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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. wushuguy

    wushuguy New Member

    For me, it was the moment I first turned on my laptop. I had been using low-tier laptops and was never able to run any games that I wanted to. But after I got married, I decided to upgrade to my dream laptop and was stunned at the difference. Worthy of 1 million fans for sure. Congrats on the achievement and helping people like myself to achieving their dreams!
  2. Semiazas

    Semiazas New Member

    I started gaming on coin operated arcade machines. I can't say for certain because I was around 10 or so, but I walked into a filling station near where we lived and saw Space Invaders. One dollar later, four silver tokens begrudgingly parceled out by my mom, and I was hooked. Then a few months later my dad brought home a Magnavox Odyssey². After he got tired of playing its version of one-on-one basketball I got my hands on the controller and there was no looking back. I misspent my youth, and a whole lot of cash, in a variety of arcades over the next couple of decades. With the advent of PC gaming I got hooked on first-person shooters bad. Of course I played Quake, Unreal Tournament, and so forth, but I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Tribes and Tribes 2. I seriously used to dream Tribes-2 dreams, I loved that game so much. Looking for a competitive edge I was an early adopter of the Razer Boomslang, literally. I read, I think it was a post from Min-Liang Tan, about it on a gaming forum somewhere (HardOCP?) and signed up. I still have it in its collector's tin. Using the Razer Naga I solo'd Clarence the Mechateddy during the Champions Online first holiday event (which meant I got the ultra-rare drop almost every time, much to the displeasure of other heroes *snicker*). I needed ALL of the buttons to juggle all the abilities necessary to make it possible. So thanks for producing such a beast, it simply wouldn't have worked otherwise, at least not without a third hand. It's safe to say Razer had a significant impact on my gaming history. From the moment it started up to today. I seriously LUSTED after the concept Razer laptop with integrated 'optimus maximus' keyboard. But who didn't?
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  3. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    When I got my 1st Arctosa Keyboard black on black, which I use at the moment, but it's finally breaking down.

    Razer make a good keyboard again once in a while, with standalone media and macro buttons, make Razer great again :heart:. or this again pretty pwwiisisisis :heart:
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  4. Thanatosv1

    Thanatosv1 New Member

    Razer got me back to my own self ,i was a former US Army Active duty , im medical retired. I was deployed to afghanistan and i saw things due to that i have PTSD and some injuries , i lost interest in everything , my wife was reading that razer is the best on gaming devices , she bought me a blackwidow keyboard and the feeling of the keyboard was amazing nothing i felt before,bringing me back to gaming. thanks razer for make me feel alive again.
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  5. When you're a young teenager, being a "gamer" is just not the case, cause everyone plays a bunch of games in that age… I think i realized that pc games mean something to me, when i spent significant amount of money I've made on summer job for gaming gear such as better gpu, better monitor, razer mouse and razer keyboard… Spending someone elses money is always easier. Now i am not only gamer, but also university student, which means low budget on everything and that old razer mice still serves me well as a laptop mice, so i will never regret my razer purchases..
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  6. Krasus_the_RAZER

    Krasus_the_RAZER New Member

    The best gaming moment for me was a reaching the diamond rank in Heroes of the Storm :D
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  7. I'm not much of a gamer but my best moment was when i replaced my corsair k70 mk2 for hunstman elite . The feel of the keyboard is heaven. I should have bought a Razer keyboard from the get go. It's smooth like butter and there is less tiring from typing, my gaming is software development so the less strain i have on my wrists and fingers It's heaven for me.
  8. Wizardofth3moon

    Wizardofth3moon New Member

    My first experience with Razer was my Razer tarturus I bought to play wow cuz I needed something that more comfortably fit my big hand and hit all those abilities back in MoP. Shortly after I bought my naga 2014 edition and have been in love with Razer products. Everything from ergonomics to astetics. Just recently bought my Razer phone 2 and so far I loved everything about it and also got my hands on a Razer blade 2016 15 inch. This thing surprises me everyday on how well it preforms. I've tried corsair, Logitech, etc. Nothing has campared in my eyes and the fact that it took this long to get 1 million fans really surprises me. I've been a gamer since I was 5 years old when I got my first Gameboy color and Pokemon red and I've been hooked ever since. I would have never thought gaming would have taken off the way it day and I'm grateful to be a part of a community like this. We yell at each other and fight over the mic but at the end of the day we're all gamers and the reason to get so angry is because we are so passionate. Still to this day some gaming trailers give me hype tears lol But great job Razer and congrats on one million. Heres to 10 million more.
  9. Mclarenking25

    Mclarenking25 New Member

    All my first in the pc gaming world were razer products back when I was rocking a gtx 270. They lasted me forever and I finally got to upgrade to the huntsman elite. Id love a dark side of razer shirt being a massive pink floyd fan for my whole life
  10. bestBonesource948

    bestBonesource948 New Member

    I am a huge fan of RAZER ❤️❤️
  11. Aakif.Razer.Chong

    Aakif.Razer.Chong New Member

    My current best gaming moment was putting on the Nari Ultimate on God of War.. the moment I charge the Axe with the Hypersense kicked in, gave me a chilling goosebump.. That's a new dimension in gaming, without doubt. Defintely pushing the limits in gaming industry. Thanks Razer. #Hypersense is the beginning of immersive gaming experience.
  12. McSqueeze

    McSqueeze New Member

    My best gaming moment was probably fresh out of military tech school, and a new friend invited me over to play games with a bunch of his friends. Well later on that night they wanted to 4v1 me in halo 2 for a bet. Well, I went something like 25 to 3. It felt good and got 80 bucks in the process, and he broke his controller. Go me.
  13. hey so my best gaming moments was on 2008 i ws on middle school a was in love with cs 1.6 so
    i began to make competitiff match on lan with some friends and a the beggening there was a lot of people good then me so i decided to start learning more and more and then i juste pased over them and we diden't lose any match from that moment i were alwayse ther fiste on the scoree with 23 kill and 4 deth so i maked a name where we played the tournement it was a cyber kalled elys ... but fe years frome that all peapole stopped cs 1.6 and change for league of legend and juste after for cs go it was a desception and the cyber closed his door and that's it i hope i can make it again and play some more lans
    thes ar some videos of me on cs go with bad fps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol anjoy it :
  14. Recently joined my gamer husband and son... Still new to the game world... But they help me get around... So now we are a gaming family. So proud recently got this awesome outcome in a online battle in World Of Tanks. It may not seem like much for all the professional gamers out there... But I think I did pretty good... Fingers crossed.
  15. bukeyolacan

    bukeyolacan New Member

    Congrats on the new Razer Vegas store! Blade 15 Advanced was the only laptop which has the quality and power of MacBook Pro. Even though I don't have it anymore, I still enjoy my Razer Atheris and Razer Hammerhead v2 products.
  16. Apsuj13

    Apsuj13 New Member

    When I played for 26hours and reached my goal
  17. tymo23

    tymo23 New Member

    My best situation was when i was playing CSGO to 3 a.m. and my father came to my room and want to throw my computer trought window
  18. Commanderxp90

    Commanderxp90 New Member

    Razer gamers deserve better gaming life! :)
  19. killerororo

    killerororo New Member

    The best moment in my gaming life.. Well I cannot precise the moment, but it was when I`ve meet my friends just by playing whit them. Random people in a game. Random people that became friends and are lasting for years and will be forever.

    Games connect People.
  20. jimmyn

    jimmyn New Member

    Early to mid 1980's. After spending all afternoon(after school) at a local arcade, I would go home and wonder what the next levels had in store, in games like Pleiads, 1942, Time Pilot, etc...
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