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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. xautoCanary109

    xautoCanary109 New Member

    I think that razer's products are cool and very attractive so love their products so much

  2. Funniest time I’ve ever had playing any game
  3. tates11

    tates11 New Member

    I don't have much talent in competitive games, so I just enjoy and immerse myself with the story and interact with the NPCs of the game. It's refreshing thing to do to unwind after a stressful day.
  4. SBnemesys

    SBnemesys New Member

    Back on the original xbox, while playing halo 2, my friends and I would make icons that looked like ninja turtle faces and wearclan tag tmnt. The game chart allowed you to hear opponents that were nearby. We would hide around the map, playing the ninja turtle theme song (sometimes ninja rap/ vanilla ice).

    One game, one of my teammates took the opponents flag, while I was in a warthog driving to the middle of the map. He hit the launch pad, and in mid air was sniped. The flag landed next to the warthog. I got out to pick it up when out of nowhere I was assassinated. It was the same guy who sniped my teammate. Looking at his gamertag, we noticed he had am icon that resembled shredder.
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  5. Defining moment when i realized i was a gamer?

    Definitely when i was studying and had school the next day at 7am. I was still playing MUD in the wee hours until my parents woke up and threatened me to switch off my pc.

    The best part? I went to "sleep" and got up half an hour later to continue my game hehe.
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  6. ElectroFace

    ElectroFace New Member

    For me it was when I finally bought my first proper gaming(ish) computer. I originally started out using the Nintendo Wii back around 2011 which was amazing for the time. I then got gifted and Xbox 360 which was used to death. Then I needed to get a laptop for school so I started gaming on that with my friends. I had been using this old HP laptop to get me through school but I was also trying to do some gaming on it aswell. It had taken a bit of damage and the performance was getting unbearable, just constant lagging and even freezing on startup. I finally caved and bought myself a second hand PC off gumtree with a 6th gen i5, 750ti, 1tb storage and 8gb of ram. It wasn't much but it was enough to start really getting me into gaming. I was able to use the Deathadder and the Firefly that I already owned to get me started peripheral wise aswell. Today I have upgraded the graphics card to a 1060 (6GB), ram to 16gb, storage to 2.5TB and better cpu cooling. I also bought myself a brandnew Huntsman Elite when it was released aswell and an Oculus Rift and I recently ordered a Nari Ultimate. I have my dream PC written down and I'm hoping to get the Razer Lian Li tower aswell to match with all my razer peripherals. With these upgraded components I have been able to take gaming in life further and now I am starting to work on game development with UE4 which is working out farely well so far!
  7. TheOnlyCatalyst

    TheOnlyCatalyst New Member

    I’m just a simple guy. I like Razer, especially with RGB.
  8. JohnMhaiztha

    JohnMhaiztha New Member

    The best was when having all your friends gaming in your living room and you could watch them while you own the sht out of them
  9. MohawksSG

    MohawksSG New Member

    Filling up the entire Ultima3 map with chests .
    Kill mob and don't open chest, on every single block of the map (probably a few hundred thousand of them), just because the game was won and there was nothing else to do :D
  10. Rainfog21

    Rainfog21 New Member

    I realized I was a gamer when I was in 2nd grade. I always go to our province whenever it is our summer vacation in school. By the time I got to our province me and my cousin would always play family computer. Since then I was a gamer at heart. I did not mind it if I was playing hours and hours. I only had 1 console and 4 handhelds but I did had the time of my life playing. Now I play on my laptop and still a gamer. I have tried many PC games and I even play now on mobile too. For this time onwards I will keep playing till I become a grandparent. This is a short story of how I become a gamer. Thank you Razer as you have been my companion for gaming and lifestyle. I always use your peripherals and accessories. My dream is to save and have my own Razer Blade so if I will be lucky to be picked on this giveaway with the backpack, cap or shirt I would be forever thankful. :) good luck to all of us who joined.
  11. Reetu

    Reetu New Member

    Best moment would be simply when I opened gamecube and played the legend of zelda ocarina of time after a long brake
  12. for me, it starts off with me playing fake Minecraft and Roblox to changing games to rainbow six siege. I was 14 that year when I don't know what to do, just trolling around in Roblox to make my life more entertaining other than school. until that December, I met this bunch of great friend who introduces me to many many things, including how they bought razer to show off or because it is better, and it was also than that I know about rainbow six siege. at first, I thought this game is impossible, but as soon as I start to think about grinding the game for better skill, I never thought I would get this far to the point im that good in the game. all I could say is that I'm glad I know these bunch of guys and yep, from the day I started playing the game, I knew I have become a gamer.
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  13. StarGoose

    StarGoose New Member

    Quake, C&C, Red Alert, DukeNukem ... first games that put a spell on me.. your a gamer they said.
    And after that lots of games i played and ... stil playing on my age.
  14. EvsTorres

    EvsTorres New Member

    Razer for life!
  15. jrdl30

    jrdl30 New Member

    Hi Razer,

    First time, I wish to touch Razer items.

    Thank you so hopefull to lucky!
  16. nble1

    nble1 New Member

    Razer Gaming is amazing, I wish I could win any of your items.
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  17. StanDutchDesign

    StanDutchDesign New Member

    The best reminders of me really starting to like gaming all started when i was 9 it started with runescape on a really bad pc i had back then one with those heavy monitors my desk could barely hold, then i switched to xbox 360 and i played alot of call of duty and bioshock
    I loved call of duty modernwarfare 2 i used to play it day and night and even skip school to get this master prestige. Ive been a gamer ever since now im older and i have a job and i found Razer. It started with the razer kraken v2 pro and i love it! I bought my little brother the white one myself the black one and my girlfriend the quartz pink oval one. Then i wanted more so i bought the razer huntsman elite wich is the best keyboard ive ever laid my hands on, then came the razer firefly with the razer mamba elite wich i also love! Then i tought lets go crazy! And i bought the razer nommo 2.0 speakers to and both the razer xbox and ps4 controller,Now i have the razer nabu watch and my latest razer product is the razer headset stand ofcourse with chroma to. I recommend everyone i know to buy razer gear since its absolutely perfect and goodlooking to i got my buddy to buy the razer blackwiddow elite. Please keep up the amazing work!

    Stan Deelen. #roadto2million!
  18. Jonnywonglee

    Jonnywonglee New Member

    Finishing my PC setup was the moment that I realised I spend more time and money on gaming than I do on the other parts of my life. From the PC itself, to the final little touches of syncing my Phillips Hue with the synapse software.

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  19. sleekbicycleWine915

    sleekbicycleWine915 New Member

    Razer rocks
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  20. Hawuwu

    Hawuwu New Member

    the best gaming moment in my life is when i started spending $$$ just to be the best :))))
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