Paid to Play - What's next?

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by mltan, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Nightsedge2

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    would paid to play work for Overwatch sometime soon do you think
  2. ErdrickDragonsbane

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    Well, I'm gonna go ahead and complain. Don't bring something like this back if it's only going to upset everyone, which is exactly what it's doing.

    8. Users will receive 5 Razer Silver for every minute of gameplay, with a maximum of 50 Razer Silver each day. This excludes bonus campaigns such as double multiplier campaigns or more.
    9. Awarding more Razer Silver per game activity and/or other Cortex PC campaigns will be subjected to Razer’s sole decisions and changes.
    10. Every Razer Silver awarded in Paid to Play and Cortex PC will have 12 months validity period from date of earned/claimed.

    Literally impossible for people to get anything more than tiny discounts on stuff. This comes across as a giant 'go fuck yourself', even more so when I read your posts in this thread. I've always supported Razer, because it's always seemed like you guys care about your gamers; you made left handed mice, and I even seem to recall some of your stuff being used by a guy who played games with his feet because he didn't have arms.

    Then you introduced paid to play, with the zsilver, and it was amazing. It seemed like you finally cared about your poor gamers, and not just middle class or higher. People who had extremely limited budgets - and let's be real here, with soaring rates of college tuition, soaring housing costs, massively bloated student loan debt, a growing wealth and income divide between the top 1% and everyone else, rising medical costs in the US, and stagnant wages, there are a lot of those people - finally had a way to get some Razer gear. People who otherwise wouldn't be using your software wanted to download Cortex so they could earn points. It got people into Razer, supporting Razer, and using Razer.

    And then you removed it. Because some people were complaining, or sending death threats. I've received death threats for being a progressive. I've received death threats for being an atheist, for being Jewish, for being alive. And I'm not famous, I don't own a large company, I don't even own a small company, I'm just someone barely making $8k/year and struggling to get by.

    You're going to get death threats. You're going to get people complaining. You're going to have people who hate you, for no valid reason whatsoever. If you can't deal with that in 2018, you may as well hole yourself up somewhere without internet, because you can't escape it.

    And now it's back, but in a format that is essentially a gigantic 'go fuck yourself' to everyone who loved the program in the first place, to everyone who has been clamoring for it to come back, to everyone who doesn't have the money to spend on the peripherals in the first place. It feels like a giant slap in the face. I wanted the program to come back, but would have been OK if it didn't--I understand that it was something you were doing to help your fellow gamers, and that it wasn't necessarily profitable [I don't have the data to see how much the program increased the use of your software, to see if you saw increased revenue, or decreased, or any other details], and was possibly even costing you money.

    So, if my post here makes you decide to remove it. Fine. That's good. As it stands right now, it's a blighted abomination. It's an insult--a scam, even. There are plenty of people who will use it, think they can save up for a year and a half to get the cheapest mouse option, who will then feel deeply betrayed when they realize their silver is decaying after a year and they can never reach their goal.
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  3. KTheory

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    Just something I would like to add. With such a low Razer silver coming back in Paid to play, this will probably make more people just buy Used Razer products. Similar to me and my friends, I was grinding for Razer silver last year. Then it got discontinued. However, I love razer products so what did my friends and I do who didn't want to pay full price? We just bought used ones which were sometimes less than 50% of what it cost brand new or heavily discounted on amazon. However, getting people to enter the ecosystem and getting their first razer product, this would probably make them want to get the newest and greatest, and eventually buying brand new products.
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    Glad to see Paid to Play is back, also like to see that War Thunder is coming to it in the next couple weeks! Gonna end up playing much more then.

    Like said before, ZSilver is mostly for people spending money on ZGold and buying different things with that, the free ways are just kind of extra and are not made for you to get the best products for free, they are mostly just useful for the small products and the discounts. People complained about getting more free stuff in the past, so it had to stop. Razer is still one of the only company's I can think of that does a rewards program like this still, and the other ones still take months to get anywhere unless you buy products.
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    LOVE THIS- this was the main reason I started with Razer and itll get new people into the brand
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    Can't agree more!
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    zGold-MOLPoints still haven't change to RazerGold for RazerPay though
  9. Parth1C

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    Yes mate Razer P2P is back !
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    excellent post.. everything i've wanted to say but have been too lazy to type :D
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    Except for the "So, if my post here makes you decide to remove it. Fine. That's good." part, I agree with nearly everything else stated here. Although I'm ecstatic that the program made a return at all, the program should just go back to way it was initially. To those who can't get with the program at that point, too bad. Can't appease everyone. Not in the logical sense, not in the geographical sense, & not in the ethical sense. Sadly, that's not common-sense.
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