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  1. For mods/ admins: This is meant as feedback/ recount of my experience with Razer. It is not hate speech or anything as I have always been a great fan of Razer, but I think other buyers should be aware of what they are paying for. It's not against any rules to share my experience, unless you are proponents of censorship.

    - Razer has quality control issues (eg: man o war, planned obsolescence of blades that spoil exactly after 1 year warranty)
    - Poor support
    - Lack of responsibility
    So if those are what you expect when paying a premium for their item, feel free to support them.

    What happened:

    I've always been a great razer fan and biased towards it, so when people complain about terrible razer product quality and support, I've always pushed them aside, until it occurred to me.

    Like many other users, I had a Razer Blade, but within a year, the battery bloated, not only posing a safety hazard but also affected utility of it. Started an RMA and here's where all the issues came in.

    1. They could not creating a shipping label for me, I was told to go down to service center myself, in the middle of my exam period. NO other solutions were possible, not even temporary laptop to use. Ended up wasting almost 6 hours there despite multiple emails to them beforehand.
    2. Their repair center is unreachable. No public transport nearby, no shelters. I had to walk there under the rain and ended up with 4 blisters on my feet. Asked them if they can ship it back to me after repairs, was told $30 just to do so. Even buying on the website is free shipping or max $10.
    3. I told them a lot of times I need it for my university applications, so I can use it without battery first, or if they can repair it fast enough. They promised me again and again it won't take more than 3 days, even going so far as to say they will not do diagnostic tests after repair if that will cause it to exceed 3 days.
    4. I trusted razer, I left my pc with them. 3 days passed, no news, 4 days passed no updates. My application deadline was near, so I called them. I was told by them that their repair center do not work on weekends, and there's NO ONE, not any management etc who can help me out, and I have to wait until Monday (7 days after I first sent the device in) to even get a reply. Nothing they could or willing to do, kept repeating I can ONLY wait until Monday, which is past my deadline.
    5. Saved up all my pocket money for years just so I can get a razer blade, gets screwed over so I guess now I can only miss the deadline. At least Im lucky my device spoilt just before the 1 year mark, so it was under warranty, many other users were not so lucky, their device spoilt right after 1 year mark, and repairs + labour costs up to $200-300.

    Summary: Razer's device has quality issues, Razer does not offer support/ help other than the actual "fixing" of it. Razer does not keep their promises so don't expect anything. I mean if you could not meet the promise, don't make it, or at least notify me, instead of keeping quiet and I have to call personally to find out. Where's the responsibility?

    I've always been a great fan of Razer, all my peripherals are theirs, but lately I noticed their standards have dropped way too much. From quality issues such as Man O War and laptops, to poor service, to bad software. It's possible that due to their focus on expansion, they forsook quality and their customers. When a company stops being responsible, it is our duty as fans/ consumers to keep them responsible. I hope to use this chance to bring to their attention so they can improve.

    I'll still continue to support one of my favourite company because I believe they can improve. @mltan is my alumni, his face is pasted all over our school. I've always looked up to him and I believe he still knows the Rafflesian Principle of Honour, and to take responsibility for his company. However, if ure a student/ need ur computer for work too, I suggest looking elsewhere with more stable platforms until they fix their issues. For example, Apple (which also charges a premium like Razer), is able to provide temporary replacements to use while ur item is being repaired, or they offer on the spot repair in apple store. Their devices is known to last many years unlike the 1 year reported by most blade users.

    All this negative things, I do wish to shine some light on the good side I encountered. Their support staff is generally nice, albeit limited by their policies. They did offer me free shipping after repairs but only after multiple emails and escalating it to management.

    I sincerely hope they can start listening to their consumers and improve. If you have similar experiences, do share them here to bring this to their attention. Tag the admins will help too! @Razer.WolfPack

    Very important and disappointing update for everyone:

    tl;dr : the support blatantly lied multiple times If any staff wants to argue about this, please release the recording of our conversation.

    So today is Monday (7 days since I sent it in for repairs), the day I was told to call them again to reach senior management, this is what happened.

