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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. Banana_Dog

    Banana_Dog New Member

    For me, it was probably when I was downloading my mods for Minecraft(keep in mind this was around 2016). Most people told me that it probably wouldn’t work, or I was wasting my time. But, I decided to do it anyways and I had run into some trouble. I don’t quite remember what the problems were, but my dad(who built server computers a while ago) had helped me install them and I think I spent about 2 hours getting them to work. After that, I would play Minecraft during school and every single chance I had. Now, I play anything from Minecraft to Subnautica to League.
  2. chipmunk4

    chipmunk4 New Member

    DOTA 2, there really isnt much more I have to say. It started in 2014 when I played my first game. I had played other games for around 3 years before I found DOTA but I never considered myself addicted or dependent on the games I was playing. Since I started playing I've played around 2500 matches and I've played more games recently than ever before. I am obsessed with becoming a better player and being in more and more control of my ability to play the game. I think my moment of realization came when I would play the same hero's game after game without getting board because of the improvement I made between games. My obsession with DOTA lead me to razer and their macro system which is why I've never owned a gaming keyboard or mouse that wasn't manufactured by razer. Just recently I purchased the new razer blade 15 which is how I can now play DOTA anywhere and everywhere I go. I'm so glad I could share my story, and reading the other posts has really been amazing. Keep at it yall, do what you love and live your best lives no matter what everyone else says!
  3. Haerper

    Haerper New Member

    It started when I was young. I had no realization at that point I just wanted to play (I was the youngest and always had to wait to play.) I wanted to play Zelda for the nes soooo bad.

    The first realization was Goldeneye 64 when I yearned for more. I went into settings to configure the controllers and found that I could play with a controller in each hand. I loved it! A few years later dual analog controllers came out and I realized that I had done that years before and not even known it.

    The ultimate realization, however, came from WoW (several times over.) best moment in my WoW career was getting server first in an entire tier (we raised <9 hours a week.)

    So many...
  4. oksfinest

    oksfinest New Member

    I was always a gamer. My dad had an Atari and I remember being drawn to it. I used to befriend kids that I could go over and play their Nintendo’s. But mostly, when Super Mario World came out, that’s when I new a GAMER is what I was.
  5. I am a casual gamer first owning a DA mouse for years and it is still going strong till now. I bought a Razer Blade in 2016 and it still impresses me and my surrounding people with it's sleek and beautiful design. No regret!
  6. Satansbiscute

    Satansbiscute New Member

    Destiny was the game I absolutely fell in love with and hold close to heart. But the game that made me a gamer would have been Spyro (specifically Spyro & Cinder Dawn of the dragon) The music, the art, the fact I could play as a dragon!! I struggled with bullies all my life in school and I had just made my first ever friend, and we played and played and played. One of my most cherishes memories.
  7. blaubont

    blaubont New Member

    It had to be when I got past the snes/genesis console wars and realized I enjoyed games from Nintendo and Sony platforms. Sure I played a lot more Nintendo 64 than PS1 but it was not about fighting whether one was better than another.
  8. 328610075

    328610075 New Member

    My best gaming moment was when I tried my new gaming razer mouse and made nuke in black ops in the first Match I was so happy that I bought it!
  9. naFT_icmeric

    naFT_icmeric New Member

    For me it was defantly this time i was playing minecraft bedwars on hypixle and i just went compleatly insane and broke 2/3 of the beds and like 15 people
  10. 1 million fans is too little imo xD
  11. NastyNanna

    NastyNanna New Member

    My best gamer moment was when i was playing cs with my naga trinity and was able to change my dpi while scoped in with the awp and i hit a flick at b site
  12. Subzero_Alpha

    Subzero_Alpha New Member

    I knew I was a gamer when Final Fantasy 7 came out. I have always played video-games from the Atari days up until now, but figured it out when I spent almost a week straight playing FF7 w/o stopping but to take a bathroom breaks and that was about it. I don't remember eating or drinking anything until I literally could not go on. I think I feel asleep after 5 days of continuous playing. I woke up after about a day later ate and drank something then went back to playing but took breaks instead of straight playing.
  13. Sh3MaN25

    Sh3MaN25 New Member

    For me, the reason I got into gaming fully as a hobby was because back in high school we had a computer lab and the IT teacher was really into gaming and so he managed to get a variety of games loaded on the PCs.

    We started with CS Source, but eventually, after upgrading the PCs, managed to get CoD 4: Modern Warfare set up. This game holds many happy memories for me with a lot of my friends and my first few mentors in the IT world.

    That, for me, is the beauty of gaming: Finding comfort in communities that share the same passions and interests. Being able to bond over something seemingly so small, and yet life changing in nature.
  14. BSMaster

    BSMaster New Member

    Gaming was one of the few things that was open to me when I was young in elementary. I remember going home after excessive tutoring and reading to my computer to open up those old flash gaming websites. Over the years as technology grew, I got more and more into playing my time away. Once I reached college and found myself a local gaming community, I knew I fit right in. Saving for 4 months on a measly side job to afford my first Razer Deathadder was such a joy to me, the mouse when it arrived at my house, my parents questioning what it was, and me unboxing it before plugging it in to my computer was a priceless first moment. I love gaming, it takes us away from our realities and lets us enjoy ourselves till we get back our hard lives. It's been 6 years since I started using Razer products and I'm still typing this away on my Razer Phone. Cheers and thanks for the gear.
  15. For me it was back when I was about five or six, my grandparents had just gotten a new computer and it was so fun but I could only see them every so often. Anyway the closest I came to a computer was my moms phone, so I asked and asked for a computer until up to about 5 years ago my parents finally got me a cheap pc with a GeForce GTX 1050 ti and I still love it today. I got my first razer product about 3 years ago, a mouse pad. And then the next year, I got the razer blackwidow chroma v2 and the Kraken 7.1. These are my favorite two gaming accessories and I will never stop using razer.
  16. zacklau

    zacklau New Member

    Razer by Gamer, For Gamers!
  17. Revalidio

    Revalidio New Member

    My best gaming experience was when i was like 14-15 years Old, when me and my 3 friends gathered up bring our PC`s to rented property and made 40 hours weekend run of 4 people in Diablo 2 and StarCraft it was just epic. even now when i`m after 30 i could not find people do repeat that once again.
  18. I am a programmer so i do coding and stuff which is obvious.
    Last year I made some money out of coding competition and bought a deathadder.I am so happy with the mouse and it kind of helped in cs go
  19. SimosGG

    SimosGG New Member

    I play games since the Gameboy with Pokemon Yellow came out, after that at Gameboy Color, Playstation 1, 2, 3, 4 and on PC from last year! I love gaming and more with my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2! You're the best guys, keep it up! :snake:
  20. Sietflo

    Sietflo New Member

    Razer For Life !
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