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Please fix the THX service crashing and creating high CPU load using Nari Ultimate headphones

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Zerenoth, Dec 1, 2019.

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  1. Zerenoth

    Zerenoth New Member

    This has been happening ever since I got my Razer Nari Ultimate headphones months ago and I never had high idle CPU usage until I installed the Synapse 3 software. At first it seemed to only happen once in a while but now after the latest update to the Synapse software it happens A LOT. As far as I can tell, a part of the THX service software crashes or gets screwed up in some way and then instead of just restarting the service, the rest of the Synapse software starts creating high CPU load because the service has crashed and this also makes the Windows Audio services have high CPU load probably trying to figure out what happened to the part of the THX service that crashed/screwed up.

    While the high CPU load is happening (around 15% on an i7-6700K CPU) in the Synapse settings it asks you to set the "THX Spatial Audio to default" but pressing the button does nothing and the note stays on the screen (probably because the THX service is screwed up). I have included a screenshot. Restarting the computer use to fix the problem about 75% of the time in the past (until it screws up again). Now it seems even after restarting the computer about 50% of the time it immediately screws up again even just after a restart and the high CPU usage comes back.

    This has been a problem ever since I got the Nari Ultimate months ago and I never had any high idle CPU usage until I had to install the Synapse software. Every patch I hope this gets fixed but it seems to just be getting worse.

    Edit: This is on the latest version of Windows 10 with the latest version of the Synapse software.
    CPU Usage.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
  2. Zerenoth

    Zerenoth New Member

    This still isn't fixed in the January 14, 2020 Razer Synapse update.
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