Paid to Play game need to be better

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Apolo-Ace, Apr 30, 2020.


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  1. Apolo-Ace

    Apolo-Ace New Member

    when ever I get on cortex weekly all of the paid to play games are just trash in my opinion. most of them are just random games I have never even heard of. some of them are a bit fun or just have good graphics like totaly reliable delivery service or sky: children of the light, but apart from that, the 2 games this week that gave you 100 silver weren't on the play store for some reason, so for that reason I wasn't able to get 200 silver.
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  2. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    The ones that are featured are the most played games on mobile i'd think, even if they seem random. What games would you like to see in the cortex mobile? Just curious. And the 100 silver slot games, i believe they're only available in weekends and at a certain hour idk which tho.
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  3. PranavAP28

    PranavAP28 New Member

    Tbh, I reckon it should detect the pc games you own, or probably the choices of your games, because you will be missing out on earning sliver. Then like what will be the point of i t
  4. El_Chameleon

    El_Chameleon Active Member

    To be honest, this month Paid to Play mobile games seem to be really good. Archero and Assassin's Creed Rebelion have been a nice experience
  5. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    Twice I have uninstalled a paid to play game because it wasn't shown on as a paid to play game anymore. Then I go back to Cortex, and it appears there for 100 silver reward
  6. magictim

    magictim Well-Known Member

    Some of the games that are restricted in a certain region, that made a big loss for daily silver loot.

    In my opinion, I don't care what kind of trash game they offer, as that is one of Razer's source of income. As long as I can gather enough Silver to redeem some products is fine for me. For some occasions, the pay to play system will crash and no one could provide a solution, so good luck for that.

    Given that 10 min is absolutely not enough if you really like that game.
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  7. peter76james

    peter76james Active Member

    For me most of the time I discover games here that I've never heared of before and luckily turns out to be fun and enjoyable. The only thing that for me that needs improvement are the games that disconnects by itself even before the 3minute mark expires making us restart the game again and again.
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  8. dudepi3

    dudepi3 New Member

    This how do i fix this
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  9. peter76james

    peter76james Active Member

    I don't think we can fix it on our own bro. Maybe its up to the support team
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