    I called them, asked to talk to a senior management. (I dont usually write support names, but I think I need to identify them to help Razer with internal investigations). This support staff, "Ryan" (who wasnt willing to give me his full name), picked up the call. He was the exact same person who called me on Saturday. I asked him to redirect me to a senior management, told me to wait, put me on hold for 10 minutes, then answered the phone again and said he was the "senior management". For those who dont remember, he was the exact same "Ryan" who told me on Saturday that there was no senior management available to help me and I had to wait till Monday. This time he redirected the call to himself as senior management and the title he gave himself this time was "razer systems technical support team senior manager". While it is possible they have a support staff and a senior both with the name Ryan, they talked in the exact tone, exact rudeness and exact broken english. He was also rude on the previous call but I don't prefer naming people, but this is too much to be acceptable.

    I asked to check what's the status and what can be done, guess what he told me? He told me that I have lied about them promising it to be done within 3 days (literally just taking out a battery putting a new one in, can be done in :heart:0 minutes), and that they never promised it (despite being clearly written here on their service request form). Instead he said this will take another week (2 weeks in total for a small battery to be repaired). I asked if there's another senior that I can talk to who can help me out, I was told I could only reach them via email and theyre not available to answer calls (which I was told previously by RYAN that if I called on Monday I would be able to talk to their senior, so for those who told me its normal they dont work on weekends, you can see how this isnt possible either), which I have actually tried except that they did not reply to my emails. When asked if he could get them to check the email, he just said I have to wait 48 hours and there's no other choice. Throughout the call, he would fake that the line is cutting out, even though I could hear his background clearly and him laughing to someone else in the background, and would often cut me off mid sentence when I was talking. Lacks even basic respect. And he just repeats that there's nothing he can help me other than for me to wait another week to get my laptop back.

    - Razer does not care about its customers AT ALL.
    - Ryan lacks basic respect, luckily I managed to keep my cool and try to talk nicely to him
    - Ryan lied that on Saturday there was no senior there
    - Ryan lied about the line cutting out
    - Ryan claimed I lied about the 3 days repair (uh, why would I? It's written in black and white, asked me to send proof which I did, even though they have a copy there themselves, and if it was more than 3 days I wouldnt have left it with them)
    - Essentially he meant "I dont care, you have to wait 1 more week we arnt going to help you"

    This is honestly the last straw for me. Nowhere on Earth is this kind of behaviour by such a big company acceptable. If this Ryan is a representative of this company, and there is no other person whom I can get in contact with, something is seriously wrong here. At this stage I've given up on getting any help or even any sense of responsibility from Razer, and will try to submit using my phone (luckily i backed up my documents given past experiences by other users) Razer has lost a big fan, and I will help spread this to everyone I know until they fix it, I would gladly return and support them.

    Let us all refrain from purchasing Razer Products for a while until they decide to listen and fix their issues unless you wish to support this kind of behaviour. Tag their admin until they bother to do something about it.

    Despite all these negativity, I do wish to bring to light and thank some amazing support staff I have talked to. I dont want people thinking all support staff are bad, they are generally nice people, but their management is completely terrible. Their lower support staff usually are nice to talk to but they are limited by their protocols, so if they cant help you, please understand them that it is not within their means to do so, which is all the more reason why we need to bring this issue up to their management's attention.

    List of amazing support staff Ive talked to:
    Jan Lorenzo O
    Jerry M
    Armand L.
    John Paulo L.
    and many more!
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  2. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    Best Wish for u man !
    i hope ur problem soon to be Solved !

    lucky for me i haven't meet this kind of problem ( My Razer Products Broke after more than 3 years ) ..
  3. Ya that's the thing, their products USED to have great quality, that's why Im a huge fan. But products these 2 years are terrible, I think they're neglecting it. Just on this forum, there's so many people having issues with their mice, their laptop, man o war headband is a well known issue too :/ Despite this I've still been getting their products to support them so they can improve, but nothing seems to be done, they changed their focus. I mean in the least, acknowledge it and try to help, be responsible, but now their support experience is just screaming to chase me away. Imagine if u saved up for so long, paid so much, only to have their device malfunction, and their support not keeping to their promise cost you your chance to apply for university? Idk what can excuse that.

