"On Key Press" is resetting the wave effect.

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Toothbruush, Sep 14, 2015.

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    So i'll do my best to explain this but if anyone DOES NOT for some reason understand me, I WILL TRY to re-explain it once more.

    PROBLEM: So I had a "Knight Rider" theme see video:

    Notice that at 1:22 he says that once you push an "On key press button" the wave effect is suppose to start and at 1:24 he says "It's a non ending key press, so you can push the buttons all you want and it's not going to interrupt it". Recently I wanted to use my "knight rider" profile again and i noticed something odd. When I had gone to press one of the "On key press" buttons a second time after pressing it once to initiate the wave it resets the wave effect back to it's original position causing the whole effect of "knight rider" to go wrong. [Essentially if you keep pressing any of those "on key buttons" constantly and spamming that button that wave effect isn't going anywhere and it'll stay on it's starting position when technically it's suppose to ignore that and continue it's wave pattern.]

    Anybody understand?

    Reason why i'm creating this thread is that i want to see if i'm the only one experiencing this or if it has something to do with the latest razer synapse update. SO blackwidow chroma owners if you could try this exact theme or effect or whatever you wanna call it and let me know if it happens to you i would be relieved that it's not just happening to me. P.S I know this is not meant to be as i've had this knight rider theme working in the past and it never got interrupted upon a 2nd push of those "on key press buttons"

    Thanks dudes! (other than that keyboard works fine, it's just THIS effect and "On key press" seems to only happen with the wave effect though nothing else.)
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