Note regarding the Razer Raiju Ultimate and Tournament Edition

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    Weird though. My controller does work fine despite the test. I respect your opinion, But i'm beginning to think that you are just here to bash on this controller. You have your refund, and are waiting for the astro c40. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the raiju ultimate. So did I, But I kept rma-ing it untill I got a working unit. Im sure not everybody wants to do that, but please respect the people that do. ;-). I wish you all the best with your astro c40 controller. Hope you can enjoy it soon my friend :).
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  2. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    Sorry to say this but i think you dont realise that its not working fine. The test is there, there is nothing more valid and legit to prove that your controller isnt working right tbh. Some people had the v1.00 and said that it was working fine even when wireless, did they get a working unit? No, they just couldnt realise it. Depends on the game sense and muscle memory each person has, the type of game you play, how long you have been playing those types of games etc. Im not here to bash anything, seems to me that you dont want to hear the truth about the controller and the simple truth is that Razer doesnt really care about this product. You told me that you cant get a refund because u got it from the Razer store. I understand that it might be like pouring salt in the wound for you because you cant do anything about it right now but pray they fix it but if someone who has recently bought it can get his money back, why wouldnt u want him/her to do it?
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  3. bl4ckb0l7

    bl4ckb0l7 New Member

    Are there any tests like this for other manufacturers?

    How do you know, this test is accurate or there is a practical relevance in it's results?
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  4. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    In that video there is also a test for the Nacon Rev Pro and a couple people have sent their pics in a reddit thread about the Astro C40 and it was the same as the DS4, the Nacon was looking more like a polygon. I dont have the Astro C40 yet but i have the rest of them, DS4 was fine, Nacon was a polygon, Ultimate was horrendous.

    As for the 2nd question, if you go to a mechanic and he does the balance test for your car and the results are that your car inclines to go to the right and needs balancing, would u ask the same question? "How do you know, this test is accurate or there is a practical relevance in it's results?". Its accurate, you press something, the input is your hand, so you know what ur doing and the output is what you see on your screen. When the Astro C40 is ok, the Nacon Rev Pro is ok, the original DS4 is ok, the original Razer Raiju is ok but the Ultimate and Tournament arent, you think there's something wrong with the test? You do the movement, the software in the controller's processor translates that movement into data, the results are like the graph of a equasion in the double axis, the output of the whole driver for the sticks is a certain point and that output is renewed multiple times per tenths of a second. Lets say you move ur curson 1mm upwards, the driver will translate it into this: 0.0 , 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 etc but obviously the output isnt an integer. Thats all it is.

    Im a programmer and i have written lots of drivers for lots of hardware. All the test does is "print" those numbers out for you. I used to believe it was a bad driver. Now im not sure anymore, it seemed impossible for me to believe that it was a bad hardware part cuz they got through this process with the first Raiju Ultimate and in the end it was working fine so they should have experience in creating them, but at this point i dont know whats the problem, all i know is that they replaced the hardware in v1.04 and its still not working correctly, then they released another firmware update, v1.05 so in all honesty, i think this is a huge mess. I have come across this before, a company creating a good product after many many adjustments and in the next product trying to make the manufacturing cheaper so they get more profit but i didnt want to believe that Razer would do this. Now i dont really see any other explanation out there.

    I understand that 200 euro is a lot of money and we dont like to hear that it wasnt wisely spent but in this case there is proof of the controller not being ok. Also i dont know what else to tell you, from the moment i got my first v1.04 in my hands i wrote time and time again that something is off, it isnt accurate, you cant microadjust, the deadzones are off etc. If you search my posts u will see it and it was LONG before i saw of this test. I got 3 v1.04 controllers in my hands and ALL of them were the same. I was reading of people who were saying their controller was fine, getting 3 controllers in a row that were bad wouldnt be possible if the majority of their controllers were ok, it seemed odd to me. I saw few people like me saying it didnt work well and they had the same feeling i had.

    Then people pointed out that there's a test out there that showcases the output of your controller. I tried it and it proved exactly what i was saying, the controller is off. And everyone who was saying that their controller works fine when they are asked to showcase it with the test, they get negative results. The only thing that this proves is that many people cant understand that it doesnt work correctly. Instead of trying to protect or justify this controller, protect your pocket. I bought it here for 230 euro and its working way worse than the 50 euro DS4.

    The only thing this test isnt accurate for is the ammount of drifting the controller does. It narrows the output into a certain triangle or polygon. There is another test which is like a 2D cursor with real time movement and there the Nacon Rev Pro doesnt do so well and the Ultimate and Tournament are horrible. Im gonna find that other test and send it to you in a moment

    This is the test:

    If you want to do it in Windows then im gonna copy paste a comment from that video: Go in Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers. Right click on the controller and open "Game controller settings". On the "Game Controllers" window just opened open "Properties" and you'll then have a window with a similar application you see in this video.

    You can see the results of the Nacon Rev Pro using a polygon actually translate poorly compared to a rhombus and this is why most use a driver like that. I did that test too. The DS4 was ok, the Nacon was bad, the Ultimate was abysmal.
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  5. BoreClear

    BoreClear Member

    Got to pull me away from my PC before I buy one of these lol. Maybe when the next Good of War comes out.
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