Peripherals (Mouse/Keyboard) disconnect many times

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by jesseinsf, May 26, 2018.

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  1. retroAPATITE586

    retroAPATITE586 New Member

    ( Razer Deathadder Elite ) Im having this mouse for about 2 years, no issues happened. Issue started happening 1 or 2 weeks ago, when it first happened i didn't care but its so frustrating when it happens in-game, disconnecting 2 or 3 times and mouse starts working again. But what i realized 1 day ago that between the disconnects, mouse lights were still working. None of those solutions worked for me, and i don't know how can i use this mouse while it disconnects.
  2. roflmoaqwerty

    roflmoaqwerty New Member

    Just bought a Blackwidow 2019 on amazon the other week. Similar experience to everyone here. First night I used it, no issues at all! However, the next day when I booted my pc, the keyboard disconnects every 5-8 seconds. I have tried everything suggested here except installing synapse 2. Unbelievable that razer are still selling products that don't work! If I cant sort this out soon I will be returning it and getting another (non-razer) keyboard
  3. Vaeul

    Vaeul New Member

    Okay. I may have a work around for the Razer Nari disconnect and reconnects. Windows Bluetooth Power Management already handles power saving. I tuned off power saving in Razer Synapse.

    Razer Nari / Synapse / Power / Power Saving = OFF

    I'm no longer having problems. I will update if I do.

    Every Razer wireless device mentioned to have an issue seems to connect via bluetooth. Razer Synapse has a power saving feature. Windows has Bluetooth Power Management. Bluetooth Radios in low power state will randomly disconnect or power down to save power.
  4. septimus_uk

    septimus_uk New Member

    Exactly the same issue. Razor Blade 15, Raptor 27” Monitor, Nommo Speakers, chroma stand,thunderbolt 4 chroma dock. Logitech mouse and kb (mx mater 3 and craft keyboard with wireless USB adapter). Every 2 minutes Synapse kills them. Quit synapse, mouse and keyboard work perfectly! Wtf razer!?
  5. septimus_uk

    septimus_uk New Member

    My laptop is generally charged by the chroma dock. It happens all the time in this scenario. I have to plug he 230w power in for a few seconds, mouse and keyboard come back, I can then unplug the power again and go back to the dock power. It completely ignores my windows power settings.
  6. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    Does it still happen or I should take my Razer mouse out of wardrobe now?
  7. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

  8. I had the same issue with my Razer Blackwidow Elite. Fix as follows (Win 10)

    Navigate to Synapse 3 app launcher (start menu > synapse app icon > right click open file location)
    Right click > properties
    Compatibility tab > run compatibility trouble-shooter
    Run programme in compatibility mode for windows 8

    This has fixed all my disconnecting issues. Keyboard / software is now working perfectly.

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  9. I haven't tried the fix by headWildWatermelon829 yet but I have tried a different solution that seemed to work, so I'm making a note of it here for historical reasons/in case it ends up helping someone.

    The steps are as follows:
    1. Completely uninstall synapse 2.0/3.0
      • uninstall both versions if possible
    2. Reinstall Synapse 2.0
    3. Perform the instructions to install MiniSynapse
    Basically we're going to engage the profiles without actually running synapse, so we should end up with the profiles minus the dodgy bloatware. Both the RGB and functionality have been working fine for me so far using this fix. It is only a temporary solution however, since unfortunately Razer has abandoned Synapse 2.0 for some of its latest products. Going to open up a support ticket alongside this to see if we can get an actual, official fix.
  10. My support ticket case number is 210912-000810 if anyone is interested.
  11. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    I uninstalled Synapse 3, installed v2 and OpenRGB. It was not possible to disable Razer BlackWidow keyboard lightning when PC was locked or screens were disabled due to inactivity. It is it is not supported by Synapse V2. Also OpenRGB does not seem to have the option. So I installed Synapse 3 again. Issue did not appear for couple days. Then Windows update updated some Razer driver. So far no disconnections for over 3 weeks. However I didn't play any full screen games (besides Geforce now)
  12. needed88

    needed88 New Member

    Hello there,

    My Razer Basilisk works fine if no Razer software is turned on. Otherwise, the mouse keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. This is very frustrating, thus I need some advice on what to do. A 3€ mouse is more reliable at the moment than my 75€ Basilisk. The issue is clearly software-related. Without the software, my mouse works like a charm...

    Let me know what I can do.

  13. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    I didn't have a single disconnect for a month. However I have no idea what actually fixed the issue. I upgraded to Windows 11 a week ago and it still works fine
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  14. Razorflare78

    Razorflare78 New Member

    Dec 2021 and still no Fix.... good to see that Razer cares about customer support. Maybe gaming tech companies need to be put on "Cancel" for all the bullshit they produce.

    I recently bought a Basilisk Ultimate mouse, Black Shark pro headset and Black widow keyboard....Thats over 600$ in peripherals and after 30 mins of playing, this shit freezes and stalls more then my 1987 chevette...WTF razer. Logitech at least fixes some of their troublesome tech software issues...
  15. Razorflare78

    Razorflare78 New Member

    Yea i had to uninstall the software for all of my stuff to work too. Problem is you now lose the intended functionality. Mind as well have not paid hundreds of dollars for something that is supposed to be worth the money, nad gotten a cheap MS mouse and keyboard from K-Mart
  16. voicethinkFlax488

    voicethinkFlax488 New Member

    Hello guys

    I bought my keyboard a month ago, it worked without a problem until today, it started disconnecting and connecting. I don't know what can i do now. Neither solutions work, reinstalling drivers does not help either. Help me guys, PLEASE!
  17. voicethinkFlax488

    voicethinkFlax488 New Member

    I found a solution to the problem. Go and buy a HUB USB 2.0. The keyboard works beautifully
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  18. neilainsleysia

    neilainsleysia New Member

    i accidentally scratched my 7.1 surround sound activation code too hard, so now i can't read my code.
  19. Chimeraaaaa

    Chimeraaaaa New Member

    posting for anyone else who has this issue, charging your valve index controllers via splitter in the headset will also cause this and I swear I gave myself an aneurism trying to figure it out
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  20. So_High495

    So_High495 New Member

    Thanks for that it helped for me in 2022 with my Razer mamba hypeflux and my Razer Huntsman v2 Pro
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