    I think we need to speak up to help them realise it before they really chase everyone else away. At the same time, buyers deserve to know that their devices might fail so they can prepare backups etc.
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  4. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    yeah i feel u man ! saving up money to buy some ( for us ) Luxury Laptop or things , well for me Razer Blade is quite expensive ...
    And a really good Customer Support is what we want right

    i agree with u about Apple
    my Ipad got some problem which from factory , and after some procedure
    i prove them thats really probem from the start , they change me a new one in an instant .
    thats what we hope from Customer Service right. haha

    and ... now im really worried about willing to buy The Razer Blade .. OMG .. haha ..

    btw sorry for my english ...
  5. if u need ur laptop for important work, I would say wait a while. Way too many people has been complaining about it lasting at most 1 year, and poor customer support, it is our job to bring it to their attention, if we keep supporting them because we're fans, they'll end up neglecting it more. If u just need it for gaming, I would say go ahead, it is am amazing computer, great specs, but only if you can afford it, if ure a student like me and have to save up a lot for it, get something more durable. They do offer the new extended warranty in US though, so if u want pay even more for that, should be fine too, just be careful there's other hidden costs, like paying for shipping to them and back, based on mine its $30 each so $60 per repair, and u do have to prove the damages is caused by them, otherwise u have to pay to get it fixed (which isnt cheap, and replacement parts for blade is hard to find on 3rd party sites), and if u sent it in and they say u have to pay to fix it, even if u choose not to, they'll charge u like $130 for labour cost else u cant have ur computer back (basically kidnapping ur computer), not to say the extra time u have to wait because they dont have physical stores.

    I think they have a lot of room for improvements and learn from other companies, afterall razer already charges a much higher premium, but doesnt deliver the same amount of service. Example: Apple has physical on the spot fixing/ replacements. Dell offers 1 day repair services. They even provide replacement laptops, they take in ur faulty one, give u a refurbished one, and they repair ur laptop to be used as refurbished replacement for the next customer with issues. This is way faster because u can go there, walk out of the store in 30 minutes with a functional pc
  6. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Razer is not a standard consumer's brand. It's that simple.
  7. https://insider.razer.com/index.php...fferent-mice-lancehead-and-diamondback.44682/

    ^the post right below this is people complaining about mouse issues. Their quality is just declining so much unfortunately. Quality wont be an issue if their support is decent, doesnt even have to be super good. They've probably focused too much on expansion into phones/ laptops and satisfying their stockholders with mass production that they neglected the very core of their company :/

    Razer sells to consumers, also it does not excuse them from poor quality. Im willing to pay more and support them, but I expect reasonable quality
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  8. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I was surprised with the title, but yes CS improvement is always great. I just get free usb recovery stick for my 2016 stealth that is out of warranty, it was great CS experience.
    Battery bloat is known issue on thin light categories due users running it on high temperatures without good cooling that damage other parts inside, it’s not only the blade you can google this
    asus zephyrus battery bloat” for example see there’s also quite users having similar issues some of them within a year.
    Yesterday occasionally I saw stream famous YouTubers talking about Blade, and comparing with Apple CS and products...really, it likes comparing Mercedes and Mustang, everyone use Mercedes and they have here almost in every big town repair shops but not Mustang, Sports cars will overheat faster than normal cars costumers cars since it accelerates faster.
    Edit: Mustang is only for example I don’t have sports car (someday maybe, fingers crossed my dream;)) only hobby car BMW Mini that costs me a lot than my other family cars VW polo.
  9. DragonZero14

    DragonZero14 New Member

    I'm in the exact same position OP. Loved Razer, loved my blade, but the experience when something goes wrong is just abysmal how you see their CS snowball into ridiculousness. My blade dies, no power, send it off, not under manufacturer warranty, and this is what happens:

    1. When they diagnose they give you nothing as to what they did to test for the problem. In my case they just put 1. Motherboard(wont turn on). That is literally the extent of their diagnosis for a $1500 repair. A diagnosis that costs $130.

    2. When they replaced my motherboard they destroyed it afterward without consent. This has been paid by me to be replaced. This is, by all means, my property. Who knows if they even destroyed it. Some of my equipment might be in one of those refurbished 2017's they're selling sometime soon.

