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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by ShockwaveS08, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Hello all,

    I've been doing plenty of beta-testing (and still am to this day) for a pair of apps on Google Play, both by the same publisher. The apps in question are Delta Touch and Quad Touch, practically one-stop hubs for anything and everything Classic Doom and Quake you'd want to play on your Android device.

    Delta has support for GZDoom/LZDoom, Zandronum, Chocolate Doom, PRBoom+, Doom Retro, and dhewm3 (yes really, Doom 3/ROE support!).

    Quad has support for Quakespasm (and Spiked), DarkPlaces, FTEQW, Quake II v3.24, YamagiQ2, ioquake3, and Hammer of Thyrion (Hexen II, anyone?).

    Other features include fully-remappable touch and gamepad controls, extensive mod and mapset support, weapon wheel controls like in Doom 2016/Eternal, and gyroscopic aiming (if your device supports that). I find that my Razer Kishi works perfectly in the case of both apps.

    In both cases, you'll need to supply the files yourself, from your original copies of the appropriate games in your PC's collection. And while there is a small donation fee to gain access, you can always e-mail the dev, and he'll personally send you a promo code, free of charge, if your wallet's feeling a bit tight.

    And word on the grapevine is that Alpha Touch will be released one of these days, bringing support for Wolfenstein 3D, RTCW, Rise of the Triad, and the Blake Stone games.
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