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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RestInPepperoni, Dec 7, 2018.

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    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Tbh I wont buy a Razer laptop cause of the horrible experiences people on Reddit have. However peripherals are usually a hit or miss, either you end up with a lemon straight out of the box or your hardware lasts long. And even if it doesnt, the 2 year warranty on all items now is a good safety cushion.

    I used to not try Razer headsets cause of the 1 year warranty but now im much more inclined to buy them.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t hear what poeple writing on Reddit, it’s what Reddit made for. And with premium price they are who doesn’t satisfied with their purchase, even louder. It may have some QC issue due high demand but to me I can recognize it on my check in first week. Late 2016 was the system that i reject due issues. Blade 2015, 2017 and stealth 2016 served me very well, both sold in mint condition even though were my main rig, yesterday upping my 2016 stealth, there’s already 3 who asked the price, but I’m still kind like it;)
  3. DragonZero14

    DragonZero14 New Member

    I noticed, throughout my ordeal with them, they will never be sympathetic to your situation at all. No "I'm sorry to hear that", or "We apologize for this inconvenience", as if even the demeanor to which they are responding is that we are the one inconveniencing them.

    Their support is a joke. Any time I dealt with their live support I was either dicked around, or treated as if I'm stupid. No urgency to help people, seemingly no desire to help people in general. Like I said in my initial response to this thread; any support issue deal with them on reddit. They get things done. Live support from their webpage, or calling their customer service will only make you wanna pull the trigger to that gun that most certainly is already placed on your temple.
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  4. While everyone is writing their experiences, I do want to remind everyone to remain respectful and offer constructive criticism for them to improve!

    I do think some of their support staff is rather nice, unfortunately they are SO limited by their policies that they literally cannot do anything for you, other than "create an RMA". They cannot offer any advice/ diagnostic other than the same procedure, they cannot offer any form of help such as replacing ur faulty items etc, all they can offer is create an RMA and you have to send the item down yourself. I dont think this is the fault of their support, but rather that of their management, who unfortunately seem too unsympathetic. I've talked to a Tier 2 Technical support staff before after their escalation, yet no difference was made, no shipping was offered, just repeating the same thing, or not even bothering to reply to my emails. I dont think under the special circumstances, given that I have a tight deadline for once in a lifetime opportunity for university application, caused by not only their device failure but also irresponsibility for their promises, I dont think it is that hard for a company this big to offer a temporary laptop, or even just replace it and sell the old one as refurbished after fixing it. A small gesture from them that hardly affects them, makes a huge difference for a huge fan from me. I'm a student, yet Im willing to save up just to support them, but they fail to take care of their customers and fans. I do understand it might feel like I am demanding, but if you look at it, multiple issues were caused by them, every time I chose to trust them, they failed, is it too much to ask for at least SOME responsibility for their actions?

    In conclusion, I don't think it's the support staff's fault, they have very strict protocols to follow, too strict to be honest such that they are hardly helpful. In that case, their management needs to do something about it. If possible, I would appreciate if you all helped tag their staff here, their CEO. As a fan, I really hope they can rectify this before it is too late.

    PS: This post has one of the fastest growing/ highest viewership/ participation rates now, I doubt their staff didnt see it, so just tag them again with your issue to bring it to their attention, this is for the sake of my beloved company.

