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Peripherals (Mouse/Keyboard) disconnect many times

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by jesseinsf, May 26, 2018.

  1. BaconGod512

    BaconGod512 New Member

  2. I also found uninstalling Synapse 3 and opting for Synapse 2 to be the best possible solution. Unfortunate I can't use all my favorite customization features Synapse 3 has to offer, but I can't have my devices disconnecting every 15 seconds. I tried numerous other solution, spent hours trying to diagnose the issue and it almost certainly is an issue with Synapse 3. Very concerning Razer is not acknowledging this issue nor have deployed a fix.

    I will note: that my headset (but not my other peripherals) still disconnects now then, but much less frequently as it was before. The headset continues to make a "pop" sound, disconnect, then reconnect 3 seconds later.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020
  3. BaconGod512

    BaconGod512 New Member

    Yeah I guess I'll have to
  4. Thesay_Max

    Thesay_Max New Member

    truly I think the only solution any of us are gonna get is to just simply wait for razer to fix this issue.
  5. BaconGod512

    BaconGod512 New Member

    It's just sad because it seems to have even been going on years ago
  6. ArtemisEva

    ArtemisEva New Member

    I found a permanent "fix"!

    So I'm new to Razer products and just purchased the Razer Basilisk Essential... only to have it stop working every few minutes until it reconnects again. Read through a bunch of forums and tried every power setting suggested with no luck. I agreed with some of the users on here who say it has to be a power draw or something... so, I simply tried turning my LED lights off through the Synapse software. Voilá! It's working fine now. LED's shouldn't draw that much power, but there must be a setting somewhere that Razer needs to fix with this. I tried turning the LED light back on to see if the issue came back and it did. I turned it back off again and so far, no problem. I don't really care about the LED lights, so this isn't a huge issue with me and I guess I'll keep the mouse as I like it otherwise.

    I hope this helps some of you.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2020
  7. yeohalexo

    yeohalexo New Member

    it is now 2020, and i am having the same issue on my HUNTSMAN TE.
    any fix on this till now? or isit possible that its a faulty product?

    OWD-NEWT New Member

    Ok so thankfully i realized i'm not the only one with this weird/stupid/irritating issue! I have an orbweaver, the mouse mat, the mamba, and an ornata chroma keyboard. i have been searching, tweaking, rebooting, disabling and just wasting a crap load of time trying to figure out why windows keeps disconnecting and reconnecting my usb ports, even on a fresh install of windows and everything ... I have tweaked so many settings in windows now it crazy. I uninstalled razer's v3 software over an hour ago and haven't had any issues as of yet.

    UPDATE, it took about an hour and the devices went through the disconnect/reconnect, then I unistalled the v2 software I needed for my orbweaver and it hasn't done it since. I'm installing windows again on a larger mechanical hdd, i have not installed any razer software and I have had one disconnect/reconnect at all...

    UPDATE: A week later, still not one disconnect/reconnect issue. I have not installed any of the Razer software still so my orbweaver is currently a paperweight.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2020
  9. Drakkarim

    Drakkarim New Member

    I've been fighting this issue for two years now when I built my last system and unfortunately bought my Keyboard/Mouse/BaseStation and headphones from Razer.

    The only solution I've ever found was to uninstall Synapse 3 and just not use the RGB lights. What a waste of money.

    Swapped USB Ports, purchased a new USB 3.0 powered hub, Reformatted,
    Set all USB devices to never power down
  10. Guardian0982

    Guardian0982 New Member

    2 Years, for 2 Years I've been searching for an answer! THIS HAS SOLVED IT! Thank you, sir! Many Blessings Upon Thee, and good luck, Adventurer!
  11. Phraide

    Phraide New Member

    I did the same but no luck it didn't solve it at all...
  12. Yes, thats it: no more Razer Software, no more problems. (But useless expensive devices).
    Still a never ending story of an unable driver delvelopment team.
  13. jopcornetto

    jopcornetto New Member

    Hé I just started my pc up.
    And I have the same problem it’s going on and go off. I am so fucking scared that I can’t use my things anymore it was all my money. I tried to uninstall synapse but I can’t remove raser SDK.
    Do I have to uninstall it? Or does it not matter at all. please help me out with this I am so sad right now.

    If you have something to help me please mail me jopvanthoor@gmail.com

    sorry for my bad English I am from the Netherlands English is difficult .
  14. Phraide

    Phraide New Member

    Just uninstall Synapse 3 is enough. Your peripheral will work but you won't be able to use any customisation.
    jopcornetto likes this.
  15. jopcornetto

    jopcornetto New Member

    He there is a problem it doesn’t work for me I don’t know how to uninstall can someone helm me?

    I deleted it but it keeps doing it there have to be 1 file that I didn’t delete but were
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2020
  16. jopcornetto

    jopcornetto New Member

    please help me
    its soooooooooooooooooooooo anoying
  17. Starilonk

    Starilonk New Member

    I have heard this can be happening because of an issue with your bios
  18. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    I have been suffering the same issue.
    I have an Asus Tuf laptop with a Deathadder Elite and a Blackwidow Elite.
    Keyboard and mouse disconnecting at random moments, multiple instances of a letter/number after the key has been released, as if a key has been held down.
    Tried all the suggested solutions but none worked, altering settings in windows and removing software.
    Due to the lack of USB ports on the laptop, I had been using a powered docking station.
    Have tried three different ones/types, and powered USB 2 and USB 3 hubs, all with no success.
    Finely, tried connecting mouse direct to laptop USB 2 port, and the keyboard to a direct USB 3 connection, using the spare USB 3 connection to connect my USB 3 hub and docking station.
    Reinstalled Synapse 3 software and all is working correctly, at long last.
    It would seem that Synapse 3 likes the hardware to be directly connected to the computer, no hubs or docking stations accepted.
    I hope this holds out, and helps you.
  19. Zongyong

    Zongyong New Member

    i am have the same connecting and disconnecting issue. now i uninstall the Synapse 3.0, keyboard and mouse are working fine again now.
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