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Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Razer|Zoraw, Apr 9, 2017.

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  1. bio7hazard

    bio7hazard New Member

    Btw is working for me now (playing LOL)
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  2. Kaijuuu

    Kaijuuu New Member

    seems to be working for me and my friends as well :)
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  3. pitermac

    pitermac Member

    It looks like it's working for me today also. Too bad it did not work for last 3 days (it's almost 3k zSilver). But good it's working. Thx for whatever you have done.
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  4. pillowism

    pillowism Active Member

    sometimes i forget, because it usually pops up at start up to collect my daily reward but it doesn't anymore
  5. PotatoGang

    PotatoGang New Member

    just tried playing csgo and i'm earning zsilver thanks
  6. Lezwing

    Lezwing New Member

    Great it works again! :D Now I can continue my hunt for zSilver! :)

    Thanks, @Razer|Zoraw, for making this work again. ;D
  7. FoxEye93

    FoxEye93 New Member

    So is it all the game working fine except paladins?
  8. AllPr0

    AllPr0 Active Member

    Still not working for me (Paladins), any advice?
  9. FoxEye93

    FoxEye93 New Member

    I tried just now and paladins working fine now.
  10. dk1player

    dk1player New Member

    uou thanks razer!
  11. Kyoozo

    Kyoozo New Member

    It's not tracking Paladins properly for me.
  12. SimplementeJIMI

    SimplementeJIMI New Member

    I tried today a few minutes and I get 120 + 45 zSilver playing Paladins. I played a little bit mor and I didn't get zSilver. Just the 2 first rounds. Remember, send you feedback with your issues to Razer Cortex team.

    Here is the post.
  13. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    I logged into Cortex today and didn't even get the login zSilver. Tried opening Overwatch, and didn't get the "earning zSilver" announcement.

    Closed the game. Closed Cortex.

    Re-opened Cortex. Got the login zSilver. Opened Overwatch. Got the "earning zSilver" announcement. About to play OW for the next 70 minutes while I wait for my car to be worked on. I'll let you know how it goes from there.

    **It's later. zSilver awarded for 5 minutes in the training area. Closed game - opened it again - zSilver logged for 13 minutes playing Comp.**
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2017
  14. Kyoozo

    Kyoozo New Member

    If I read this right, it's not tracking it right for you as well. I get the same thing with Paladins, I sometimes get rewarded for a few minutes and I sometimes don't get anything. It's really annoying because I think I've lost around 5k of zSilver during this bug. :slightly_sad:
  15. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Yeah, it didn't work the first time, so I came to see if there were any announcements by Razer staff here about another outage. There wasn't so I tried the old trick of "turning it off and turning it back on again", and it worked. All day. Got 900 zS for the day.
  16. WitzyJ

    WitzyJ New Member

    When I play games for 2 hours, it shows that cortex is running. However, when I get off and try to claim my reward, it says I got 0 zSilver. The only "abusive" thing I could have done was when I accidentally left my game open, but I still got zSilver that day. Hope that this isn't the case, and that its just a bug....
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