Orbweaver profile switching locks up Chroma.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by coolheavenHeatWave749, Nov 18, 2020.

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  1. I've been an orbweaver fan since it was a Nostromo. I've had every version ever made. And I loved it when they added per key color ability. But I'm experiencing an issue with Chroma that I'm unable to resolve.

    I have 3 profiles for one game that are switched between during gameplay via dedicated keys on the orbweaver. This issue is persistent between two different orbweavers.

    Each profile has a specific key color layout to denote each button's function.

    When I switch between profiles, within a few swaps of profiles during the game, it will lock up Chroma Key lighting to a any one of the 3 profile's key lighting. Though the button functions will swap still without issue.

    The only way to clear the issue is to unplug/replug the orbweaver to reset it. This lockup happens within about 5 minutes of playing and less than 10 profile switches in normal gameplay.

    This issue makes it difficult to tell which of the 3 profiles I'm actively on.

    This is a windows 10 PC running the latest 20H2 though the issue has been present through all versions of Windows 10.

    I've done a complete uninstall of Synapse 2 and Chroma apps and reinstalled the latest Synapse 2 version with no change to the issue.

    Google has not been helpful others experiencing this issue.

    Anyone else experienced this issue or know of a solution?

    Thanks to anyone who can assist.

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  2. JeffChiu823

    JeffChiu823 New Member

    I got same issue and cannot find any solution on it. . I just plug and unplug my orbweaver to reset it. Hopefully, Razer give us some guide/hints for us to resolve this problem. . BTW, Could Razer consider to make Synapse 3 support on Orbweaver. The Orbweaver is very good production design, why give up the development road map on this product line.

    RPTOFFNDR New Member

    I'm in a similar situation and really frustrated with my razer orbweaver chroma stealth. Ive done multiple cleans and reinstalls of razer softwares and gone so far to do two clean installs of windows today. I'm using windows 10 20H2, without installing any other software. My profile lighting or keymaps lights will not update after a certain amount of keymap switches (usually 3-4) which I use regularly. Unplugging and replugging does solve this but for me this only lasts about a minute before the lights freeze. The keymaps are still usable but they're sooo difficult to use without a visual indicator because I use multiple different graphical editing softwares at once. On my laptop which is running 1909 windows 10 , I do not have this issue as often but can rarely replicate it if I switch keymaps rapidly. Please please fix this as it has become my daily driver and if this wasnt an issue I would likely invest in more razer products so save having multiple other softwares running for all my other peripherals.
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