    @mltan @Razer.WolfPack
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes they see this for sure, so poeple can throwing their opinions, this what Insiders make important to them and also users imo.
    I’ve in this 3 years owning Blade 7 supports ticket, 3 of them usb recovery supply, 2 software (gifts) related issues and one Blade (late 2016) RMA and Blade 2017 diagnosis (before sold it), the last two was quite long since it needs approval from other departments or maybe headquarter. Software and usb support was even out of warranty time it was quite faster, last week ticket for usb recovery is done last weekend, same week, I just check the the post and it was there. Hardware related things depend also 3rd party, the repair center here in EU, though since it’s inside the country I live, they’re quite fast send it Monday back on Friday like a new. For Repair i think you’ll get shipping label but not RMA refund within 14 days after purchase when you don’t like it or found some issue possibility, just like my late 2016 model that I sent back at that time for the Fans and performance issues that wasn’t addressed yet (can’t wait for that).
    Note also I sent 2017 model isn’t because issue, just make sure that it will run well on the new owner who doesn’t even know what undervolting is, and they found some issues possibilities parts on thin light laptops that often used for gaming usually is temperature related parts like Fans) and exchanged it. I think if you can provide them well data and proofs, the RMA time would be faster (I wrote even a brief addressed to repair center in their native language put in on the box, it might also made it smoother).
  6. Unfortunately it's way different for me. No shipping label, I was charged $30 to ship it there and $30 to ship it back, else I have to travel across country personally to pick it up from a super far away place that has no public transport near it.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    This, what is different. I saw also some users mentioned this and other no. Idk if it has south do with in/ out guarantee. But my stealth 2016 and Razer Edge was out of the guarantee, I can understand if I pay the shipping for those usb sticks, but no they just sent it from nearest headquarter free.
    I just experienced other RMA with Evga with their famous CS all over the world, their rtx card died inside my core, I sent it back for diagnosis with my money, and drive with my non sport car:red_car: to DHL to send it, they said shipping cost pay by costumer and back by them, so 50 50 I accepted that since idk if the Core was the culprit, but it is not, the card is as i thought already defective not because the core according diagnosis and why should we pay and loosing time for that, and when I asked that, yes I got all my money back they paid my time with free BFV though that I sold immediately since I’ve it already. Again it’s under warranty case so couldn’t be compared to yours though.
  8. Didnt quite get what u meant, a bit hard to understand sorry haha. My blade is still under warranty btw, yet they couldnt get it shipped :/

    So just an update, I was just asked to provide access to my computer so they can carry out "tests", which I have already provided them with my administrator account log in information as per requested while submitting it. Also note how they had previously promised they will not require any additional test if it exceeds the 3 day mark? Its been 1 week yet they are still delaying it to carry out their "tests"

    Very important and disappointing update for everyone:
    @mltan @Razer.WolfPack
    @EarLChieL @Joikansai @DragonZero14 @MrCasualGeek_ @UchihaJpm @2ez4Bm8 @xCryptik @EggLegg @AppleSuxx @DRIFT_IT

    tl;dr : the support blatantly lied multiple times If any staff wants to argue about this, please release the recording of our conversation.

    So today is Monday (7 days since I sent it in for repairs), the day I was told to call them again to reach senior management, this is what happened.

    I called them, asked to talk to a senior management. (I dont usually write support names, but I think I need to identify them to help Razer with internal investigations). This support staff, "Ryan" (who wasnt willing to give me his full name), picked up the call. He was the exact same person who called me on Saturday. I asked him to redirect me to a senior management, told me to wait, put me on hold for 10 minutes, then answered the phone again and said he was the "senior management". For those who dont remember, he was the exact same "Ryan" who told me on Saturday that there was no senior management available to help me and I had to wait till Monday. This time he redirected the call to himself as senior management and the title he gave himself this time was "razer systems technical support team senior manager". While it is possible they have a support staff and a senior both with the name Ryan, they talked in the exact tone, exact rudeness and exact broken english. He was also rude on the previous call but I don't prefer naming people, but this is too much to be acceptable.

    I asked to check what's the status and what can be done, guess what he told me? He told me that I have lied about them promising it to be done within 3 days (literally just taking out a battery putting a new one in, can be done in :heart:0 minutes), and that they never promised it (despite being clearly written here on their service request form). Instead he said this will take another week (2 weeks in total for a small battery to be repaired). I asked if there's another senior that I can talk to who can help me out, I was told I could only reach them via email and theyre not available to answer calls (which I was told previously by RYAN that if I called on Monday I would be able to talk to their senior, so for those who told me its normal they dont work on weekends, you can see how this isnt possible either), which I have actually tried except that they did not reply to my emails. When asked if he could get them to check the email, he just said I have to wait 48 hours and there's no other choice. Throughout the call, he would fake that the line is cutting out, even though I could hear his background clearly and him laughing to someone else in the background, and would often cut me off mid sentence when I was talking. Lacks even basic respect. And he just repeats that there's nothing he can help me other than for me to wait another week to get my laptop back.