    3. So they send back through FedEx, and I live in Canada. FedEx was to delay my package for a business day on a Friday (meaning it will be delivered on Monday). I want my laptop asap so I find where it is, go to the location. Since it's over $1000 dollars FedEx needs to confirm with the shipper to authorize its release prior to the original destination. Tell me how I call support, talk to technical support on the support page of Razer and not one single person can pick up a phone next to them to call FedEx. They're telling me it will take 24-48 hours to LITERALLY pick up a phone while I'm sitting outside the FedEx warehouse.

    The funniest thing of it all, their reddit support staff can get things done in minutes. The reddit support staffer was a hero I will give them that. My advice to anyone with problems is just to talk it to reddit. I'm guessing the public perception of their company means more to them that the satisfaction of their customers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    It's got to the point where support has told me to get ahold of them to talk things through and I've told them to f--- off essentially.

    Razer products are designed to fail. They want your money twice.
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  10. TheMisterCasual

    TheMisterCasual Active Member

    I thought Razer had changed the Warranty to 2 years on everything including the Blade?
  11. DragonZero14

    DragonZero14 New Member

    In America and Europe (or so I've heard through conversations with others) they now have 2 year warranty. Canada got the short end of the stick.
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  12. See, that's the thing, my laptop rarely runs above 70degrees, i keep it cooled. As for your example, that's exactly why you pay a premium for a mustang because the extra money is meant to 1) R&D good ways to keep it cool so it actually works and 2) provide good support. U cant just say u buy a better performance car therefore u should expect it to spoil faster. Sure, that is possible if u dont take into account of price, but that's the entire reason of them charging a premium, so that they can provide u a functional item and figure out a solution to prevent issues. I do agree that overheat can cause it, but in the end, we're paying more so they can come up with a thermal solution or use better quality components so it doesnt happen, like how I cant just strap a jet engine to a chair and call it a super car without making sure it actually works as a car.

    Lol I wish, they only increased warranty to 2 years for some peripherals. They wouldnt do that for laptops because majority of them fails after 1 year, a simple search would show many people with those issues, it's no longer a 1 or 2 minority/ exception. That's exactly why when they claimed the increased warranty for *all* products, it excluded laptops, because it's not meant to last that long so they cannot guarantee it.

    EU has had 2 year warranty on laptops from the start simply because it's their consumer law, but they charge much higher price there because they know it's going to fail and cost them to repair.

    For those of you who still dont believe blade has issues, look at Linus Tech Tip's Video

    Almost half of them that he bought had to be sent back to repair, and that is from a big youtuber sponsored by razer, who has direct contact and ability to get it fixed, so think about how bad it is for us normal consumers

    Oh my that sounds bad, i hope you got ur stuff fixed in the end though.

    What I really cant stand is when they cant be responsible, at all. I'm fine with their products failing, but they arnt responsible enough to support you. They arnt responsible enough to keep their own promises. They arnt responsible enough to even notify you when they fail to keep their promises. They cant even be responsible enough to be available to fix their mistakes, instead just simply saying "oh wait until Monday, there's absolutely nothing we can do now and we're not going to bother trying". What I really cannot accept this time is that their mistake, is going to cost me once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply for university. I had so many choices which wouldnt have caused these, but everytime i trusted them, they failed me. I trusted their repeated promise that they can get it fixed and back to me within 3 days, they failed. I trusted their quality that I saved up so much for the blade, i couldve bought 2 computers with that amount, but now Im left penny-less so I cant even get a backup computer now for submission, just hope and pray. The support person on the phone just didnt care, he just went "Oh too bad u have to wait until Monday we cant do anything for you now", I asked him if he can check, he just kept repeating "anything else I can help you today?". He said calls are recorded so i requested for it to share here but he wasnt willing either. I know sometimes their support is pretty nice, but there's just too many issues here, I dont think anyone of you can look from my perspective and tell me that I am wrong to feel the way I am right now.
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  13. UchihaJpm

