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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by zorro, Nov 24, 2016.

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  1. byteBoleAPATITE258

    byteBoleAPATITE258 New Member

    I use mouse button 4 for PTT, as it is the most natural and convenient button for me to use. However it is also locked to the back button on the browser, and I often accidentally activate it and go back in the browser, often losing data, very frustrating.

    If we could get an option where we can leave these buttons enabled, but not have them activate any other function that would be ideal, as disabling them in Synapse makes them unassignable in Teamspeak.

    Or if anyone has another viable solution (already tried the blank macro one, can't make a blank macro) I'd love to hear it.

    Well just had a thought and found a solution for those on Win 10. I set the mouse button function to Windows 8 Charms>App bar. Doesn't seem to affect Windows 10 and is still recognised by Teamspeak. Doesn't activate unwanted browser functions.

    Still a proper option in the software would be nice. Logitech have managed to make it work.
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  2. Nyltje

    Nyltje Member

    What I did: I made a profile when activating Chrome. So when I switch from gaming to browsing I don't use ingame buttons I've set up. So with gaming I use game buttons like g or x (depending on the game I play) and with browsing or just doing other things on Windows I use volume up and down.

    If you start up your pc make sure your Chrome/Windows profile is activated, that is now your standard profile.
  3. byteBoleAPATITE258

    byteBoleAPATITE258 New Member

    Cheers, not a bad idea, but I also use Teamspeak while browsing so wouldn't work for me.
  4. Nyltje

    Nyltje Member

    Make a profile for Chrome and Teamspeak and setup the .exe from the application, simple as that. You can see in the lower right corner which profile is activated.
  5. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    What about using some kind of keyboard viewer to see what keys that button is simulating, and then changing the keyboard shortcut in the OS options? Then that button wouldn't affect it any more.
    Are you talking about in Synapse? Are you able to change the keyboard shortcut in Teamspeak and then using that new shortcut one Synapse? Asking to change the functionality of Synapse without needing to alter something in the other software you're trying to affect is a long shot - it would assume that EVERYBODY is using Teamspeak, which everybody isn't.
  6. byteBoleAPATITE258

    byteBoleAPATITE258 New Member

    I guess the profile would be the "correct" way to do it within Synapse as per Nyltje, but the way I did it works for me and didn't require and messing around with app specific profiles. Thanks for the tip though, I didn't realise you could make app specific profiles.

    The problem with keyboard shortcuts is that if you set it to Alt, then press Tab while talking in game, your game Alt Tabs. If you set it to tilde, then talk while typing into a text box, you get a long line of tildes in the text box.

    All I know is the software for my brothers old cheap Logitech mouse that I use for my spare PC for LANs is much easier to use in this regard. If you disable the mouse buttons they still work with Teamspeak and games but not within the OS. Synapse doesn't provide the same straightforward functionality. +1 for Logitech, -1 for Razer.
  7. MixeraBG

    MixeraBG New Member

    i will be very hapy if razer make some options like G-switch in logithec
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