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Pepsi vs Coke?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Philip_817, Mar 23, 2015.


Pepsi vs Coke

  1. Pepsi

    27 vote(s)
  2. Coke

    86 vote(s)
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  1. nougatcookie

    nougatcookie Member

    I never had a favorite. Often i can only buy Coke when i want some but Pepsi is also alright.
  2. I have never tasted vanilla or heard of Vanilla Coke. I don't know if any stores sell Vanilla Coke. I really want to try it now!
  3. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Here in SEA can get this. For me, I kind of like this flavor.
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  4. Irenicussss

    Irenicussss Member

  5. LegendeHiro

    LegendeHiro Member

    Coke is the best , Coke is le life :heart:
  6. nickchinn

    nickchinn New Member

    Cherry Pepsi hands down. and now that its with real sugar, even tastier!
  7. DespotarG08

    DespotarG08 Active Member

    whats the difference???
  8. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    the vote went pretty much as ecpected.
  9. Progaminggod

    Progaminggod Member

    I have never had Pepsi or Dr Pepper....my whole life is a lie.
  10. Zoidbee

    Zoidbee Active Member

    how about some good ol fashioned Surge
  11. Gman_boss

    Gman_boss Active Member

    but..... what about pepsi tho XD why all the hate? I love it!
  12. Yeah if I had to choose between the two I would choose pepsi
  13. Calvin343

    Calvin343 Member

    Pepsi has a better flavor
  14. DyrusZJ

    DyrusZJ Member

    i only have the normal coke and coke zero here in malaysia
  15. UHaooooo

    UHaooooo Member

  16. Tmgp62

    Tmgp62 New Member

    definitely coke
  17. Follyfastbase069

    Follyfastbase069 New Member

    Coke but Pepsi has better products
  18. LemonSpider

    LemonSpider Member

    Diet coke still classifies as coke, diet pepsi still classifies as pepsi
  19. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

    PepsiMax. This thread just shows the dominance coke has in the world market.
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