    UchihaJpm New Member

    I hate to disagree but i own sports cars.. and actually unless you bought a lemon performance like mustangs challengers Camaros chargers usually have crazy cold air intakes and ram air intakes mixed with turbos or super chargers which slam cold air into the engine combustion in cars is caused from mixed air and fuel with a spark the colder the air the better the car runs to be blunt you get what you pay for I have had a rt charger 600hp for over 8 years over 150 thousands miles never had a problem and I beat on it when you buy high end cars Typically they have everything they need to Perform the way they need to and restrict the extremes from damaging components just like pcs/laptops my point if you pay 1500+ for a quality laptop especially a "gaming laptop" there is literally no excuse for it to fail within a year none I have owned Alien 13-17 serious laptops and still do and they run fine I also own a sager laptop and they all run fine and have been over clocked and I have had them for a long time no problems. I've built computer since I was 12 I am 28 I've also bought Razer for as along as I can remember and will always buy there product regardless of any negative experience I have or read about And sorry for poor Grammar but Being the fan of Razer that I am I actually stumbled apon this forum well actually looking for something completely unrelated but I have to agree with a lot of the others but to clarify I Have had minors problems with quality from any of my products an I have a lot and my brother sister in-law and mother all have Gaming rigs we all use Razer peripherals My entire House Has Hue lighting In it Linked to Synapse MY current Sager Laptop Setup alone IS running The Razer ornata chroma, Tournament editions Lancehead[g.m] Basilisk, and the Naga trinity With the Fire fly hard editions And a goliath stealth mobile off to the side for switching mouses lol electra v2 and that's just my current rig with my Room having 2 hue strips and 3 hue color bulbs all linked to synapse3 but the naga scroll wheel with in two days of having it and using it once broke somehow and the left right click barely works and the wheel itself is lower now? wrote for support or helps nothing.. I have emailed Razer be it for Request for Lighting support on games many of times with no responses I've asked For assistance with Synapse On way to many occasions There product line and software currently out to Really match up none of the headsets run on synapse 3, razer surround forces synapse 2 to be installed which causes all sorts of problems with Synapse 3 . sometimes Everything works perfect for the gear sometimes its super glitchy Razer surround Does not Jive well with Windows And caused All sorts of problems it just becomes a headache to use to begin with so there's that All there mouse's are capable of doing heatmapping and tracking of mouse movement and button presses as well as keystrokes but synapse 3 Has no Support or Function's to use those Features Most of there newer mouse's do not work on Synapse 2 so you cant even go back and use them on that software so What's the point Cant even take full advantage of the devices or there Software and There hasn't been much update to any of the Software in awhile it is kind of disheartening. ive honestly giving up on ever getting to use those features of the mouse's and the firefly which sucks cuz it makes the firefly a flashy mousepad instead of being an awesome tool to refine your competitive skills due to not being able to use any of the mouse tracking/keystroke heatmaps so that sucks. As for There Laptops to be honest the last two times I was in the market I have been torn between Razer laptops and Alienware/sager But literally the Only Reason for Any interest in Razer laptops was the chroma wich does not justify spending the money they charge for the performance the provide , I personally never listen or heed negative reviews and always decide for myself threw experience so even if the laptops had 1000m negative reviews if I want it I'm gonna buy it but Compared to Most Other Reputable pc/laptop Gaming Brands out there the Performance and and Power Provided by the Components in them Is Really really not worth it in my opinion and your pretty Much Paying all that Money for Brands name Chroma The sleek Macbookish Appearance And slimness.have fun Playing Games on Ultra high settings with 60+ fps in 4k out of the box with Any of the Razer blade laptops and I mean I will prove this to you if you want me to I give you all the price comparison data I have from the last 2 laptops I bought and all the options I was looking at the Base Component setup options for all of them all the way to the best and The performance output they provide performance to price. its cheaper to build your own yes.. sometimes the cases themselves mixed with components is nice but buying name brands is always expensive in this realm of gaming but compared to Alienware asus sager and a couple of the other brands out there The power/performance they give you for the price I couldn't really see buying one of there laptops ever I would not Tell someone not to Buy Razer products Ever I would tell them if you like it and know what your buying definitely get it cuz it'll be great. I wish There customer service and motivation to Work with and take Customer and user Feed back suggestions and requests more seriously and focus on that more would be awesome They already have a huge line of awesome products but it honestly does seem like they are way more focused on expansion but In the long run Itl only hurt them in the end due to Marketing themselves as by gamers for gamers and Trying to compete Against the Other Elite tier Gaming accessories That being Said ill always use Razer and my products are still kicking and I hope to one day see the product support for synapse 3 be what it should be and to be able to use the firefly to its fullest . and I agree there is nothing wrong with criticizing especially in the hopes of the company using it to improve themselves and there product I don't agree with telling others not to buy the products are all unique in there ways and Very nice to handle so you really need to try and test it all for yourself but in the end IT would be awesome If Razer would actualy work more with there customers to improve the product and to actualy focus more on customer service and suggestions more then Random new products
    don't reinvent the Wheel stick with what you where doing Good at
  14. Wow that is a long comment, thank you for your time and sharing ur experience. That's exactly what I meant about the sports car, you pay a premium because they can make it function, not you pay more so they spoil faster. I agree that Razer has great products, especially in the past, which is why Ive supported them for so long, but it's really disappointing this path they are going down now, hopefully we can bring this to their attention
  15. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    Couldn't agree more. Im a big fan of razer, still and will for longer time. I own at least 2 products in each product category that razer has on the website. But I have experienced a lack of responsibility from razer staff. I have few minor problems with my headset, with my mouse, my rz blade and my rz phone. But when I ask them about it via email, livechat and call. I remembered one staff told me that I have to go to their center to have my phone diagnosed. Should I take a flight to another city just to have my phone fixed? Another time, I have problem with the keyboard of my laptop (I had this problem at the beginning but it was not a big deal cuz I use a keyboard peripheral, but it being annoy when I have to go out) and I was told that I will be charged for $300 even my blade still under warranty. Dont know why.

