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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    my original "razer" product was a microsoft habu. that thing lasted me 10+ years

    when it finally died, I turned to a death adder. loved it even more than the habu. that led to a black widow ultimate, and then a kraken

    Now, I my man cave consists of 4 razer systems (one case by antec, one case by nzxt, one razer blade stealth, and one case by lian li). its safe to say, I'm die hard / razer 4 lyfe


    (wire management in progress)
  2. Rautakettu

    Rautakettu New Member

    Razer by Gamer, For Gamers!
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  3. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    WOW man, you have an amazing collection. Cheers! Way to go!
  4. LethalPredator

    LethalPredator New Member

    i still remember when i got my nes for Christmas. My parents made us chase the console every where in the house. I dont even remember i ever ask for one but it was my first console and surely not the last
  5. xSacrilege

    xSacrilege New Member

    My defining moment would be, the moment I realized I don't want to play just for fun alone, that I want to compete in tournaments and prove my worth. The game that really pushed me was Dota.
  6. jindax8xbh

    jindax8xbh New Member

    Im just a simple dude that lives in a third world country XD, been playing games since i was around 5, playing mario double dragon etc. In todays age been using some razer products for gamingand musicboy it was an awesome feeling.
    Keep up the good work you guys have millions of fans supporting your product :D
  7. xSacrilege

    xSacrilege New Member

    My defining moment would be, the moment I realized I don't want to play just for fun alone, that I want to compete in tournaments and prove my worth. The game that really pushed me was Dota.
  8. Remaker

    Remaker New Member

    Back in the day of the NES and SNES my brother and I would take on summer jobs of detasseling corn and pulling weeds from bean fields. Fellow farmer kids may understand the amount of work that really is. It would take most of the summer for us to save up for just one game. One year we had moved to a new area and the school my brother went to allowed you to rent SNES games from the school library. He would rent Secret of Mana for the weekends and we would sneak our parents coffee pot into our room and make coffee all night to stay up and play. Since you could have 2 players at the same time we did not have to worry about splitting game time.

    A lot of good memories of working hard for a reward and brothers bonding over a pretty darn good game. Looking back now, I probably would not be the gamer I am today if it were not for those weekends. To this day my brother and I still talk shop when it comes to video games and we will even swap Razer gear from time to time.
  9. TayuBW

    TayuBW New Member

    There are so many moments that I can remember growing up that it's hard to choose a defining moment. From playing Adventure Island on the NES with my grandma, Donkey Kong Country with my mom, Tony Hawk with my neighbor...

    I eventually got a laptop and played Diablo 2 for countless countless hours, and then my boyfriend got me into World of Warcraft. We were bad, but improved slowly and then joined a guild with one of his coworkers.

    I think the final, truly defining moment, was when we did Ulduar 10 together, as a guild. We were terrible. But it was all so new and exciting. Ulduar was still fairly new, and we were scrubs that were still figuring things out. We managed to kill Kologarn and got it on video. I watch it on youtube now and then, reminiscing about it. We felt so good about ourselves. We weren't amazing, and that was fine, but we still had a great sense of accomplishment.
  10. jason091287

    jason091287 New Member

    I have always been a gamer at heart. I feel the community is so passionate about what we do. It has been growing and growing. My favorite moment happened very recently actually. Razer brought a store to my hometown! Las Vegas has been needing something lile this to bring the gaming community together. I made sure to wake up early for the opening. Myself and 4 other gamer friends met up for breakfast and went and waited in line. Talk about fun! Just being with other fellow gamer and razer fans was such a neat experience! Keep it up Razer!
  11. VehemenceX

    VehemenceX New Member

    My best gaming moment, hmmm....probably years back collecting all trophies on Super Smash Bros Melee.
    Gaming to me has never been just a time killer, I've always admired the art and creativity behind the game. The many vast, gorgeous landscapes and beautiful stories they have all created have always astounded me. From the early days of Super Mario World to todays world of The Witcher and more, always excited to see what's next.
  12. Tocockyfortv

    Tocockyfortv New Member


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  13. I started with Minecraft after seeing the brother of a friend playing it.
    I invested much time in minecraft and got to know more and more games.
    Terraria was the 1st game i bought on steam and much more were following.

    The time i spend in front of my PC or Console for videogames are Countless and as long as i am able to do so i wont stop.
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  14. Songbird7

    Songbird7 New Member

    I'd say when I was 1 and playing The Legend of Zelda on the NES and Centipede on the Atari. I have loved to play games ever since I got my chance at those and especially after I beat The Legend of Zelda for the first time. It's stuck with me all the way up to today playing games like Destiny 2, Bioshock, Soul Calibur, etc.
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  15. ZickreyPoe

    ZickreyPoe New Member

  16. ZickreyPoe

    ZickreyPoe New Member

    Yo that's a good size fan base.
  17. bizStrawheat054

    bizStrawheat054 New Member

    I played a lot of consoles as a kid back in the 70s and 80s. Started out with good ole Pong Sports. My cousin next door got an atari and we moved on to Donkey Kong and Pitfall. Next came the Nintendo and my love of Super Mario Bros. Then I "grew up", got married, had kids and for a few years I didn't play any video games. After my first marriage split up and I met my current husband, he was playing Ultima Online. I watched a bit and played around on his account a bit before I ended up getting my own computer rig and my on UO account. The first time I moved my character away from the thriving town/bank commerce areas and got a taste of PvP for the first time, I was HOOKED. Since then I've been through WoW (Beta, before the release all the way through Cataclysm), Tabula Rasa (great game with lots of potential, was sad it shut down), AoC, SWTOR, and a few others. I'm in grad school and working full time, so I don't get to play like I used to, but I have been hearing the call since the return of vanilla WoW!
  18. Ej3ctedDNA

    Ej3ctedDNA New Member

    My best gaming moment was that time..... When I was playing with my Nintendo GB and my father entered the house with that big shopping bag.....which we opened just to find inside the PSX..... DAMN, when we connected it....Well,it was only until I get my first pc. Screw the consoles ❤️.
  19. My gaming journey started with LF2, CS1.6, etc. Using the most basic computer and keyboard and it's still fun.
    After Razer exists, Razer brings all the gamers to the next level. Game is not a game anymore. Game is more about lifestyle to me. After studying, I now have lots of fancy stuff from Razer to fully enjoy games. Just like some people like to drink after their job.
  20. GRIMLOCKx01

    GRIMLOCKx01 New Member

    So my first memory of video games started with Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit 2 on pc. I was 11 and recovering from a broken leg and that game provided hours of fun while my friends were outside running around and playing football and basketball. But the moment when I realized I was a gamer was when my brother and I received an original Xbox for Chriatmas and we literally played through the entire Halo:Combat Evolved Co-op campaign in one sitting! That moment was when I realized that gaming was as much a part of my life as eating, breathing, and sleeping! Thanks Razer, I have been a fan and customer from the beginning and can't wait for each new product that hits the shelves. I love the gear I have and recommend y'all every chance I get!
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