Ornata Chroma bad french layout

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by AzureWebColorurban062, Dec 27, 2018.

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  1. Hello Team,

    First time for me on this forum, so i hope i'm at the right place to deal with my issue

    I bought two Ornata Chroma (one for my son and one for me) with French Layout
    I received an azerty keyboard, this, is ok
    But keyboard layout is not a real french layout, indeed, the printing on some keys is not good.
    For example, it suggests that I don't need to press shift to get a number or the dot for example, which is very embarrassing.

    Attached a picture of the keyboard with the keys, which are badly printed, surrounded by red


    Has anyone ever encountered this problem and how do I get the right keys?
    Thank you in advance
  2. darkdroid38

    darkdroid38 New Member

    Hi, same problem on same keyboard (purchased in France) and razer blade 15. I think Razer is
    dyslexique ^^
    On razer blade 15, impossible to write ö or ë (maybe windows 10 1809 issue) but caps Ë and Ö are ok...
    to write noël, beacuse I don't know alt code for ë, I have to open word and select special characters then paste them... boring
  3. darkdroid38

    darkdroid38 New Member

    5 minuts and minus ë and ö are working? I love windows ^^
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