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Do you want the Dev Team to open Razor Synapse (2 or 3) to include new Mac OS compatibility?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. BenZoNach

    BenZoNach New Member

    I know I cant be the only one who loves your products but also has/loves Mac... I beg of you and the Razor developers to please find the time to expand the capabilities (even if limited) to configure the lovely Razor hardware with the updated Mac OS software.

    With Love and Sincerity,

    P.S. I found a possible fix to used Razor snaps 2 but I dont love the idea of splitting my computer to use 2 OS's... you can find details here:'s possible to install two,day-by-day basis
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  2. vmespadas

    vmespadas New Member

    For the new macOS?! I want them to make synapse 3 for the old macOS!!
  3. Syn3 is strongly bound to Microsoft Driver SDKs. Razer has no competence to create fast, lightweight and autonomous drivers. They have bunch of amateurs trying to develop drivers.
    So, there will be no chance to get Mac drivers, as there is no Ms-SDK available.
    All the problems with Synapse, we recognize, can only be solved, when they commit to a new, competent driver development team. I don't think, this will happen.
  4. yes I agree with you thought you will really impress the razer management I am also working on this project here and your voice willhelp me in this case.
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