    - Razer does not care about its customers AT ALL.
    - Ryan lacks basic respect, luckily I managed to keep my cool and try to talk nicely to him
    - Ryan lied that on Saturday there was no senior there
    - Ryan lied about the line cutting out
    - Ryan claimed I lied about the 3 days repair (uh, why would I? It's written in black and white, asked me to send proof which I did, even though they have a copy there themselves, and if it was more than 3 days I wouldnt have left it with them)
    - Essentially he meant "I dont care, you have to wait 1 more week we arnt going to help you"

    This is honestly the last straw for me. Nowhere on Earth is this kind of behaviour by such a big company acceptable. If this Ryan is a representative of this company, and there is no other person whom I can get in contact with, something is seriously wrong here. At this stage I've given up on getting any help or even any sense of responsibility from Razer, and will try to submit using my phone (luckily i backed up my documents given past experiences by other users) Razer has lost a big fan, and I will help spread this to everyone I know until they fix it, I would gladly return and support them.

    Let us all refrain from purchasing Razer Products for a while until they decide to listen and fix their issues unless you wish to support this kind of behaviour. Tag their admin until they bother to do something about it.

    Despite all these negativity, I do wish to bring to light and thank some amazing support staff I have talked to. I dont want people thinking all support staff are bad, they are generally nice people, but their management is completely terrible. Their lower support staff usually are nice to talk to but they are limited by their protocols, so if they cant help you, please understand them that it is not within their means to do so, which is all the more reason why we need to bring this issue up to their management's attention.

    List of amazing support staff Ive talked to:
    Jan Lorenzo O
    Jerry M
    Armand L.
    John Paulo L.
    and many more!

    Actually I'm quite disappointed, 1k views in 2 days, yet no one has bothered reaching out to me to offer help from their staff here. I know wolfpack has been an amazing staff here and had helped many users here but im surprised he chose to remain quiet this time too.

    I do want everyone to share their opinion too, am I asking too much for a decent product, or for them to keep their promises or be responsible? It is bad that it is affecting my once in a lifetime opportunity, but even without taking into account since I can fallback to using my phone, putting yourself into my shoes, will any of you here find this acceptable? If so, please explain why to change my opinion.
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  9. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    yo buddy. There is nothing I can help you but I promise I wont buy anything from razer anymore till they have a statement related to their support service, that they have adjusted the team and working methods. Im planing to buy a razer sila, but not anymore.
  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Sometimes depends on where the repair center how bad the issues are, it’ll take a time. On my RMA experience i was predicting 2 weeks without Blade so I use my old Applebook to do my works or even (20fps low setting) gaming, it was really nightmare. But a miracle happened it was within a week. When I’m not wrong I wrote also above that I wrote long Brief to repair center about details what I want to be checked, maybe that also made the process smoother.
    I’m now on Evga RMA, even it should come last Thursday according US CS, till today i don’t hear anything, i keep pushing the Blade running on 1200p ultrawide multiple Monitor surrounds view that actually should be done by core setting on 1440p Ultrawide:/
    At least you and I getting our machine on the professional hand even process are quite annoying. Like Razer subreddit Moderator said, shits happen, things break.
  11. Thanks! Really appreciate it. At the same time, I don't want to sound like Razer is completely bad, they do have decent items, and if you dont mind the trouble and inconveniences, it is still pretty good. I am just presenting facts of what happened to me and you guys can make your own judgement. Most importantly as a razer fan I still hope they can fix the issue instead of losing consumers
    I have 0 issues with it taking time, but I am annoyed by the lack of professionalism by so called "professionals". If you need 2 weeks, tell me, then I can fix it at a later time, dont tell me 3 days MAX and then change to 2 weeks only when I ask about it. If you tell us you cant provide good service, make replacement parts available so we can do it ourselves. It's all about being a responsible company.
  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Believe or not, just called Evga and they didn’t give exact ETA as their promised before, “after proofing the defective product the new one would be sent 2 to 3 days working time“, now already over that promised time:rage:. So I know that feeling, just now. My Apple Pencil 2 order is also from 8 to 9 days (supposed last week too), becomes 2nd calendar week, just got the mail...that means next year, what a day!!
  13. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    All this time i've been on this forum, i actually managed to realize one thing about Razer, their gear is great but it manifests different for every user. Meaning that there might be some things into some people pc's that cause the peripherals to lag or work slow, it's just my opinion. And it's not right to accuse one big and successful brand because of a single one of their employees you've had a bad experience with, people are also different. If we're all to take the most care and pay attention to what Razer tells us to keep our gear running i bet it would be different. And about the quality, it is good and not that much durable, but i say it's pretty much enough, nothing can last forever, but it should last if the owner takes good care of it.

