Ornata Chroma - Keys feel different from one another

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Karpata, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. greatSaffronbuzz781

    greatSaffronbuzz781 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I have a problem with my Ornata. Today my second Ornata Chroma arrived and it has the same problem that I had with the first one. Not all the keys feel the same. Some feel very clicky and mechanical almost like my Blackwidow while others feel very dull and just like any other membrane keyboard. I asked support again if this is a common issue but this time I received a less understanding response. They're probably annoyed by now. ^^ It's something I CAN get used to I guess because I really like the low profile and I absolutely LOVE the wristrest but if this is not a problem that eveybody has to deal with I'd like it to be flawless at least for a couple of months.

    So to all the Ornata owners here do all of your keys have the same clicky mechanical feel?
  2. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    If you can PM me your case #, I can see if I can get someone to check this for you.
  3. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hi Karpata, welcome to Insider!

    Unfortunately, I cannot do much to solve your problem. Only support will be able to help you.

    With that said, I can offer you some knowledge so that you can better understand the problem. I've seen a few reports now about this issue. I believe this is due to the metal clips under the keycaps of the Ornata (which provide tactile feel and the clicky sound) getting worn down.

    The way I like to describe it - Ornata is a membrane keyboard with metal clips installed to provide a mechanical feel. Basically overtime those clips stay pressed down instead of bouncing back out, reducing the clicky sound and tactile feedback. When you use your keyboard, obviously some keys are going to get pressed more often than others, so that causes the inconsistent feeling. Since you have noticed this problem across different units, it is an unexpected and unfortunate issue indeed.

    I've heard a temporary solution is removing the keycaps and pulling the metal clips back into place. However ymmv and I'm not sure if that would void your warranty - so be sure to check before you try.
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  4. greatSaffronbuzz781

    greatSaffronbuzz781 New Member

    I expected them to get worn down. What bothers me is that most keys have this issue since day one. I used neither of them for more than a day because it was bothering me. I will however check if that solves the issue and if that would void my warranty
  5. bvcxiuy

    bvcxiuy New Member

    I've had the Ornata Chroma and I can say that they were kinda built this way. The day I got them I had the same feeling. The keys all made different noises, actuation, etc. I don't think this is the problem on the Razer's part, but rather just a general problem with most membrane keyboards.
  6. greatSaffronbuzz781

    greatSaffronbuzz781 New Member

    Oh well guess it's more membrane than mechanical after all. I will keep you guys up to date once I receive an official response on the "fix" Raijin suggested and also if I will even notice it after a couple weeks of using it at work
  7. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Just for reference, this is how the 'switch' it looks likes:

    As you can see, rubber dome with a metal clip to the side. That clip is probably what's causing the problem. Since you guys have been having the problem day-1, I guess it's not due to wear. Perhaps a manufacturing issue where not all the clips are installed fully extended?
  8. bvcxiuy

    bvcxiuy New Member

    Hmm, possibly. Tested some at Target and the keys seem the same as I described above. Possibly a manufacturing issue. I personally don't mind it because it is not a MAJOR difference. Just a little *dak* on one key and a *duh* on another if you get what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  9. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Actually, I've been using an Ornata for a couple of months now and I haven't seen any noticeable difference with any of my keys. They all feel consistent and it's actually my current favorite everyday keyboard. As Raijin and RaptureHearts mentioned, if you find that you're facing any issues with your products please reach out to Razer Support directly.
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