OSVR support for CRYENGINE

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by lavizh, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. lavizh_no_id

    lavizh_no_id New Member

    I see Unity and Unreal Engine 4 is supported, which is awesome. Has Razer approached Crytek to support CRYENGINE? With their CRYENGINE Engine as a Service platform on Steam, which is aimed at indies it would be perfect for OSVR.

    It does feature sourcecode for input but access to the renderer is restricted to full licensees. Implementation must then be done from Crytek's side.

    You guys had any success in the matter?
  2. I reckon if Unreal or Unity is mentioned, it just means that they are partnered with OSVR for more views on their engines. Since this is open source, I don't doubt support is there for whichever engine you'd like to code / develop with.
  3. HeadClot

    HeadClot New Member

    I would like Cryengine support as well. Cry needs some VR love :)
  4. ChrisMitchell

    ChrisMitchell Software Guru Staff Member

    We've certainly reached out. Stay tuned for news.
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