Note regarding the Razer Raiju Ultimate and Tournament Edition

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. sezinlynn

    sezinlynn New Member

    I had TE and it has input lag issue, as well as left stick drift, I contacted service centre in Singapore and got a replacement set. Unfortunately, the replacement set is faulty and having same issues as well. I emailed them again and they asked me to contact the shop that I have bought from. Finally I managed to get full refund.
  2. ybaga84

    ybaga84 New Member

    The 1.04 version still has a wireless delay.
    It is sad that such expensive controllers still have to be wired. I don't know when I'm going to release the perfect firmware.
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  3. req0power

    req0power New Member

    I won't use it wired too when playing dark Souls...
  4. JMedawar

    JMedawar New Member

    I managed to capture on camera the Stick Drift problem that razer is overlooking, i think that everyone can agree with me that a controller this faulty is unusable. Obs: i am using the firmware v1.03(that they are saying that solved the problem) and WIRED to my ps4.

  5. Yuluga_Reyens

    Yuluga_Reyens New Member

    Beware of ASTRO Gaming C40 TR, it has the same Razer drift problems, it also does not work on the PC! Among other problems! is full of bad reviews of the product! At least the Razer know that with the 1.03 and electric spray solves their problems.
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  6. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I've been using the C40 for 3 weeks and have not had a single problem or performance issue. My Razer Raiju was UNUSABLE from day one.
  7. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    Just to share another story here: I have one new Razer Raiju Ultimate with 1.04 and had - for months - a first batch with 1.03 and I am very satisfied with both of them.

    I have had lag with the first batch before updating to 1.03, but afterwards, it was all fine for me.

    The hardware is awesome and I enjoy this controller a lot.

    I can confirm a small drift of the right stick, if you remove the deadzone at all and increase the sensitivity to a high value, but that's something I saw on the original Sony, Nacon and Scuf too with those extrem settings.

    I am very satisfied and since the Razer's have four extra buttons, I will take them over the Astro, which I expect to be good too.

    And for all the people having problems here and on Amazon: You are a pretty small number compared to the sold items. It's only a few dozen people here and there. If they sold like 1000, it's like 0.5% of all consumers.

    Way to go and improve, Razer, but no reason to talk about a "serious" problem and "it's all shit and broken".

    Stay reasonable and I love my Razer!

    Thank you!
  8. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I did like that Raiju had 4 extra buttons instead of the C40's 2. But, unfortunately, I must have been one of those few unlucky folks who could never get the Raiju to work properly.
  9. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    @MrBunny420: Can you detail any further what you mean "never work properly"?
  10. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I purchased two separate Raiju TE. The first one came with v1.1 firmware installed, and I updated to v1.3. Even after the upgrade I experienced what I thought was input lag and stick drift, on both wired and wireless connections. Games were not playable due to the controller being so erratic. I returned it.

    I then bought another Raiju TE which came with the v1.4 firmware installed. The controller seemed more stable however there was a distinct difference on what I was doing on controller and what was happening on the screen. The movement was incredibly erratic, and jumped around in a non-linear fashion. I keep switching between my DualShocks, SCUFs, and the Raiju to make sure it wasn't me. The Raiju just did not work properly. This again happened in both wired and wireless mode. I returned it, and bought an Astro.
  11. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    That sucks, lucky me, mine is fine.

    Are you happy with the Astro? I really thought about getting one, but there is that „only two buttons“ thing. Otherwise I expect it to be a pretty good controller.

    And since you have that much experience, how can you compare Astro and Razer to Scuf?
  12. req0power

    req0power New Member

    New Nacon came out. Let's see what they did! Razer doesn't give a s.. about their controllers and clients.
  13. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I love the C40, but I'll tell you that if the Raiju had worked for me, I would have never bought it. I loved the build quality, features, and feel of the Raiju. It just had too many problems for me.

    I really did like the Raiju's extra buttons. I wish the C40 had them.

    Both the C40 and the Raiju are light years ahead of the SCUF in terms of build quality. They both make the SCUF feel cheap. I had a problem with the SCUF paddles breaking a lot, and having to replace them. I like that I won't have that problem with C40. I liked the same thing about Raiju.
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  14. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    can u do this test and post some photos of it here?

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  15. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    Will do, and if this is the result, I stand corrected and sell my Raijus instantly. :-(
  16. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    that was the v1.00 propably, the v1.04 does much better but still the lines arent straight and the 2 analog sticks have different outputs as well compared to each other. also till now 4 raiju ultimates have had 4 completely different outputs, when u do it u will see how "accurate" the controller is
  17. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Good thing you have the astro c40 right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ? ;-)
  18. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    lmao not yet, Astro hasnt announced a release date for Europe
  19. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    Did it and this is the result. Both sticks are the same:


    Im comparison, my original PS4-Controller:

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  20. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    See what i was talking about? Imagine that for me and some others the left stick and the right stick had different results but both had a terrible output so that should tell u something about their overall quality. The people who claim the controller works fine, if they do that test they will get similar results but somehow they cant feel the difference in game. I think anyone wanting to pay that much money for an elite controller should have a high enough game sense to realise the controller isnt working as intended, its not accurate at all even when it doesnt stick drift and the deadzones are way off.

    There is another test u perform on Windows or Linux, somewhere in the control panel, if u see the results there ur gonna wish u never bought that thing, i sure did. Got my refund tho and now im waiting on where to spend it. Astro is taking their sweet time with the C40 tho.
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