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Vote for October's Paid to Play games! (2 votes)

Poll closed Sep 30, 2017.
  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    1,318 vote(s)
  2. Heroes of the Storm

    1,119 vote(s)
  3. DOTA 2

    1,383 vote(s)
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5

    630 vote(s)
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege

    453 vote(s)
  6. Crossfire

    99 vote(s)
  7. Payday 2

    680 vote(s)
  8. SMITE

    307 vote(s)
  9. Battlerite

    85 vote(s)
  10. Neverwinter

    334 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. paidtoplaySept-social-1200x628-v1_discovernewgames.png
    September’s Paid to Play games are here! Check’ em out and vote for the titles you want to see featured next month. Ready up to score tons of zSilver:

    Hey Insiders,

    We’re bringing you 5 new Paid to Play games in September—3 popular titles on Razer Cortex and 2 games chosen through your votes. Heroes are making a comeback and action takes center stage—prepare to score zSilver as you and your team win in:

    - Overwatch
    - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    - Team Fortress 2
    - League of Legends (Player’s Choice)
    - Hearthstone (Player’s Choice)

    Also, we heard your feedback on some of last month’s games being inaccessible due to their prices. This September, we’ve made 3 of the 5 compatible games Free-to-Play, each covering different styles of gameplay, so there’s something for everyone.

    The votes for October’s Paid to Play games are now open—go ahead and pick the ones you prefer. The 2 titles with the most votes will be featured next month.

    In September, you’ll also be able to enjoy new Paid to Play special events. We’ll unveil one every week starting now, with a boosted zSilver weekend on CS:GO starting on Sep 1st at 00.01AM PST and ending on Sep 5th 00.01AM PST. Earn zSilver twice as fast as you diffuse or plant the bomb.

    Score zSilver on 5 new games, vote for your favorite titles to be featured next month and enjoy our special Paid to Play weekends!
  2. JoshuaDarkhat

    JoshuaDarkhat Active Member

    CS:GO, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends and HearthStone.

    According to the notification in Razer Cortex
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  3. Juanscef

    Juanscef New Member

    nice selection :)
  4. Rolbm

    Rolbm New Member

    Finally League of Legends and HearthStone back. :cool_:
  5. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Sweet, used to play a ton of TF2 about 7 years ago. And it's still going, I'll have to fire it up a little bit again.
  6. No_GT31

    No_GT31 Well-Known Member

    HELL YEAH!! 5 GAMES THAT I OWN!! (unlike in august)
  7. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Count yourself lucky. A lot of people have one or none. Me included.
  8. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    That's a strong, and kinda strange, complaint when 3 of them are free to play.
    And those three come from different services, in case you're banned from one or two, or you hate them.
    They're all readily available to download at any time. So unless you have a seriously metered or capped internet service, I don't see where ownership narrows anybody to one or none.

    Now preference, that is another matter...
  9. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't frame it as a complaint. Before this month I couldn't even participate in the program. My game wasn't even included under the old system.
    A lot of people were spoiled since the start of the program, that's on Razer cause they're soft touches.
    People like me who only got to experience the program first hand this month appreciate what Razer is doing.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
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  10. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Yay, Overwatch is back on! If only @Min-Liang Tan could tell my work that this next month isn't supposed to be as busy as it will be ... or help Australia get fast cheap internet the way he's helping his homeland with the commerce-thingy. Maybe if Australia makes him an honorary citizen, he'd be willing to get it done. ;)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
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  11. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    So, CSGO and TF2 month awaits... :big_grin_:
  12. proliu

    proliu Member

    where can we vote?
  13. Look up! The poll has arrived - get ready to vote :)
  14. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    I´ve voted but I still don´t like the system that much because this month the choosen games are great, but next month they won´t be as good as this one...

    I also don´t understand why you didn´t put Overwatch in the august one, when the summer games were available :/

    I´m still the opinion that the system should be changed somehow :)
  15. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Dude, this is a moment of celebration, you finally get to feed your zsilver "withdrawal". Let's not be a downer here
    bro. I ain't trying to disrespect you.

    It seems like Razer is damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

    How do you win?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  16. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Woohoo! CS:GO & Hearthstone :)
    Voted for PUBG (didn't have, but I'll buy at the beginning of the new month) & GTA 5 - online sessions was fun.
    I wish, that Payday will be someday in Paid to Play, but I don't think that there's any chance for this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  17. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    It would be great it Paid to Play deals coincided with sales/promotions. That includes games Razer is officially partnered with and potential new indie titles for exposure. A game like GTA 5 or COD will always be more than my budget wants to pay for them unless I won them in giveaways. :)
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  18. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Lucky you :D
  19. RinAstrea

    RinAstrea New Member

    Overwatch is back hell yeah!
  20. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    Just gotta wait until GTA7 or so rolls out, then maybe we will get our shot at an irresistible sale on 5!
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