please allow hypershift for huntsman mini to be separate from the FN key

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by TeaRoseAPATITEgeo764, Aug 19, 2021.


Ability to separate hypershift key and the FN key on the huntsman mini

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  1. I was really excited to use the huntsman mini's hypershift feature so that I may free my mouse hand from using the thumbmouse button for the hypershift so that my aim can stay consistent. But I was majorly disappointed to see that the hypershift function on the huntsman mini is connected with the FN key.

    For example, I set left control as my hypershift key, but when I use it, I am also pressing the W key to move forward in a game, which causes the volume to ramp up since it's the secondary function.

    If anyone else agrees please do like this post and comment your thoughts below as well. Thank you.
  2. Decalmo

    Decalmo New Member

    Completely agree, I'd like to be able to remap reserved "hypershift" keys on my Blackwidow, such as the `h` key to to be arrow left... but it's reserved for keyboard illumination up. Having the FN keys for the keyboard bound separate from the hypershift key just makes plain sense. removes a lot of functionality from this board!
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