Offlane enchanteress best girl

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by TunaCookie, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. TunaCookie

    TunaCookie New Member

    One of the best offlaners if the enemy doesnt have juggernaut or phantom assasin. its so stupidly good early game that it can just bully everyone early game. Even against a tri lane you can win. I have no idea why don’t more people use it.
    The fact that you can control the big creep camp for 80 seconds at level 1 just bullies everyone in the lane. I mean who can fight that thing at level 1 with no boots?
    You just get outzoned. Make a hood of defiance on that deer and you will be a legit tank that can rush foward with no worries and even heal your teammates by standing beside them without worrying of yourself gettig nuked. Try it. Its fun.
    If the enemy support tries to outzone you just hit em back your base damage is hella high and they have slow attackspeed. I play in 6.1k solo average so yea i think its pretty legit. I want to see more offlane enchanteresses
    Ps: take note not to get too cocky. She falls off real hard as the game goes on so take things slow go for objectives and dont feed.
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  2. crazymonkj

    crazymonkj New Member

    ez counter cm baby!!!
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  3. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Enchantress is good pick for offlane, but in my opinion far from best. She is kind a squishy without items, so she can be nuked down if she is faced a trilane with high damage spells.
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  4. Farees_Raza

    Farees_Raza New Member

    It might be too much for people below your mmr to be able to micro as well as you do.
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