Overwatch Origins Memory of War Edition

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Overtask, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Found a discounted version of Overwatch Origins for £37.99 on Amazon.co.uk
    It's an Amazon exclusive, called the Memory of War Edition, tried to find it on the US Amazon for our American friends, however no luck :slightly_sad:

    Not only is this cheaper than the getting the Origins Edition from Blizzard (£44.99) or Game (£39.99), but it also comes with a Metal Coin and Metal Badge

    Just bought it now, will take the photos of the coin and badge once they arrive tomorrow

    The quality seems fairly decent, can take some more photos if anyone wants
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  2. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    Wish they sold this version in the US
  3. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    I really have no idea why it is exclusive to Amazon UK and cheaper than anywhere else plus you get physical items. The Serial Key is an EU key so perhaps may be available elsewhere in the EU also?
  4. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    A guy on reddit said it was also available in Sweden, but I'm not sure if it's everywhere in the EU.
  5. Specter501

    Specter501 New Member

    Dang thats sick man nice grab
  6. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Quite interestingly even if you order now you still get the pre-order bonus skin (Widowmaker Noire) as it comes in the pack, probably since they are still on the pre-order unit batch with the skin. I imagine though most physical copies bought now will still give you the skin, so I doubt it will be that rare.
  7. mnrtjedennis

    mnrtjedennis Active Member

    Wish I know this earlier! looks really cool, now i regret my normal origins edition purchase:slightly_sad: Thanks for sharing!
  8. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    Ohh nice :D
    I'd buy it bu now i have to spend my money on my new keyboard :D
    And I still hope to win one of the origins edition on a Razer or Blizzard giveaway
  9. clonex10100

    clonex10100 Member

    Sick find!
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