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Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by byteJASPERWeldonBlue249, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. Overwatch chroma integration hasnt worked for me for a long time and when it did work, it worked for a couple weeks, then it was broken again with the next SDK update. the whole reason i bought the black widow chroma keyboard was for OW, and it has been so broken for many people for a long time, with no feedback from support at all for a long time and no fix, and now today overwatch wont even start so hit up the blizzard forums only to find its , what do you know, razor SDK preventing the game from launching. i delete all things razor and the game works now.

    TLDR: a very frustrated razor customer, regretting spending a ton on this keyboard for a feature that doesnt even work anymore, no feedback on the forums from devs, and having to delete all razor software (the reason i bought this keyboard and mouse and headset) just to be able to play my favourite game.

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  2. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    I'm really sorry to hear about all your frustrations using the Blackwidow keyboard with Overwatch. I'm an OW player, too, and I have an Ornata Chroma keyboard and the Chroma Apps lighting works just fine with the game. The only advise I could give you is to try and delete all remaining Razer folders in your computer (if there's any).

    1. Delete all Razer folders you can find in C:\Program Files(x86) and C:\ProgramData\. The ProgramData folder is set to hidden by default so you might need to change the folder option first.
    2. Open the Device Manager and look for the drivers for all of your Razer devices. Uninstall all of the drivers you can find for the Razer devices and make sure to select the option to delete the drivers as well. Restart the computer again.
    3. Temporarily turn off the Windows Firewall and anti-virus program.
    Download and install the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework (4.5 and above) at
    4. Download the installer for Synapse here:,343,239
    5. Sign in with your account and wait for the updates to finish. Proceed with the restart after the update.

    Try running Overwatch again after completing the steps above. If you encounter the same problem or if you've already done this before and still doesn't work, I'd advise contacting Razer Support through Synapse and wait for a reply from one of the Tech Support staff.
  3. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    I say again the chroma developers themselves told us here in a thread that the OW integration is not quite done and fully working, so it is experiencing some problems with the lights. Though if you check some of the vids on youtube about it, it seems great but in reality isn't quite that, most of the people get it working but it's not a big deal of lights since they take place only when a match is started and then following the hero colors and effects eventually. So it is true to say that it's a pretty poor integration so far but we have some hopes and promises that it will be made better. And it's spelled RAZER not razor, perhaps that's why it won't work for you, might check that out lol.
  4. vedfx

    vedfx New Member

    So let me get this straight; you're saying that those of us who bought many of these fairly expensive products specifically for chroma integration, as advertised shouldn't care because, in your personal opinion, the effects aren't that great? I don't care whether or not it's Blizzard's fault; if Razer is going to develop this functionality and then use it to sell products, it's Razer's responsibility to ensure those products function the way they advertise them to.

    I didn't pay all this money for all these peripherals so I could get the "hopes and promises" of an exceptionally incompetent development team for whom this has been a near constant issue, I paid for the gear with the understanding that the products will function the way they're advertised to, which is hardly an unrealistic expectation.
  5. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    There's no need to be that harsh, the integration is pretty much working the same for everyone, i said it's pretty poor in my opinion, not in general. You can check it on youtube and see how it's suppose to be, if it's not. But there are some delays, which consists in the either of gears or the software. The thing is that from what i've seen, chroma acts different on various types of pc's, it's a big part up to them, so there may be users who get problems with it and others who don't. You can't say they are an incompetent developer team, their service mainly works, if you get some bugs you can try and fix them with some knowledge, nothing is perfect.
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