Online Store Out Of Stock Items: How soon do they come back?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lougrass, Apr 29, 2020.

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  1. Lougrass

    Lougrass New Member

    So I've been saving hard my silver fragments and have enough to get a pair of Razer Kraken headphones! YAY! I had been looking forward to getting my hands on the Mercury edition ones.

    But SHOCK HORROR!! (exaggeration? slightly)
    The Mercury ones are Out Of Stock! *cries*

    So my question is for anyone who has had this happen before, or indeed for any staff on here, how long is a typical wait for an item to come back in stock? Should I just pick a different colour?

    I know that's dependent on many variables so if anyone has any info about that item in particular please reply and let me know.
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  2. SetoKaiba_HS

    SetoKaiba_HS Member

    typically, they will replenish it for a month. Sometimes 2 months. If u can wait that, you need patience and check their online store everyday but surely they will replenish it.
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