Peripherals (Mouse/Keyboard) disconnect many times

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by jesseinsf, May 26, 2018.

  1. bookheadLemon157

    bookheadLemon157 New Member

    Mine is a Blackwidows chroma and it still happening even after doing everything you guys said, though it only happens in game, and all games but CS GO, I get the feeling its this shitty SYNAPSE, meaning to stop it I have to create a profile in SYNAPSE for every game I play so it stops.....

    Plus I use synapse 2.0 for Mouse which has no problem at all and 3.0 for keyboard

    Edit: Not even this is working anymore, any other sugestion guys ?
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  2. Windfisch1981

    Windfisch1981 New Member

    In my case, it definitely has to do with the amount of power it draws from USB. I took this notebook home and connected it to the docking station I have there. It is the same model. At home, I have a USB switch connected to this docking station so I can hand over the keyboard to different computers with the push of a button. The keyboard does not disconnect when attached to this USB switch, whereas it disconnects when connected to the docking station.
    So I still think the keyboard draws too much power from USB or the docking station does not deliver enough to power the keyboard.

    This can be detected by today's electronics, so there should be a warning when this happens.
  3. MSKB.07

    MSKB.07 New Member

    I'm done with my stupid razer deathadder chroma! It never comes up in razer synapse but it still works with it's controls and actual lighting on the mouse but I cant edit anything like colour or macros but my keyboard and mousepad which are both razer come up so I don't know what to do please help me, it especially annoys me because everything else in my setup is red and the mouse is yellow. f my life
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  4. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    From your message i can assume windows detext mouse but synapse dont ? In this case you try to remove all razer softwere then delete files that stay in appdata and programfiles reboot and download new fresh installer from razer website also try to remove mouse from device menager to force new driver installation then unplug mouse and reboot pc plug back you can do this two thigs together, If this dont help you can cheack if the same behawior is on difrent pc this give give more info in future to help you.
  5. TorVez

    TorVez New Member

    Got a Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard last week. Installed Synapse 3.0 and it was great for a few days. Then I got a Deathadder Elite mouse (to replace my old Deathadder Chroma). Both were recognized by Synapse 3.0 and the random disconnect/reconnect started happening almost immediately.
    Tried different USB ports, restarting, USB power settings (in Power plan and Device Manager), deleting devices in device manager and letting it reinstall drivers.
    The ONLY thing that stopped the random disconnects was uninstalling Razer Synapse 3.0. Now everything is fine.

    Weird that my Cynosa keyboard with Synapse 3 and Deathadder Chroma mouse with Synapse 2 (both running at same time) -- it worked fine. It wasn't a problem until I upgraded to a Deathadder Elite mouse and both devices were using Synapse 3.0 (I unistalled Synapse 2).

    Not sure how Razer can let this go on for so long and just ignore this thread...
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  6. MarkCollins

    MarkCollins New Member

    I'm also having the same issue with:

    Blackwidow Chroma V2 TE
    Chroma Laptop Stand

    All are connected to a Blade Stealth 2019. The problem occurs when the devices are connected directly to the laptop, when connecting via the USB huib on the laptop stand, and via a powered USB hub. If I quit synapse, the problem goes away (don't need to uninstall).

    I don't think this is a power draw issue, because:
    a) It occurs when Synapse is running and the devices are connected to a powered USB hub.
    b) It doesn't happen when directly connected with Synapse not running.

    Edit to add:
    All USB power management has been disabled (via Device Manager and Power Options), and nothing appears in the Application or System event logs when the disconnects occur.
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  7. MSKB.07

    MSKB.07 New Member

    I just tried this and it worked, thank you!
  8. uncleandre

    uncleandre New Member

    i agree...before i plug my BW Chroma to a docking station....even though the dock has an external power supply i think its not enough (you better make sure the adaptor has enough power and the dock is USB v.3 supported). My keyboard keeps intermittently go on and off. Now i switched to a smaller usb v.3 hub (4 ports) intermittent so far. :)
  9. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member

    If it has external power then it shouldnt have issues supplying power to the keyboard. If it isnt powered then it would case the issue of disconnection.
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  10. KetaKitty

