Paladins vs Overwatch which do you prefer and why?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by samuelwtw, Mar 30, 2017.

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  1. HugeDeuce

    HugeDeuce Active Member

    overwatch is just a cheap paladins rip-off
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  2. Thelolster69

    Thelolster69 New Member

    For me its paladins
    because its not only free but its basically just like overwatch, but i have'nt played overwatch
  3. Active Member

    Overwatch just feels smoother for me and Paladins looks like a copy of Overwatch.
  4. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    I feel that Overwatch chracters have more 'life' behind them, and makes the gamer feel connected with the game more. Gameplay wise I think they are both comparable.
  5. HugeDeuce

    HugeDeuce Active Member

    yeah and they stole that life from paladins
  6. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    Would love if you could elaborate
  7. i love paladins and i just got overwatch but i havent tried it yet.
  8. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    Keep your hentai censored but I *personally* think that Paladins isn't well polished and could use some work. What i mean is, something's are clunky and the maps are just awful! Overall I'd prefer Overwatch since it's much more smooth and etc.
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  9. HugeDeuce

    HugeDeuce Active Member

  10. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

  11. HugeDeuce

    HugeDeuce Active Member

    Kappa Kappa Kappa
    OW is definitely the much better produced game.
  12. Aeneid

    Aeneid New Member

    I have been playing Paladins for a while now and I've only played Overwatch for a weekend (while it was free). I have to be honest and say that I prefer Overwatch because I think their characters (heroes) have more character to them, the lore is being developed a lot better and all in all they're better designed.
    I like Paladins, I'm still playing it but I must admit that I don't think it will become "a thing" like Overwatch did.
    I plan on buying Overwatch but I won't stop playing Paladins, it's fun.
  13. MrGoodname

    MrGoodname Member

    Definitely Paladins... I have never played overwatch but since paladins is almost the same I prefer Paladins just because it's kind of just the same as overwatch anyways.
  14. Saltirezz

    Saltirezz New Member

    Recently, I have been playing both and really, i'd say Paladins. I like the style, the more abilities and also I simply like the characters more(even though they are pretty similar to the Overwatch characters). Overwatch just feels so meh. Or maybe it's just because I win more on Paladins. Oh well I say Paladins for the now. Oh and did I mention Paladins is free?
  15. Forensicks

    Forensicks New Member

    I have played both games and my vote go towards Paladins.

    I have played Overwatch for awhile and agree the graphics are fantastic and updates are more prominent
    However Hi-Rez has done a pretty dam good job with Paladins, the game play is slower then Overwatch but flawless. If you take the minor differences between both game Paladin is the clear winner due to F2P.
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  16. onlyr3d

    onlyr3d New Member

    Honestly from a person that played both and still owns both. I would say I enjoy Paladins more, however the biggest let down is the character changing. I'm not sure if they fixed/added it in Paladins but let's say you pick a character and the enemy team has one character that no one can counter, then you're pretty much screwed.
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  17. Gladous_no_id

    Gladous_no_id New Member

    I've played both, i prefer Paladins much more. First thing first, for me. Overwatch is a casual game trying to be competitive, while Paladins is a Competitive game trying to be casual. 2, In Paladins you could fight with the same champs (maeve vs maeve) but with diffrent loadout, that makes Paladins great. As a Maeve main, there's a legendary card, wich one of the could make some-penta-kills, another card could be diffrent
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  18. PCardenuto

    PCardenuto New Member

    Overwatch's gameplay style is better than Paladins for me
  19. Bought Overwatch last year an got into pretty fast then also got tired of it just as fast for some reason, and ended up just selling it. Good game but i just recently started playing Paladins 8 days ago and i'm liking it even more than i did Overwatch for the couple months i played it. Sure the graphics in Overwatch are great but if you want realistic graphics the best place to look is out your window lol. Paladins gameplay just gots me hooked more, something i would almost compare to WoW but not quite if you get my drift. Oh by the why i'm playing on Xbox1 because i currently do not have a PC that'll run games at the recommended frame rate.
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  20. 5160Diego

    5160Diego New Member

    I have not played overwatch, but i would say is better overwatch than paladins.
    Paladins is fun but cards and money to buy skills bores me.
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