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orbweaver thumbstick feedback

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by hexxcast1, May 16, 2019.

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  1. hexxcast1

    hexxcast1 New Member

    is it possible to submit feedback to the person who designs the thumbsticks for the orbweaver?

    i am a huge fan of the orbweaver, i think it should replace using keyboards for gaming as it is a far more comfortable and efficient way of inputting controls.

    the problem is the thumbstick as its currently designed cannot compete with the speed of WSAD for movement.
    i did some testing and on a mechanical keyboard it's easy to do around 10 keystrokes per second, but with the orbweaver thumb stick you struggle to do 5 keystrokes per second. this means you are moving slower and more sluggish than someone with a mechanical keyboard.

    i created a custom modification to the thumbstick on my orbweaver and it allows me to input at 8 keystrokes per second and the difference is huge in terms of responsiveness of movement. still not as good as WSAD but alot closer.

    with the mod i basically use tape to pad the sides of the stick to create less travel time between clicks and extend out button this creates a much faster and responsive stick.

    Therfore can you please look at the thumbstick and for your next version of the orbweaver design it so it's much more sensitive and responsive and capable of inputting at 10 keystorkes per second. I'm certain with the right design and ergonomics this can be done, since i was able to vastly improve it with just some grip tape. then we can finally get rid of the hugely inefficient 3 finger WSAD and replace it with simple thumb controlled movement.
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    If you go into Synapse there's a button to press specifically for leaving feedback, this will go to the developers and is the best way to get your opinions to the right people. According to the staff that I've spoken to, those feedback messages do in fact get read.
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