    KetaKitty New Member

    (sorry for my english, im not a nativ) bought a new blackwidow elite 2 days ago, after games or waking up out of sleep mode, my keyboard is connecting and disconnecting over and over and over, the only solution every time is to use the small time-window between the reconnects to get to the profile manager in synapse an make an new empty profile and delete the actual profile ... this is really annoying! But sometimes this is also not working, so I have to kill all the Synpse-parts in the taskmanager, unplug an replug the keyboard and restart windows. I already tried the solution in this thread, nothing changes this behavior ... Without synapse 3, I dont have this problem. I really like the keyboard but if the software isnt working I have to give the Keyboard back to the reseller... cause its not working ! (and going to buy a corsair). So can you PLS fix your software razer? cause the keyboard is great but it's useless, when the software isnt working! thank you

    edit: it also happens reproducible when my screen turned off and on again
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  11. KetaKitty

    KetaKitty New Member

    I found out what i causes this behaviour in my case, if I activate the function that deactivates the keyboard led's automatically everytime when my display is turned off, then all this things that I described above will happen. If i turn it off or use the time function, everything is okay ...
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  12. ghOztic

    ghOztic New Member

    I'm on Win 10 and have a similar issue. Keyboard dies all the time, never the mouse. Takes me 5-10 minutes of restarting, removing drivers and so until it pops up again... Really annoying!!!
  13. Windfisch1981

    Windfisch1981 New Member

    So here are my new experiences:
    • Connected directly to my work notebook: Keyboard works
    • Connected to a USB switch to use the keyboard on multiple computers:
      If the switch is connected to the docking station, I experinece frequent disconnects
      If the switch is connected directly to the notebook, I experience rare disconnects
      If Synapse is not running, there are no disconnects
    • When I connect my mouse (A Corsair Scimitar Pro) to the keyboard, the disconnects increase
    • My Surface Book 2 and my Tower PC don't have any issues with the keyboard and the USB switch
    So my conclusion, especially when having witnessed the increase of disconnects with the mouse connected: The keyboard draws a lot of power. My Surface Book 2 and Tower PC deliver enough power so the keyboard works, but my work notebook does not. When Synapse is not running and the Windows keyboard driver takes over, it uses a lower polling frequency which barely allows the keyboard to function without disconnects, but Synapse 3 does a lot more fancy stuff and stresses the USB a lot more which in turn causes the disconnects.

    It's just what I suspect what is happening, maybe someone working at Razer can shed some light into this.

    To reproduce this, use a Dell Latitude 5491 and the Dell WD15 USB-C Dock. Connect the keyboard to the dock, connect a mouse to the keyboard, run Razer Synapse and let it sit for a while. You will experience disconnects after a few minutes.
    Then, connect the keyboard directly to the notebook, but do not attach a mouse, and let it sit for some minutes.
    After that, add back the mouse and let it sit for some more minutes.
  14. Windfisch1981

    Windfisch1981 New Member

    Another experience: My USB switch has an additional power input. I ran a USB cable from the docking station of my Surface Book 2 to this power input and it now disconnects far less frequently.
  15. razer nunca mais
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  17. ghOztic

    ghOztic New Member

    As many other have done I connected my keyboard to an USB hub with external power. Since I did that I have had no problem at all with disconnects. This is strange as I have a 750w power supply in the computer were I have issues. I have 2 computers, 3 monitors and lots of other things connected to the same power outlet and have a power meter on that. Everything takes no more then 700w.
  18. jenssy

    jenssy New Member

    I had the same problem with my Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard disconnecting and reconnectig all the time. The solution is very simple - look at macro tab in Synapse app and delete makros that are made by mistake or have 0 binded keys (in my case - all) and the device works perfect after that. I think the issue is that makros are not finished binding causing devices onboard memory not to sync properly and restarting device.
  19. There are no excuses for this #Razer. I am a professional who uses a black widow chroma keyboard and naga epic chroma mouse. Ive been using them for 3 years. Over the last 18 months my mouse has gotten worse and worse. It constantly stops working and I have to unplug and replug into the USB port to get it to start working again. If I uninstall Synapse they work great, no problems, except that of course, I lose everything but basic functionality. I feel like I have given this company a lot of my money over the years regardless, expecting that a large company that commands the prices they do, would have a system in place that can identify problems and correct them.

    In the mean time, I have a $10 battery powered logitech mouse (my backup for this one) that works better than my $100+ Razer mouse.

    In the time its taken to write this, my mouse has gone out twice.

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