    In addition, the staff that I have chat with is not very enthusiastic. He was like so you want it to be fixed or not (this is not really what he said but in generally like that) and it took so long to be replied from him.

    And the surprise thing is that my issues are still there, there is nothing solved.

    What a sad service
  16. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Totally agree with you. Their quality control for some products seems to be degrading.
  17. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    I've had a couple of problems with my razer gear too (I use a PC so only use peripherals).

    The only thing that hasn't had problems is my keyboard:
    My mouse(razer mamba TE) takes about 5-10 mins to start having tracking; I was just in warranty so contacted them and they sent me a copy of some firmware that made it work. That was until 2 months later where it started again every time- I build PCs and I used to recommend razer but no matter what device I use this on it has this problem.
    My other peripherals are a kraken 7.1 and kraken pro v2 however they have both had problems with their WIRED connections and I had to send my first one back as it completely broke and my next one still has certain drop outs. The later one I use for my PS4 and it has problems with the mic as well.

    I wish I could recommend them but its becoming hard with logitech and corsair catching up so quickly. I don't care if their not 'comercial', they sell us their products as 'premium' products and in return they break- I will give them a chance but if they don't improve soon I'm transferring over to corsair who have been climbing the ranks in their popularity.
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  18. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes that a long comment thanks @RestInPepperoni who shorted it;)
    Okay I pay €2300 for this, i believe it’s full gtx 1070 (from higher gpu clock) with similar graphics performance, i need that to run on my dual monitor ultrawide nvidia surround view setting, and i can take it on go way better than most 1070 Laptop that is maybe heavier like 0,5kg on the lightest one (Zephyrus m). I didn’t have yet QC issues (bought Blade 15 because my Blade 14 experience was great). I put a vote to improving though since it’s true there’s a lot sounds complaining the QC out there. But note with Razer care is just being introduced, longer warranty periods for some pheriperal, means there’s some improvement going there, definitely.
  19. AppleSuxx

    AppleSuxx New Member

    I'm in the same league with you as much as everyone else. I got 2 razer headphones (1 I bought and 1 replacement after the other didn't work) and 1 earphone.
    The headphones lasted about 1 1/2 year and the earphone for just 7 months. After that I decided to keep away from razer for a while.

    Razer products have great performance but they still need some room for improvement on their build quality.
    Premium priced products should deserve premium quality. Consumers like us lose trust in a company when their products has so many failures that still left unsolved after a long time.

    Meanwhile if you don't want to buy Razer products, get them by zsilver instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    not anymore my dude, u cant get zsilver daily point anymore :frown_:
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