Overwatch Chroma - FIXED (June 28)

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by Razer|Quis, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Sinisterj12

    Sinisterj12 New Member

    Correction. Still does not work but by doing that its showing up in the app list is all.
  2. Is this supposed to be fixed by todays Synapse patch? Because it still isn't working for me.
    Should I reinstall synapse?
  3. tdking01

    tdking01 Active Member

    Give it a couple more days , it's still not working for me too . I believe that we're going to have an official statement soon.
  4. Can we get an update on this? This is day 5 since the last official staff post which at the time was supposedly close to a fix. Just curious if there's an eta on this fix yet.
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  5. Zandar

    Zandar New Member

    I sent them a email and gave them the logs and errors that they need if you send them an email. They do not have a fix yet, They will forward it to there development team so stay tuned for more info. (Bookmark this thread page if need be)
  6. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    subscribed for updates. I am sad with a keyboard that doesnt integrate with overwatch :slightly_sad:
  7. I wholeheartedly agree sir. Without integration it's like, what's the point of even going on with life. If this bug lasts much longer I'm going to use the lights to spell out "I quit" and use my cat5 cable to hang myself in the closet. But at least with 16.8 million color combinations in the I quit, it will be a very bright flashy suicide. Can you live with that on your conscience dev team? Is this what you wanted?! I thought we had something special! :sob:

    And now we see who gives first, me giving up, or the dev team giving us a fix. Balls in your court devs.
  8. Zandar

    Zandar New Member

    The Devs are working really hard on a fix and it sounds like its there #1 priority they will soon release and update to resolve the issue and they apologize for any inconvenience
  9. Last Friday, i bought the Blackwidow Chroma V2 for exact this function. IPlugged in, installed, startet OW, nothing happend. I'm so disappointed... Tried to install some custom apps and profiles, but barely a profile does get detected while importing... Searches for ".razersynapse" most are ".razerchroma" and couldnt be imorted. And the apps just dont do anything or crash when launching... GG! Maybe i just give it back.

    How do you know?
  10. Zandar

    Zandar New Member

    I have been contacting them throught this whole thing. i can send you a screen shot if need be.
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  11. You have to create a profile, then in the configurator import, that will allow you to import .razerchroma files.
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  12. Ok, i just wondered because you were so safe about that. I dont need a screenshot

    Thanks for this, so at least one more thing does work, lets find out if i can manage to go over the other problems
  13. Ampheliptic

    Ampheliptic Member

    Oh I thought it was a problem for just myself.. I'm glad a fix is coming up.
  14. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    Wish I had found this post sooner. -.- I too thought it was just me.
  15. Spanjol

    Spanjol New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have same issue with Razer Blackwidow integration not working in Overwatch.

    Any updates on this please maybe estimated date/time issue will be fixed?

  16. Same problem here. I'm a bit frustrated that we've had to go so long without a fix.
  17. You gotta be kiding me spending days just to put a chroma app implementation
  18. Zandar

    Zandar New Member

  19. Zandar

    Zandar New Member

    They have fixed it!
  20. Doesnt work for me. was the update in Synapse or OW?
    Synapse is on Version 2.20 and OW on Version Both detect no Updates.

    EDIT: So i had a a live-chat with the support right now. It isnt working, the devs are still working on this
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