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Overwatch Chroma - FIXED (June 28)

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by Razer|Quis, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I never used the workaround myself. I'm waiting for razer and/or blizzard to fix it. I'm taking the path of least resistance you know? ( i.e I don't want to fix it myself.) Maybe you could pm the fellow who came up with the workaround to give you more clear instructions?
  2. iAmNoRecoil

    iAmNoRecoil New Member

    is there still no fix for this yet ?
  3. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    It's found in the Windows normal program uninstall place. Control Panel -> Add Remove/Programs->Programs And Features -OR- Uninstall A Program (You might have different view settings which changes the wording.)

    When the list of installed programs comes up you should be able to find one called "Razer Chroma SDK Core Components" and if you look under the version column it should be 2.2.4 or something. I forget the newest version.

    Uninstall that. Restart your PC. Right click the synapse icon on your taskbar and EXIT synapse if it's closed. Then install the version 1.0.6 Chroma SDK from the link in the original post on page 3. Restart AGAIN. Open Synapse. Open OW. Should be working.
  4. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    Been having a few BSODs related to rzudd.sys (razer driver) so I'm uninstalling and going from scratch yet again. I'll go ahead and test this one and let you know what I find out.
  5. k ill try that thanks much!!!
  6. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    Updated my post concerning the temp fix / workaround. Posting with new updates here as well.

    Workaround / Temp Fix
    (Until Razer Pushes An Official Update)

    Follow These Steps:

    Step 1: Close Razer Synapse. (Right click icon on Taskbar or use the Task Manager in Windows.)
    Step 2: Uninstall Chroma SDK Core Components version 2.2.4 (Control Panel -> Uninstall A Program)
    Step 3: Install Chroma SDK Core Components version 1.14.8. (Link Below)
    Step 4:
    Start Razer Synapse back up.
    Step 5: Start Overwatch.
    Step 6: Smile and yell as loudly as you can, "THANK YOU PEN_CAP! (Just Kidding! :blush:)"

    No restarts in between the uninstall and reinstall required but it never hurts!

    Working with the newest OW patch: Version (

    I spent a few hours testing each of the Chroma SDK versions that have ever been released. I made sure to uninstall properly, delete temp files and do MANY (-.-) system restarts.

    All of the SDK versions can be found on Razer's Reddit Wiki Page found: **HERE**

    Here are my results: (Click Version Number For Direct Download)
    2.2.4 NOT WORKING (Newest Version/Auto Installed Via Synapse)

    2.1.5 NOT WORKING

    2.1.3 NOT WORKING

    1.14.8 WORKING! (I would recommend using this version)

    1.14.7 WORKING!

    1.14.2 WORKING!

    1.13.6 WORKING!

    1.13.3 WORKING!

    1.10.06 WORKING! (Caused Random BSODs)

    1.09.06 WORKING!

    1.07.05 WORKING!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
  7. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    I just did a lot of testing and posted an updated guide. Use it instead of anything previous. Thanks! It's the post just above this one.
  8. Outahismind

    Outahismind New Member

    Unfortunately the old installers immediately crash when I try to use one.... Still waiting on a fix Razer
  9. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    welp that's some dedication right there
  10. iAmNoRecoil

    iAmNoRecoil New Member

    i would just wait till razer fix there shit
  11. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    That's because you didn't close Razer Synapse correctly or at the right time AND/OR You didn't uninstall the Chroma SDK Properly. I ran into this issue twice while testing the files. Uninstalling Razer Synapse then restarting then re-installing Razer Synapse then starting back at Step 1 should fix the crashing issue. Just has to do with temp files that get left behind and files that can't be deleted/changed while Synapse is open.
  12. Pen_Cap

    Pen_Cap New Member

    We ALL are waiting for them to fix "their shit." However, they are proving that they either aren't in a hurry to get a fix out and some of us think that Hardware/Software should do what the user tells it to do, not whatever it wants. I bought a keyboard that is supposed to do something, it broke and the company is not in a hurry. Therefore, I can give up, or I can get what I want. Idk about you... But I always get what I want.

    No one is forcing you to do the temp fix. If you like paying for things and then not getting what you paid for then that's on you. Have fun sitting around with a broken KB waiting on Razer. I on the other hand will be in OverwatchKeyboardLightCrazyFunTimeAwesomeSuperCoolAdventureMode!

    TLDR: If you want your shit to work now: Do the Temp Fix. If you don't give a crap when your stuff works: Why are you even in this thread to begin with? It obviously was important enough for you to look it up, but not important enough to get it working immediately.

    Word! /end rant
  13. Spanjol

    Spanjol New Member

    I went for the temp fix. It's working but still I don't like to run old software, it's not reliable and it doesn't feel right you know. And to be honest Razer should prioritize this if they really care about there customers or at least give us an update and don't make us feel like we are forgotten / show us that they are working to fix the issue. I know these things take time I work in an IT industry myself but it's not fair to leave the end user blind.
  14. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't throw it all on all razer. It's not like blizzard is known for blazing efficiency. Blizzard can't even fix the lag issues on their starcraft 2 servers that's been going on for months and this is even after their latest patch.

    I'm just saying don't crucify razer alone, blizzard is notorious for dragging their feet. I know this from personal experience.
  15. still doesnt work gonna cryyyyyyy {i havent been able to experience the COOL yet [ just got my keyboard 3 days ago ]
  16. Outahismind

    Outahismind New Member

    No believe me I did it correctly... I've already gone through all of this with the developers in the first place working with them privately before this thread even went up. I've tried everything including deleting EVERY file on my computer that involves razer...

    Don't get me wrong though, I appreciate the time, effort, help, and advice. It's just not working for me :/
  17. Spark7

    Spark7 New Member

    cant confirm i have the same problem

    new installers (that doesnt work) are fine, old ones crash.

    Windows 10 64bit
  18. Spark7

    Spark7 New Member

    btw Razer it's been quiet a while on this patch. maybe just revert version this fix isnt working for everyone.
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  19. iAmNoRecoil

    iAmNoRecoil New Member

    That would be too easy ! and the worst thing is they cant even respond to us....ah well maybe time to switch to corsair
  20. Just did the temp fix sadly, because its been over a month now, and no official fix. If it is blizzards fault then ok, but razer should be letting us know. I know its probably not a big deal to them to fix silly little lights on keyboards, but it is the reason so many of us spent hundreds on keyboards and mice and headsets, for features like these. we shouldnt be the ones troubleshooting our own problems. I hope razer learns something from this.
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