right in battlefield.....
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  6. techCORAL138

    techCORAL138 New Member

    Mu first Raiju TE had similar issues, the left stick had to the left a HUGE dead zone, and it was in the neutral position drifting to the right. The second one had the same with the right stick. Now, the new one, 1.04 doesnt still have any issues
  7. req0power

    req0power New Member

    This piece of garbage is not working as supossed to after several updates. Razer is not answering to my emails. In my opinion people should to something about it. I recorded a short video providing the both stick issue. The funniest thing is that this is my 4th replacement... Still impossible to play the games with it.
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  8. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Sorry you're still having problems @OrchidbizRUBY943 can you tell me if your Raiju is on 1.04?
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  9. NooVc

    NooVc New Member

    Hello everyone, I am from Taiwan, my English is not good, I can only use GOOGLE translation. My RAZER RAIJU TE has stick drift, version 1.03. RAZER's service in Taiwan is not so complete, so I need assistance. I know I can't get RMA, so I need v1.04 update to update my RAZER RAIJU TE
  10. req0power

    req0power New Member

    I updated it after your posted about update so it is 1.03. This update make things worse than before. Yesterday I opened new case about my RMA. Hope that you will make things better with new unit.
  11. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    I've been waiting to hear back from Tier 2 support for several days. Something like this shouldn't take so long.
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  12. kl0v39s0v0

    kl0v39s0v0 New Member

    Where did you get it tho? I cant find it anywhere else.
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  13. ASsassIN_sb

    ASsassIN_sb New Member

    I bought the ultimate raiju in poland, after returning to the shop for a complaint 3 weeks later I got information from the controller is not repairable and there will be money back!
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  14. luckyman8866

    luckyman8866 New Member

    you guys still sell the Raiju Ultimate if yes where do I buy it
  15. Pilk3105

    Pilk3105 New Member

    still waiting for answers from multiple support requests. they wont even release newer firmware to the public and direct requests go unanswered.
  16. worldinteractive250

    worldinteractive250 New Member

    The same problem /:

    Updated a Faile not fix
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  17. req0power

    req0power New Member

    I received the new controller with v 1.4. Wired is much better than curious what with controllers before 1.4. Probably they cannot be fixed...

    Unfortunately Bluetooth connection remains unusable in fps and games like rocket league because of input lag. Anyway glad that they provide me 4th or 5th replacement. Maybe one day it can work like ds
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  18. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    Not for me. My new Raiju (v1.04) is better than the my previous unit. It does, however, still not work correctly. The stick response seems to be all over the place, both in wired and wireless mode. It is virtually unusable playing Overwatch.
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  19. soloUmberRUBY913

    soloUmberRUBY913 New Member

    ผมใช้Razer wolverine ultimateตัวนี้ แต่ผมซื้อ razer laiju ultiimate มาเล่นเกม Modern Combat Versusใช้งานไม่ได้ แต่ Razer wolverine ultimate เล่นได้ครับ มันเกิดข้อผิดพลาดตรงไหนครับ
  20. My language is not English so I apologize in advance.

    I'll try to describe something extremely weird that happened to my Raiju ULTIMATE firmware 1.03 (so the very first batch).

    IMPORTANT NOTE 1: I still do not suggest to BUY this product which is completely faulty. In fact, I've already found a replacement in nacon e soon I'll buy from Astro.

    IMPORTANT NOTE 2: I did this because I intended to trash my Raiju Ultimate!!!!
    I do not suggest to disassemble your controller and I decline every responsibilities on what could be possibily happen!

    IMPORTANT NOTE 3: Due to erratic behavior of this product: this can be ONLY a fluke. And I dont have an explaination for this.

    I ripped apart to every single piece my controller, I polished every single screw and pcb and connector. I inverted the thumbsticks (the half dome metal part).

    Finally...I assembled everything, carefully putting every piece at place.

    Result: playing 6 hours NO STOP Division 2/Anthem no problems AT ALL. I'm sure that is playable because Division 2 has ingame configurable dead zone, and I did many try.

    Before this, every game where unplayable: heavy left stick drift to right and occasional LAG occurring on right thumbstick. Wired and wireless.

    I do not have time to make video nor screenshots, so stick to this easy brief guide:

    - in the back of controller there are two screws hidden by SN label. Remove those.
    - other six screws are on both sides: gently REMOVE with pressure the back-lateral soft plastic black band (the one tessellated).
    - you can access inside and you'll find 8 other little screws in the PCB. Remove them.

    It's very easy and intuitive. Hope this help.
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