    P.S I think your comments are too long, i myself i'm too lazy to read all of it.
  14. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    yeah .. at least when i see this matter clear ...
  15. Actually, this is part of what I said. They do have good products, but because of their declining quality, that's why more and more people are having issues, it's a trend, not just random occurrence. Even that I am fine with it, but the way the handle it is horrible. I've actually praised a few good employees to balance out the negativity, but a lot of the issues stem from their management level/ protocols, not the individual support staff, which is why Im trying to get their management's attention. It's a systematic error. Also trust me, I take care of my stuff very well, I pretty much try to even run my computer at low settings to not overheat it most of the time. Running games at 60 degrees shouldnt damage the computer, my computer looks basically brand new because of how good I take care of it, i went through the trouble of trying out 3 different screen protector, 3 different skins and makes sure I dont overcharge the battery. If so much care is given and there is still issues, it is either I am unlucky, or there's an issue with the product. Yet if you look at it, im not the only one with problems, in fact, the trend is more and more people are having issues, and these are inherent design issues. Such as the man o war headband. This can all be forgiven if it was rectified, and taking responsibility, but instead the way Razer does it is that they make the user seem to be the one at fault and it is our own problems, so they do not help us solve their issues. That, from a big company, should not be happening.
  16. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    I believe in transparency. I believe it is in the best interests of not only our brand, but also for our fans, that giving them a platform to share their (your) thoughts, ideas and opinions - for better or for worse, is great for the community as a whole. But the truth of the matter is, this one did violate some of the House Rules.

    Let me make this clear: this post was absolutely eligible for deletion, but in the interest of fairness and transparency, I didn't and will also illustrate where this post failed to meet compliance without cherry picking the actual conversation.

    From the House Rules

    Off limit topics or replies
    Untrue, sensationalized/exaggerated posts with the intent to mislead readers.

    Relating to Spam
    Continuously bringing up the same topic in numerous different threads or as an off-topic post to seek attention is not allowed (e.g. ‘/signed’, ‘bump’). This is applies to double-posting, please ensure you consolidate your comments and not string a bunch of short replies immediately after your initial post.

    Non-constructive/Hate Posting
    Speculation, especially when it is negative and untrue, tend to incite flaming and trolling – if an issue deserves an official word, it will be communicated. Baseless speculation and the encouraging of such conversations is prohibited.

    Respecting the House Rules and moderator actions
    Private communication between Razer Staff and forum users are not to be made public on these forums or by any other venue at any time.

    Using Razer Insider or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing or inciting any form of movement, in particularly legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited.

    So while I appreciate and honestly respect that you felt that you were well within the rules, unfortunately, the House Rules stand.

    And to say that Razer as a brand doesn't care? I get it. I, as a consumer can understand the feelings involved when met with a less than ideal situation. But as a member of Team Razer, who works diligently, despite being subject to bad news and conversations all day, to be accused of not caring is simply, unfair.

    I let this conversation slide long enough, but it's getting to a bad rhetoric.

    And lastly, please don't call out our staff members. They're not public servants, this isn't politics. It's poor form. That's the opposite way to get attention.
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